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Here are 20 snaps from 2014! It was my favorite year yet with a few rough patches but Atticus coming into the world trumps all and it was such an amazing and fun year! We celebrated the new year by watching fireworks from our balcony and then got freezing and sat on our windowsill in our apartment. We ate candy and drank martinellis and did facial masks hahaha. Party animals!

One of the rough patches this year was when Atticus was four weeks old he got really sick and had to go to the hospital for almost five days.. it was the worst 4 and a half days ever and I never told anyone about it because I was still a new mom and felt sort of insecure as a mom like I didn’t know what I was doing yet and I thought everyone would think I was a bad mom if I told them! He was acting kind of strange one day and I had a really bad feeling in my gut so we took his temp and it was 103 so we went straight to his pediatrician and they sent us immediately to the hospital – which was really scary because as a mom I was thinking the absolute worst. We got there and took all the necessary tests (all of which are heart breaking – no one should watch there newborn get poked and scream out of pain that many times) and it ended up being a UTI. We had to stay there until it went away but since his veins are so small they would have to come swap out IV’s almost every 3 hours and hearing his cry would make me shake and I would just literally sob – it was torture. The only upside was afterwards were some of the sweetest snuggles. We finally got to go home and it was like heaven being home but mainly it made me so grateful for our health. Its something I don’t think about often because I have always been healthy but now every day I am extra grateful for another day of health. I pray that all of my babies are healthy through their lives!

We can’t end on a sad note but the best moment of this year is of course the cliche moment – the day A was born! Ahhh I want to have a zillion babies just to experience birth (and the epidural ha!) and that first night in the hospital having your first sleepover with your baby over and over again! It was the most special thing and I still get chills when I think about it! Now we get to have sleepovers every night and it is the bomb. I only bring up a rough patch because I usually only talk about the happy aspects of life on this blog but no one has a “perfect” year and there are always rough patches even though you may not see someone’s rough patch on social media or online. Occasionally I find myself comparing and I like to remind myself of that because comparing never breeds good feelings! Its okay to have a “mostly perfect” year and I definitely learn from my downs and turn them into ups for the next year! Or next day because who needs a new year to change.

Now I am off to spin class because I am getting back into freaking shape this year! Hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve and thank you SOOOOOO much for all your love and support this year!! Honestly it makes me so stinking happy seeing tweets and comments etc. and getting to feel like we are friends. 2015 is going to rock.

Photos from Year In Review

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  1. I so appreciate your honesty, because there are times when I’m seeing all these bloggers with seemingly perfect lives, and, you’re right, it’s terrible to compare, because then I feel bad about my life. So, thanks for sharing that story, and I am SO glad Atticus is okay. He is so precious!! My sister had a baby in Feb of 2014 (the first baby of our family), and I honestly don’t think I could love her more if she was my own baby. She had to go back to the hospital a week after she was born, but thankfully she is healthy and growing so much, and about to be a year old! I can’t imagine my life without her, and I’m sure you feel the same about Atticus 🙂 I hope 2015 is a healthy & happy year for you & your family!

  2. Happy New Year!
    I feel like we are friends too even though its only me reading your blog every few days…you’re family is so sweet! I’ve had experiences as a student nurse in obstetrics and the new moms are always so upset when baby needs blood work.. it’s hard for everyone, even the lab tech!! to hear baby cry!!! You are a great mom and he’s a sweet baby!!

  3. Thank you so much for this post
    It does get hard not comparing yourself to others, especially being a blogger. It’s just nice to be reminded how everyone is still human

  4. Hey Amber! Thanks for not only just showing us amazing hair and style posts but really letting your personality shine through. I follow tons of fashion bloggers but it is so refreshing that you are yourself and your readers feel like they know you. Thanks for being honest about the tough times…everyone has them! I’m so glad A is doing great xo

  5. Looks like a wonderful year!
    Every mom has that secret moment when they are terrified and don’t know what to do, it’s so helpful to hear about others and how they handled it. Thanks for sharing.
    The Doctor Diva

  6. So scary, I am glad Atticus is okay now! Thank you for sharing your life with us- your family is so so adorable. (And yes please document your post baby work out, I’m in the same boat:))

  7. Atticus is absolutely precious! He seems like such a good baby. I can understand how scary it was for you while he was in the hospital. I had my baby girl on October 4th and she was 7 weeks early. She had to be in the NICU for 26 days and watching them poke and prod and the IV’s and everything was SO HARD. She’s home & fine now but I know how you felt. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you all a healthy, happy year!

  8. i forgot how much of a BABE you were pregnant, it’s not even fair!!

    thanks for sharing that real moment, it really is so easy to compare and think everyone has it better when in reality no one’s life is perfect. i am so glad that A ended up being okay and that you chose to focus on the good in the year!

    xo mary-katherine

  9. The best/worst part of blogs is feeling like we’re in the one-sided best-friendship! You are darling and I’ve been following you for a couple of years… I think I started following you when David was our EQ president because you went to a Christmas party and I felt silly for wanting to go up and say hi because I felt like we were already friends! Anywho, I just wanted to comment and say that I love your blog. I love living vicariously through you as you travel this beautiful world and watch your growing family. You are real and I love that about your blog. I hope 2015 brings you and David even more adventures and opportunities to continue following your dreams!

