Winter Getaway in Banff

I wanted to share all of our Banff photos with you guys! This is one of our favorite places ever and last time we were in Banff I was pregnant with Rosie. We always talked about going back again with her. We visited all the places we went last time and showed her where we had been! This time Lake Louise was frozen over and we got to ice skate on it! Well, Atticus and David went ice skating while Rosie and I searched the ice castles for Elsa. Rosie walked around asking “Elsa, where are youuu??” “Mommy where is Elsa?” Actually she says “Helsa” ha ha.

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Atticus went snowboarding too and was SO GOOD. I was honestly so impressed and proud. He was also so proud of himself which is the best thing to see! Afterwards he was teaching me how to stop on the snowboard. It was seriously such a fun trip. It is definitely one that Atticus will remember, at least I hope. And if not he will when he watches the fun video of him snowboarding or the videos of him ice skating or dog sledding!

In Banff we stayed at the beautiful Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel thanks to It was the perfect getaway to relax and enjoy the cold weather in comfort. A lot of you ask how we book our trips and what sites we use. I have talked about booking on before and it is one of our go to’s when booking trips, especially when it is a city where we have no idea what hotels are there.
We use miles to book our travel as often as possible – (it feels free right?! ;)) and we do love to use our credit card for things we would be buying anyways so we can get rewarded. We have paid for a lot of our trips with JUST miles. Right now when you use your Venture or VentureOne card and book on you get 10x points – which is A LOT. So, if you are booking travel anyways, it is kind of a no brainer to use it and get the miles to put towards a future trip! If you want to learn more about the Venture or VentureOne card click here
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  1. Sooo is this miles for any airline? Because we travel a lot but don’t use miles and I feel like we’re missing outback but also we never fly the same airline. We fly different airlines to different destinations actions and look for what’s cheaper rather than what’s available with a single airline. Recently mentioned to my husband that we need to figure out how to accrue miles! Would love to know! 🙂
    Pictures are beautiful! What a memorable trip for Atticus and like you said if he doesn’t you will for sure and have the photos and videos to show him when he’s grown!!

  2. Banff is literally my FAVOURITE place!! I am expecting our first child, and I promised that we will take her there one day. I cant wait until she can see the beautiful mountains. Maybe in the summer thou, every time I have gone its been cold and snowy.

  3. Thank you for sharing your family pictures with us. Looks like a truly magical and memorable trip!

  4. Aw, glad you came back to my hometown! It is a must to visit in winter! Great pics.

  5. Aw this looks so fun! I love the snow dogs- that must have been incredible to be able to go dog sledding! I will have to look into this card as well. I have never booked on but it seems like a great sight if you are recommending it! ps I love your braids in these photos! Classic Amber Fillerup!
    Courtney ||

  6. Sooo beautiful!!! Putting Banff on my go list for sure! Can you please share what kind of leggings you are wearing? My legs always freeze in leggings in snowy weather, are they a special kind to stay cozy?

  7. This place looks like such a dream!! I’ve never heard of it until now. Definitely putting it on my travel wishlist!

    Those videos on your Instagram of Atticus snowboarding were soo cute & he did so well!


  8. I love that you came to Canada! I live in Toronto and grew up just north. You should check out beautiful Ontario… tons of beautiful lakes and cottages. Be sure to visit during our summer months though, June through mid-September is gorgeous weather-wise.
    East coast Canada is also breathtakingly beautiful. Newfoundland is known for their hospitality and friendliness. Jellybean row houses in St Johns, and Fogo island is one of my favourite places on earth.
    Loved seeing your photos!

  9. This looks like such a great time! That dog sled, amazing! I’m usually not a cold weather kind of girl but we are headed to an ice castle this weekend and now your pics have me even more excited! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  10. LOVE! I’m from Baniff and love to see people enjoying what I grew up with!:) Your kids are adorable.
    P.S defiantly need outfit details

  11. Your photos are always so beautiful and a great memory for you to have forever with your kids. I grew up so close to Canada and yet I feel like I’ve barely explored the country in general. This has made the top of my list!

    – Monica

  12. These photos are so gorgeous! I had to look up with Banff is – I’ve never heard of it. It looks absolutely insane! Dogsledding and snowboarding seem perfect for the boys – I’m so glad everyone had fun! I love love your all ivory look xx

  13. These photos are magical! Rosie yelling for Elsa on your IG story was just the cutest! I’ve always heard Banff was beautiful and your pictures just proved it…can’t wait to visit one day!


  14. I love it all. I am a big snow person so it looks like so much fun in the winter. I am currently planning a trip in the summer for my hubby and I and our 2 little boys.

  15. What a fun family trip! Adding Banff to my “places to go” list ASAP 🙂
    xx, Lauren |

  16. So many amazing photos of your trip! My jaw dropped when I saw how amazing A was on the snowboard in your (or david’s?) instastories!! What great memories. Seeing the excitement on A and R’s faces makes me so happy! Cannot wait to visit Banff someday.

  17. Hi Amber, would you mind sharing links to outfits?!? i love your mittens and the cream sweater 🙂 thanks!!!

  18. oh my GOSH!!! i’m not usually into snowy locations, but this looks absolutely incredible. the dogs!!! the views!!! and seriously, you guys are so beautiful, sweet family in the snow!!! your chunky scarf… oh my. i LOVE it!!!
    xoxo brittany |

  19. Cutest family ever. I love seeing your adventures, family dynamic, travels and sense of style. Beautiful people! So glad you blog so frequently and you do such a great job at it.

  20. This is amazing! I live in Banff and you captured such beautiful shots and I am sure made amazing memories! Hope you will all come back again soon and visit The Rose and Crown next time.

  21. Do you mind sharing where Atticus and Rosie’s coats are from? We’re moving from Georgia to Minnesota and I’m sooooo overwhelmed by all the options! Theirs are the CUTEST and look super warm 🙂

  22. These photos are so sweet! What a fun trip! Can you share with us where the cute, cream, teddy bear coat is from? Thanks!