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Guys I love my shorter hair!! I know I only cut around 3 inches off but it just feels so good. Remember a while ago when I dyed my hair pink? Well the pink wouldn’t fade out so I had to bleach it back – and it really damaged my hair in the process. It felt so dry and dead on the ends. I gave myself a little trim then and have been really good to it since but I still needs those three inches gone and I am so glad I finally did. In addition to cutting off my ends I decided to challenge myself to a little summer hair rehab. I was telling my sisters about what I have been doing the last few weeks and they were like, you should make it a challenge and tell your readers! And I thought it was a cute idea so here I am! I did this exact thing a while back and wow you guys it will make SUCH a difference in your hair! But you have to stick to it and you HAVE to be consistent!!! K so here is the challenge!!! And seriously at the end of it you will be thanking me.

  1. *This is the most important step of all! NO HEAT. Through the months of July and August try to do no heat on your hair. No blow drying, no straightening, no curling. I told myself if I have somewhere I need to be and kind of need to curl it then I can do low heat once a week (by low heat I mean having the iron on the low heat setting or the blow dryer on medium/cold — and you can only do one or the other that week, not curl and blow dry, just one!). Like yesterday I gave myself a little curl for a meeting I was going to that morning but it was the first time in 2 weeks. Make sense?!
    1. My tips for this….
      1. Wash your hair at night so you can have it air dry over night. Or plan enough time for it to air dry before you need to leave the house.
      2. BRAIDS. Such a lifesaver for no heat challenges. Just do a simple three strand braid and pull it apart to make it look nice and full.
      3. If your hair is straight like mine, use a texture spray to give it some body! All I have in my air dryed hair in these pics is texture spray.
      4. If your hair is curly or wavy, try to use products that will help to tame your curls or add volume or get them to do whatever you want them to.
  2. Deep condition at least once a week! I love a good hair treatment. It is good to put it on shampooed hair and do leave it on while you shave and exfoliate. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes and rinse with cool water. I really love this one.
  3. Get a trim! Even if it just an inch or half inch. Start the challenge by getting rid of any dead ends you have!
  4. Brush your hair every night and avoid tangles so you never have to be rough on your hair. Try to be as gentle with it as possible!

Okay that is the challenge 🙂 If you want to do it then let me know in the comments and maybe we can start a hashtag or something so we can all share tips or updates. Maybe #bfbhairchallenge ?! I PROMISE if you do this your hair will feel AMAZING after.

And a note about this look – I love love wrap dresses! I got my first DVF wrap dress in high school from Nordstrom Rack and I actually just got rid of it like a year ago – I had it for 10 years!! They are such classics to me. The style is so pretty and flattering. I saw this one online and had to snag it because I fell in love and I like it even more in person. I also love anything that has an olive green color because that is the color my eyes are so I feel like it really brings out my eyes. My eyes are actually a bunch of different colors and change depending on what I am wearing – so with green they are extra green and I like it! I used to always wear purple eye shadow all through high school because someone at the MAC counter told me it will bring out my eyes haha. Maybe I need to bust that out again.

And one more thing! I found our vlog camera and am considering doing a couple. We will see! xoxoxo

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  1. Loveeee this challenge idea 🙂 I’m totally in! My curly hair will thank me!
    #sayyestothemess #bfbhairchallenge

  2. Åh Love hair challenges! I alredy do a simiular thing to My hair, i also try to not wach it that ofthen! It really works, i can feel how mutch better My hair feels!

  3. Love doesn’t your post! When you get a haircut do you get only one length? If so does that help with braided styles and extensions?

  4. I’m super excited to start the hair challenge! Do you have any hair treatments that you recommend? Thanks (:

  5. If I had your hair I would never use heat!! My hair is like half curly and wavy but sooooo frizzy !!! And once I brush it, it’s game over and it’s a huge puff ball. But I have to comb it by day 2 because it looks like dread locks once I sleep in it! The struggle lol

  6. I’ve been doing something like this! I’m getting married at the end of July and I put in leave in hair extensions for the day of and I have had to take a lot of care of them! I would love to do the challenge!

    Any tips for detangling hair gently?

  7. Thanks for the inspiration! I was thinking of cutting my hair a few inches too. Right now it’s pretty drab and long (past my boobs).

