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Since I had my baby I haven’t worked out at all and I am ready to start getting back in shape and toning up! I bought some kickboxing lessons and am going to start using my punching bag at home again while baby A is napping. I also started doing my regular sit up routine yesterday (300 a day!) and it takes me 10 times as long to finish now because I am taking breathers every 25 sit ups haha. But we have a beach vacation coming up next week and I have another one in September so time to kick it into gear. Almost all of my work out clothes are old and I don’t know about you guys but new work out clothes totally motivate me to get going even if its just so I can wear my new work out outfit 🙂 haha whatever gets the calories burnin!

So anyways here are some of the things I purchased today as well as some other things I am totally loving! I hope you guys all have a great weekend! xoxo

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  1. I want to say I hate you because I’ve been working out pretty much since Farrah’s been a week old! I am now just over 3 mos postpartum and still have some to lose. She’s my 3rd, and first girl, so I gained more with her…it’s coming off, but man, I am working for it! You look awesome, so I’ll admit sometimes I have a hard time looking at your blog! Glad you are getting back into working out – it can definitely be a juggling act when you become a mom.

  2. I love the rose colored leggings by Stella McCartney – I just ordered them! My baby is 22 months and I am still not back to where I want to be….those last 5 pounds are killer. Then again, I am not as young as you (40) so maybe that is part of the problem! I would love it if you shared your post baby workout tips, etc.! Thanks and congrats on the move!

    I am a Southern girl from Charlotte NC and southern hospitality is indeed alive and well! I was dismayed to read a few of the other comments on your “moving day” post and I wanted to share with you some of my Southern picks and offer you some sunshine and encouragement. Moving is tough and I so admire your “can do” attitude! As you mentioned, Charleston, SC is lovely and the genteel, southern society is quite apparent there. It is a way of live for many old southern families. Of course, there are “bad seeds” anywhere, including the South, and that also includes anywhere else in the United States. And come on over to NC for a visit – there are many lovely spots. Since you are such a cute beach gal, you would love the Outer Banks (particularly Duck, check out the Sanderling Inn). You would also enjoy the NC mountains, such as a neat town that we have called Asheville (stay at the Biltmore Estate or at the Grove Park Inn). It is lovingly nicknamed the “Paris of the South” due to its many art galleries!


    1. I totally have to agree with everything Heather said too! I am all about the Sunshine and encouragement! Quick question, do those pants work for ladies that have a little more junk in their trunk?

      Also, another place to visit, I did recently last year for the first time, it felt like a secret southern society, was CASHIERS, NC, , so beautiful! Put it on your list!

      Thanks for always motivating me with clothes, workouts and all things you share about life! xoxo, Tiffany

  3. I adore kickboxing! I’m headed to my class in twenty minutes. Such a fun way to stay fit! Also I cannot fathom 300 sit-ups … I’m happy to manage fifty haha.