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A few photos from the weekend during A’s nap. A lot of you asked about this dress and its the one I showed on snapchat when I got it, you can find it, here! I am sitting here watching American Ninja Warrior and putting this post together wondering what to say, haha! I don’t really have much to say today to be honest so I am just going to answer a few baby related questions we have gotten asked a lot lately. I usually try to respond to as many questions as possible but sometimes when they are asked over and over each day its easier to do this! So here it goes.

Q: How do you wear nice clothes around your kids and not get stains?

A: I do get stains! I try not to “save” all of the clothes I love for when I am not with the kids because I am with the kids 98% of the time. In junior high I remember having this glitter eyeshadow that was so pretty and I loved the packaging so much that I never wanted to use it! I used a couple times but kept thinking, I am gonna save it! Then in high school I was going through my stuff and saw this stupid eye shadow that I no longer even liked and remembered loving it SO much!!!! I try not to do that with clothes – just wear them!

Q: How do you deal with the messes? (most people also say, “that stresses me out!”)

A: First I have to say that we must be really messy people because I got different versions of this question about 45 times on snap and twitter in like one day haha! Must be after all the messy ice cream and beans? Anyways, both David and I are extremely laid back when it comes to parenting. I am a fairly messy person in general – so I honestly don’t mind when the kids make messes. We can clean them up later and I would rather not get ice cream than get it and worry about wiping his face every second. Neither of us would enjoy that. We are always sticky and I think its great. Baths, hand sanitizer, and anti bacterial wipes 🙂

Q: How did you get Rosie to take a bottle?

A: We tried a few different times since she was three months and a couple times we thought she totally had it! But it only lasted a day. Just recently she was fussing and I didn’t know what she was wanting or what was wrong because she wouldn’t nurse. We usually give her a tommee tippee or a Natursutten bottle but this time I gave her a Gerber bottle (level 3 fast flow) because that is what Atticus uses at night and it was just sitting out, and she popped right on. Since then she has been on the bottle! So I guess I don’t have much advice. I think since she was cluster feeding so much while nursing she was never feeling full and really wanted to just drink and drink.

Q: How did you lose your baby weight/did you use a waist trainer?

A: First I just wanna say that I know how hard it is to feel and look yourself after a baby so I am hesitant talking about this but I have always shared these kinds of details. Just know that even if you have a ways to go (I still do too!), you made a baby and that is amazing and you’re amazing!! I always try to get back down to what I was before the baby, weight wise. So now I am what I was at before having Atticus but of course the weight looks different just because my body has changed in different ways. When Rosie was about 3.5 months old I did a low carb diet. I did about 25-35ish carbs per day with one cheat day a week. That helped me lose the weight quick (it took me 3 months, and to me that felt quick). Now that I am down to my pre pregnancy weight I am just eating healthy and trying to tone everything up. Now that we are back from Utah I am working out 5 days a week for 1 hour per day. I really wanted to do a waist trainer and got one but used it probably 4 times but find them to be the most uncomfortable things EVER!! Does anyone know of a comfortable one that is also comfortable while sitting down? If so, share in the comments!


Q: Are you pregnant?

A: I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked this or gotten comments like “I think I see number 3 on the way!!” or “time for number 3! :)” lol. But not pregnant! I think that rumor spread online somehow and I am not sure why because I am actually really proud of the progress I have made with working out! But to clear that up, no I am not! I don’t plan to get pregnant for at least another year.

Hope those answered everyone’s recent questions!!! I also made a tutorial on how I have been hiding my bangs recently! They are almost to my nose and driving me nuts so this trick has been helping. You can watch it here!

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  1. Congrats on all your progress, you look great! I didn’t realize how hard it is to loose baby weight, until I had my own, 10 months later still working on it lol. And yeah I’ve gotten the “are you pregnant again?” question a few times myself as well. Its annoying how people assume just cuz you’ve been pregnant before, its not rude to ask if you’re pregos again lol, any small sign of a baby bump and its a free for all apparently. Either way, you look amazing and l love that you let your kids make messes, that’s real life when you have kids.

  2. I love these updates! So fun to hear how everything is going for you. I love your answers with clothes and messes! With the baby on the way I’m wondering how I’ll handle all that and I hope I can be as relaxed and enjoy everything as well as you! Love the truth about the baby weight, you look incredible! I’m a little nervous about that since its all so new, but you’re so right that the best part is that we brought our sweet little babies here. If you find a good waist trainer, you should let us know! 🙂 And you definitely don’t look pregnant, but I can’t wait till you are again, growing families are the best!

    xo Angela

  3. Love your blogs. I was wondering if when you are losing your baby weight if you go of sweets? Or are you just eating heathy and doing the low carb. Also your workout schedule, how many of those 5 days is cardio?