    Simply Lovebirds

  8. Looks like I’ve been doing this hair challenge since my daughter was born 2.5 years ago hahahahaha. What started pretty much due to “new baby” time constraints turned out into a routine. 🙂 Glad I’m doing the “right thing” for my hair. Good luck! Your hair looks beautiful and very natural this way. xoxo

  9. Your hair looks great shorter. Definitely noticing how healthy it is! And you skin – oh my gosh it’s flawless. How do you get it to have that airbrushed look?


  10. I am definitely doing this challenge! I don’t use heat on my hair too often, but it will still be fun to see how different my hair will be at the end of August. Also, it will encourage me to continue learning lots of different braids! ❤

  11. Ok, I’m doing it! I’m gonna look like a poodle in church 😂😂😂

  12. I’m so in for the challenge! My hair is brown but I bleached it blonde in April so it’s in pretty bad shape… I’ve been wanting to learn how to trim my own hair so wish me luck!! haha


  13. This is such a good idea! I think summer is the best time of the year to do this also as it is more acceptable to have casual/messy hair. As a licensed cosmetologist I love all the tips you gave in particular the rinsing your conditioner with cold water and getting a tiny trim every so often. I think I am going to incorporate this into my next post and send people over to this blog for the details!! I can’t wait to try and challenge myself to use no heat for summer. Also I just have to say that I love your editing on your photos! The coloring, quality, and composition are on point!

  14. Im in! Trying to grow my lob out so this challenge will do it good! 😉

  15. What kind of shampoo & conditioner are you using during this treatment challenge? damage repair based, or just sticking to your normal shampoo & conditioner routine?

  16. this is great! your hair is beautiful! what texturizing spray do you use?

  17. I love this idea!! I do my best not to heat during the spring or summer and only occasionally will I straighten it. I love starting this challenge with cutting off inches, fresh and new! I do highlight my hair about twice a year so I know that it can be super damaging. Thanks so much for the challenge! I’ll be sure to use the hashtag #bfbhairchallenge all summer!

  18. I’m sorta in… haha! I have definitely been air drying A LOT more since it’s gotten hot. I feel like my hit is thinning….ugh- any tips? Also what is your rule with using your extensions? Thanks, Amber! 🙂 Happy Saturday!

  19. Such a great hair challenge, Amber!! With super curly hair it’s pretty much futile to blow dry it in the summer anyway. I, too, did some damage bleaching color out this winter so I feel your pain. And I love seeing people let their natural texture show!! I’ll definitely be joining in 🙂

  20. This is so nice! My hair is pretty healthy overall because I’ve only dyed it twice in my life and almost ever use heat on it! (Mostly for lack of time) but I really need to be better at the deep condition and hair treatments. Thanks for the tips babe <3


  21. OMG!! that’s exactly what I always do. Wash my hair at night, brush it and at let it air dry. In the morning I somethimes don’t even have to bursh it anymore because there is Zero tangles in it. And if I want to have waves I just braid it. My friends are always so jealous about my healthy hair. I guess I just found out why.

  22. Hy! Loove that you made this challange!! You wear fake hair so it’s clearly that this challange is soo good ❤ Can’t wait to try it! ❤

  23. “What do you think?”
    Well I think that this dress is the most amazing dress everrrr. Honestly I so so so wish I could afford it *cries in the corner*!! It’s the best dress you own, and it looks so AMAZING on you, especially with those wedges!! Whoa wear it anytime you have the chance (we all know it can be worn a lot of times if the “audience” is different lol).
    Ugh sorry, but this dress when I saw it on your Insta post I instantly fell in love with it.
    I will try to do the challenge although I have short hair (shoulder length bob). Had some of it bleached months ago and I regret it so my hair needs this treatment.
    Happy belated birthday to Atticus! Rosie is also so big, I just realized I’ve been following you since you were pregnant with her… TIME FLIEEEES!
    Happy weekend!
    Love ya!

  24. I love your DVF dress! What a great challenge for summer. I live in Atlanta and the humidity makes it not worth heat styling your hair in the summer. It just goes right back to my natural texture the minute I leave the house. I’m definitely in for the challenge. We’re going to Italy for two weeks so I’ll probably heat style some while I’m there, but other than that it will be all braids all summer. Love this idea!
    Elizabeth http://freespiritfashionista.com

  25. I’m so down for this challenge! Healthier happier hair, here I come!

  26. Haha I set myself a similar challenge in Feb. I had so many baby hairs framing my face, and long hair at the back. It looked quite mullet like 🙁
    So I got a short hair cut to try balance the layers, coloured it close to my natural colour (as it was also damaged from bleach). My hair is naturally curly so I invested in some nice Aveda products for curly & damaged hair. I’ll use low heat on it maybe once every two weeks as it’s nice to feel polished sometimes. (Curly hair can be a real B at times). My hair has finally got some length to it again, it’s thicker, softer and the curls have become nice and defined again! It’s a great challenge Amber! Can def be a challenge at times, but it’s worth it.
    P.S the shorter hair really suits you.

