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We are on the plane headed home to Arizona after the most amazing weekend ever! David surprised me with the trip to NYC – although I did find out a little bit before which I am actually happy about so I could wrap things up before the weekend and not be stressed about work or moving! David planned dinners for us, surprised me with tickets to Hamilton, went on long walks through the city, and also surprised me with FLOOR SEATS to SNL!!!! It was truly the best surprise ever. Matt Damon hosted and Miley Cyrus performed and Liam Hemsworth made an appearance too. It was super cool because we got to go to the dress rehearsal which is just like the show only not live – and it is actually supposedly better than the real show because we got to see more skits than what actually went live. After the dress rehearsal they cut some so it was really cool to see extra skits that never made it on TV! One of my favorite skits of the night was when that Liam Hemsworth made an appearance in and they were at a kangaroo’s funeral. It was sooo funny. After we got a backstage tour and got to meet some of the cast – I didn’t get to meet my favorite female cast members but got to meet my favorite male cast members which was awesome. I am such a huge SNL fan so that was incredible.

This is the week we move into our home! Some packers came over the weekend and we will be living our of suitcases until we move. The packers finish up on Monday and we hope to move Wednesday! If we don’t, you will know that I am super super super bummed and probably wearing the same outfit I will be all week haha.

David and I have been obsessed with the show Schitt’s Creek! If you haven’t watched it you have to!! It is on Netflix and they are super quick 20ish minute episodes but the character David might be my all time favorite TV character haha I love him so much. The dad and son in the show are actually father and son in real life and they created the show together. I think it is kinda fun watching it and knowing that little fact.

As you can tell from these pictures the kids are suuuper excited for the baby. I always get asked if I think its a boy or girl and honestly I don’t know, I go back and forth. Sometimes at my appointments I feel like they rush a little in the ultrasound almost like they are trying to not show me something obvious which makes me think its a boy. But then this baby is measuring similar to how Rosie was (Atticus measured much bigger than Rosie) so that makes me think maybe its a girl. Honestly I don’t care either way and would love to have another boy and girl, ideally.

And here are some random tid bits. I have been trying to get all of our work stuff planned (mainly for some big projects) and organized for the New Year so that after that first week of February I can start my maternity leave and just soak it up. I have been running a mile before I do weights at the gym and have been loving adding that cardio. I always gain weight at the end of my pregnancies even if I am working out so I do still expect to gain weight but I am fine with that as long as I don’t lose my muscle, so trying to keep up with weights! I am currently reading the book Shoe Dog – it is about the founder of Nike and his story. It is a super long book but I love it! Also finished the podcast Uncovered: NXIVM – it is about a cult and it is super interesting! We might start Rosie in horse back riding lessons – she rode a horse the other week and was just in heaven, I mean like SO happy and loved it so much so we are going to start her in some after the New Year. Atticus will keep doing skate classes and then they will both do soccer together! Rosie will probably do dance once a week too and then Atticus wants to do a tumbling/gym class so he will probably do that too! It is so fun having them in activities and seeing them develop hobbies and new talents!

I hope you all have a good week!!!!! xoxoxo


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  1. Schitts creek is my binggeeee, I love it!!! I’m so glad you love it too, I think it’s hilarious.

  2. I rode horses as a kid and I loved it! I learned to ride when I was 5 years old. Sixteen years later I am still friends with my instructor who taught me. Rosie will definitely enjoy it.

  3. David on Schitt’s Creek is awesome. Did you know the waitress Twyla on the show is the real-life daughter of the dad and son? It’s almost like the whole family is involved!

  4. I would love to listen to this podcast but can’t find it. Does anyone have the link? Thanks!

  5. I looooove Schitt’s Creek! Another fun fact – Twyla is Dan Levy’s sister/Eugene’s daughter! So funny!

  6. these pictures of Atticus and Rosie are so precious!! Happy anniversary and super excited for you guys to finally move into your new home before baby comes 🙂

  7. We watch Schitt’s Creek as well, and my husband is named David so I am always teasing and saying his name the way his sister does on the show – “daaaaavED…” 🤣

    1. Will you do a video of the kids meeting their new sibling?? That would be so great to see!