  10. Amber, I totally agree with you! My boyfriend and I were just talking about this because he was groaning about not going anywhere “fun” for the holidays like he was seeing on social media. We had a great convo about how unrealistic social media is and how it truly only documents the happy parts of our lives. It’s up to us to remember that in between the happy photo snaps are the rough patches that are a normal part of life. We can’t have the ups without the downs, but we can certainly celebrate both. So cheers to more ups than downs in 2015!

  11. Sorry to hear about the rough patch with atticus! I don’t think any of us know what we’re doing when it comes to babies, but that would be terrifying. Happy new year!

  12. Honey, you are beautiful enough to be a model, some perfect ideal, but you’re also one of the most real bloggers out there. I hope you never get anyone else to write your posts because that’s the best part! Your fashion and hair stuff is great, but hearing about your real experiences and struggles, and in your authentic voice, is the best part 🙂 Happy New Year!

  13. Oh, I just love you and your family, Amber! I had a little boy this year too and I relate to sooooo many of your posts. I look forward to sharing in Mommyhood with you through your blog. My 3 month old baby Ezra is the best thing ever and so perfect and fat and adorable like your baby A. 🙂
    It’s refreshing how honest you are and how much you love your son. You are such a beauty INSIDE and obviously outside too. It’s inspiring! Xoxo I wish you the very best 2015!!!

  14. I am with you on reliving my child’s birth over and over again! It was such an amazing experience 🙂

  15. oh that sounds awful- I’m so sorry! Delivery day is seriously the greatest day around- it’s one of the hardest parts for me about even considering to be finished having babies. To think of never delivering a new little babe is near heartbreaking. I hope this year brings even more goodness and happiness to you!

  16. Thanks for sharing this! I have been following your blog for about 18 months and really enjoy it. I never post comments but feel I had to to this. I gave birth to twin babies 5 months ago and can empathise with everything you say! It’s terrifying and daunting being a new mum… I love following you and baby A and often what you post resonates so well with my situation as a new mum. Love your fashion sense and the balance you being to the blog – so real… Please keep that and don’t change. It’s jut charming!!
    Amazed by your brave move to NYC and hope all works out for your beautiful family!! Exxx

  17. ah Amber… I am so so sorry you had to go through that with your baby. I am a new mom too (my baby boy is going to be 4 months old this week!) and I completely understand where you are coming from by not telling anyone what happened until now, people can be so judgmental when you are a new mom, it’s disgusting… even with the smalest things, like feeding your baby breastmilk in a bottle! I HATE when they feel like I have to explain myself!! Well I’m glad everything seems to be ok now! Atticus looks so healthy and he is such a happy baby, oh my gosh! I love watching your Snapchat stories, he is so giggly!!! I hope you and your family have a really amazing 2015! 🙂 I started reading your blog last year and I really enjoyed every little bit of it. Your fashion sense is so inspirational and I love how fun, down to earth you are. You deserve the best!

    Kisses from São Paulo, Brasil!!! 😉

  18. You are just my favorite! I love how you always share everything about your life and tell funny stories and even tell the hard stuff. You’re my favorite blog to visit because of that! Thank you for all of your wonderful hard work on you blog and everything you do that we don’t even see! I love waking up and grabbing my cup of coffee and coming to your blog! You’re the best! xoxo

  19. I’m so sorry you had to go through that with Atticus – I can only imagine how scary that would be, especially with your first child.
    Happy New Year to you and your family <3 Can't wait to see what 2015 brings for you! 🙂

  20. Happy New Year Amber! I wanted to tell you that I totally agree with you. We all share the positive things in life on the social media, and it may lead to the mistaken belief that our lives are perfect, but still is the correct thing to do. In your case I would have done the same. I´m glad Atticus was fine in the end and now you have a beautiful family. Congrats on the amazing past year on the blog and I don´t doubt 2015 will be as good as (or even better). Best wishes for the four of you! xxx

  21. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog… from motherhood to travel and fashion, it has been a real treat. Best of luck in 2015 for you and your family!
    xx Ashleigh

  22. 2014 was seriously the best! I’m hoping you’ll post more about getting in shape. I’m going to need some serious motivation to keep that goal…

  23. Sounds like a pretty great year all things considered! Thanks goodness Atticus is okay and made it through his UTI quickly. I can’t imagine how scary that would be!

    I hope 2015 is even better, more stylish and happier for you!

  24. I never ever post comments, don’t know why Ha!, but wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for sharing your post! My hubby and I went through a similar situation with our first little girl and although it was 7 years ago and we are happy and healthy when I think back on tough times and trials that we have had, the experience with my first born in the hospital for 4 days at 3 weeks old still remains one of the hardest ! I felt exactly the same way as a new mom and remember just balling my eyes while we were there! I’m so happy little A is healthy and here’s to a happy new year!!! 🙂