  27. Oh my gosh please do a vlog, there hasn’t been one in such a long time

  28. Can’t wait to join! I’d love to see a list of your very favorite heat-free hairstyles to try!

  29. Count me in! Although I turn 30 on July 6th and will probably do a little something “hotter” for whatever we do. 🙈 I love kerastase and have been deep conditioning with the mask once a week! So I’m assuming we should also avoid coloring it during that time?

  30. I’m totally going to do this! I just had a baby and have been feeling really…bleh. And I’m losing the awesome pregnancy hair so I’m excited to get it looking fresh again! Thanks so much for doing this!

    XXOO Sunny

  31. I feel like I wouldn’t be presentable at work without heat! 😂 My hair is naturally curly/wavy and no one has ever taught me how to care for it with or without heat. So I use a straightener daily to give it a nice controlled curl. But I’m pretty sure it’s a rule to NEVER brush curly hair???

  32. This is great! I do many of these practices year round and it really helps keep my hair strong. My tricks are to use argan oil on my ends after I wash and to only give my roots a quick blast with the blow dryer for body and let it air dry the rest of the way. Lastly, I’m a huge fan of the double buns (got the idea from Cara Loren) and I use them almost every night. They help my hair keep a good style if dry and if damp from washing or hot yoga (most nights), I get a wonderful loose wave the next mornign. Healthier hair and a ton of time saved! The One Love Organics dry shampoo helps too when I just need a little extra body at my roots (I have long, straight hair). So glad you’re encouraging others to implement more no heat solutions. Who doesn’t want more time saved saved and healthier hair?!

    Also, this dress is so lovely! <3

  33. 3 years ago I cut off 14 inches of my hair and had a New Years resolution to no longer use heat or products in my hair except once a month and my hair grew an INCH A MONTH! It’s been a New Years resolution every year since. My hair is SO healthy now and I love it! I am a brunette so my hair isn’t bleached or colored but using no heat on my hair completely transformed my ends. Now when I DO curl my hair, it’s so rare that I’m like oooo I look goooooood 😀 I fully support this challenge. #noheatnoproblem

  34. I definitely want to try this challenge! Perfect timing too since I’m a teacher and have the summer off so I don’t need to do my hair too fancy 😊 Also, I just purchased my first DVF item earlier today, having previously never heard of the brand, but I’m glad to know it’s an Amber Fillerup approved brand 😂 Now I know it’s nice! I just got a suitcase set, but I will have to get this dress too! So cute!
    Courtney // courtneylivin.com

  35. I never blow dry my hair and I just cut off a bit.. so it’s the perfekt timing to start the challenge 🙂
    (even with very curly hair)

  36. I love a good hair challenge! I use heat maybe 6 times a year ever since I was in high school. It can be so

  37. Beautiful as always! I’m curious what advice you’d give me. I’ve never ever colored or bleached or did anything to my hair. It just seems so dull and flat and i don’t use conditioner cause than my hair is so soft and totally flat no volume and impossible to do anything with. I blow dry it like every other day because it gets so frizzy and weird if I don’t… Anyhow I’m thinking of trying this but not sure how to not have frizzy hair out of control….

    1. My hair doesn’t get terribly frizzy but it’s enough to annoy me and make me want to curl it. I just started using something by Living Proof, I think it’s called in shower cream or styler. I’ve only been using it a few weeks but I think it helps and it’s for air drying your hair. That’s the only way I’m going to try this challenge! And my hair needs some love. 😀

  38. I am not doing heat either this summer because I read one of your other posts! 😊 I will have to try he other tips too! Thanks for sharing! I adore you, your hair, and your adorable family! Have an awesome day! #bfbhairchallenge 😉

  39. I love this dress, looks so amazing on you girl (you’re so fit)! This challenge is such a fun idea. I wear hair extensions and I love putting them in braids, but I struggle with wearing them down because my hair is naturally beachy/curly and I wish my extensions were too! So I end up putting heat on all my hair for it to blend 🙁 I need to use your tips from the other day”s post to make my extensions beachy!

