This week David and I booked a night at Turtle Bay and went to have a little overnight date night. Of course the night ended with the obvious  crying big tears while talking about the kids. What did you think I was gonna say? 😉 But for real I was really really feelin sappy!

We brought the kids over to swim with us the next day and Atticus went down the water slide, not exaggerating, at least 30 times. We did however have a verrrry lovely bath – complete with candles and rose petals. I have always been very big on making my baths an experience. I love to do milk baths, use essential oils, bath salts, candles, etc.! I just love them. I got to try out Caress scents that make your skin soo soft and fragranced, and the new packaging looks fabulous in my bathroom. 

I think if I could only get one compliment it would be “you smell good.” And after using this David kept saying “you smell soo good” so goal achieved 😉 And actually, a fun fact that some of you may know and some may not.. David and I first started seeing each other at the gym before we even spoke or met and he used to talk to his friends about how good I smelled. Now I probably mostly smell like whatever food or fluid the kids have gotten on me last but that is why when they go to bed it’s shower/bath and robe time.

*Thanks to Caress for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Oh this reminds me of the kinds of things that happen in the movies!! Did the hotel provide the all flowers or did you bring them with you?

  2. Aw I have always wanted to stay at Turle Bay- it looks so nice! And this bath must have been incredible!! The rose petals make it seem so lovely. Love all your insta stories from this week btw- so many fun hikes! You should do a post about what to do on The Big Island- I am going there this summer and need some tips haha!!
    xx Courtney //

  3. Stunning! Not a huge fan of baths but I love showers so will try some new shower gels xxx

  4. Aw. I remember you talking about how before you met David liked the way you smelled in the gym and he and his friends would call you Care Bear or something like that. So sweet! What a fun memory!

  5. Aww, they say when someone is sweaty and still smells good to you that you are genetically compatible for having children. Safe to say you two have two adorable little ones and your pheromones helped bring you too together. Science! Caress always smells amazing and makes your skin feel so soft.
    Keri Elaine

  6. “Now I smell like whatever food or fluid the kids have gotten on me last.” 😂😂😂 I know exactly what you mean!!!

  7. Lol you are too cute!! How wonderful that you and your hubby got some time to yourselves and how could you not be sappy looking at precious Rosie and Atticus’s faces?! There is always so much joy I feel that you perfectly capture in your photos. The most amazing family and momma and dad xoxo

  8. I love these photos, Amber! I’m all about bath-time, too! There’s absolutely nothing more relaxing after a long day and I’m sure it’s even more enjoyable after a day spent keeping up with kiddos!

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

  9. I live in NYC and years ago I saw SJP one night in the village and asked if she’d mind taking a picture with me, all the while trying not to faint. She couldn’t have been more gracious. While we were standing there she looked at me and said — in her voice we all know too well — “you smell freshly showered.” To this day, it’s the best compliment I’ve ever received 🙂

  10. Gorgeous pictures and sounds amazing too. Sophie x