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

  40. I just cut off 7 inches from my hair and it feels nice and light for the summer! I’ve been bleaching it since I was in 5th grade (over 10 yrs ago) and sometimes it will get really dry. I just might try that deep conditioning treatment! Also, MORE VLOGS YES!! I look forward to those the most ❤️

  41. I haven’t used heat on my hair in weeks – just by accident. Travelling in Iceland and camping, yes, camping, made it easy not to blow dry it or even wash it at times! I honestly think it might be the healthiest it’s every been. It super long now too! I’m definitely up for this challenge this summer. Thanks for the great advice on texture spray!

  42. YES MORE VLOGS please!! I love watching your family especially Atticus and Rosie 🙂

  43. I would love to do this!!! I am donating about 8 inches of my hair next week! I really want to take better care of my hair once it’s cut and summer is the perfect time for it!! Thanks for posting this, Amber!! 🙂

  44. I’m so in!!!!

    I just got away from bleaching my hair and had to get SIX inches cut off because it was so unhealthy. At first, I was like “what did I do to myself!” Now, I’m so thankful I did it.

    Going to buy the texture spray after work, and July 1st it’s game on!

  45. This is such a great idea! Thank you for the tips. Which texture spray for straight hair would you suggest? Thanks xx

  46. I just cut off 2 1/2 inches of damaged hair and have been trying no heat styling to keep it healthier now so I am up for the challenge too!

    1. And what is your fav texture spray?! I haven’t found one I love yet.

  47. Love this challenge!! And YES, I would love love love to see some vlogs! 😘

  48. Sounds like a fun challenge, I don’t blow dry my hair unless at the salon. I’m really low key when it comes to hair care, so I don’t torture my hair because I know I wouldn’t be able to compensate for it. But I’ll make sure to brush my hair before going to bed every night.

  49. This hair challenge is a great idea! I am definitely in need of a good trim, I’m getting my hair done next week so I’ll be sure to tell her to get rid of those dead ends!


  50. I couldn’t open the link for the deep conditioner. What is it? I need a good one! thanks 🙂

  51. Hy Amber! I hope you can answer my question for today. I am Maryna, 17 years old girl and I really want to create a blog as yours. You are so beautiful and I ask God every single day how could He make you so incredible? You are my model. Love your perfect hair and skin. I’m not that beautiful, but I hope to create a blog as yours. So, my question for you is: who learned you to run this business? You do an incredible job and I hope you can answer my question. I know that your time is full with kids and home business but please answer me. Will means a lot!
    Have a great day, beautiful & perfect lady!

  52. Love!!!! I need to get on this challenge. My hair could use a little TLC.

  53. Count me in for the challenge! I just cut 4 inches off my hair too, and it made all the difference! It’s crazy how such a little change can have such a large impact!

    Amanda / amslade.com

  54. FUN!!! Who doesn’t love a good challenge!!! Count me in. My hair is also bone straight, so your wearing-braids-to-bed idea is fantastic. Now to find someone to braid my hair! (I need to practice and so does my hubby!)
    This post also reminds me to go and get a darn trim!
    xoxo Andrea

  55. I just had my second baby 5 weeks ago and it’s been such a crazy adjustment and I find that with my hair especially I just don’t have time anymore. So count me in for the challenge! I’m excited to see how healthy my hair is afterward!

  56. Gorgeous Amber! Sorry to be a pain but your pendant – where is it from please? I just bought my first every BFB extensions BTW …. cant wait to get them. I have super long hair but just want that ‘ooomphf’ (is that right? haha)

  57. As I clicked on the link for the dress I was saying to myself please don’t be over $200! 😩😩 I love it so much! And I sow wish I could try this hair challenge. I work in an office and my hair is so blah on it’s own, but I’m going to try!! And please vlog! 😊

  58. Definitely in for the ride on the challenge as a new mama, it’s hard to get my hair done as of late. Let’s do a hashtag 😊

  59. I love braids but my hair is thin and I don’t have extensions because I have curly/wavy hair, what braids or tricks should I do to make it look fuller and not so thin and boring? 😂💁

  60. Amber, you look beautiful!! And I’m just like you – I get stuck when I like something too! I’ve always been a long hair kinda gal, until I cut it a little shorter than shoulder-length…I almost had a heart attack!! But I actually ended up loving it sooo much, ha 🙂 I love this hair length on you!! And your hair is so shiny and the color suits you so well!

    Now my hair is long again, but this post has tempted me to cut it…ah, we shall see. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!
    xo E