  4. Hi Amber! Thank you so much for all that you share. I love your pics and all the stories you share with us. I have a question about the bottle feeding. Are you pumping or using formula in the bottle for Rosie? My little guy is 5 months and he’s always hungry. I pump exclusively because he would never latch. And I had to go back to work so we didn’t really try as hard after that. I have been using some formula bottles to supplement. Wondering if you had to do the same with Rosie?

  5. hey I just have a random question!! what web host do you use and do you use WordPress? and if not what other company do you use?

  6. I have always loved how honest and open you are with the millions of people that follow you. It’s no wonder why so many people love you! ❤️

  7. I loved reading this!! I personally have never thought you seemed messy… Maybe that’s bc I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 9 month old (an 8 year old too, but she’s not super messy) and so I feel like between my two babies I am always wiping something haha! And I love how you were so encouraging when talking about loosing the baby weight! It’s so tough! And such a touchy topic but I think you answered it lovely! I just enjoy your blog and think you are so stunning!!

  8. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing! And you look FABULOUS! Definitely don’t look pregnant 😉 Though you are gorgeous no matter what!

  9. Loved this post!! Just nice to read your answers to questions that I haven’t asked, but I still find them helpful! I keep wanting to ask you if you got stretch marks, how did you get rid of them?! Or maybe you didn’t get any #blessed haha I am pregnant with my first and I am short and was teeny before, but I grew so fast my body couldn’t keep up and I have some stretch marks I am trying to figure out how to make disappear once baby girl is out. ANYWAYS, love love your blog (as always) and you do NOT look pregnant at all! You are literally PP goals!!


  10. Hi Amber, what means 25-35ish? I am an European reader :)How many carbs are 25-35ish? thx

  11. What a gorgeous pictures Amber! I know the feeling of coming back to your old self. A little more than a month and i will be a mommy of two little babes under two and i can’t wait to get back in shape. Thank you so much for sharing your tips en tricks. And fingers crossed you will get the property you are looking for. We are city people and live right next to Rotterdam, but still on a little farm (we have sheep). So best of both worlds. Lots of love!

  12. I think it’s so crazy people thought you were pregnant! You look amazing! Thanks for always keeping it real. I really love how you keep positive yet honest.
    Love following you on Instagram. xoxo

  13. Thank you for sharing your “secrets”! I love that you mentioned your body changes after pregnancy, I haven’t been pregnant, but it is such a good reminder for women who are concerned about getting back to their pre-pregnancy weight.

  14. You’re just the cutest thing–probably in the entire world. I love that you don’t get caught up in the messiness, it’s so much more enjoyable just having fun with your babies 🙂
    xx Em.

  15. Amber your body inspires me to workout (and I’m 19!) ! I don’t know why people think you are pregnant. You have a hot bod right now

  16. I just had my first daughter November 17, I think the day before Rosie! Probably the worst thing that has come from having her is the constant questions of when am I going to have #2! While I can’t wait to add to our family and give Claire a sibling, we will do it on OUR time and I don’t need to share my timeline with everyone… Family and strangers! I am still trying to get this motherhood thing down and enjoying each and every day with her. I know everyone is coming from a really good place when asking, but man, it certainly can get to you sometimes!

  17. Haha, I don’t know where the baby rumour came from either. You def don’t look pregnant.

    I know what you mean about getting back to your pre-baby weight but looking different. For me I think the weight has distributed differently, and hips shifted a bit.

    Also have you (or anyone else posting comments) found formula helps your bubs sleep through the night?

    1. I agree, I’d never think Amber looks pregnant from any of the photos recently. Amber–you look great, doubly so for having two kids 🙂

      V–be careful of using formula to get baby to sleep through the night. It may work as formula is often more filling and thicker but it’s definitely not better for them. There’s most certainly a link between formula and obesity. Also it can decrease your milk supply during the day. I know it’s tough when you’re getting up every few hours (been there, done that) but hang in there. In the long run you will look back and be thankful you stuck it out. I breastfed both of mine (the oldest for 13 months, the youngest for almost 20 months) and now those sleepless night seem far behind us and I’m so glad I stuck it out. Best wishes to you! Oh, and I also agree from my own experience–hips shift 😉

      1. Thanks Rylie, I appreciate your words! You’re right, before I know it the sleepless nights will be long gone 🙂

  18. Those photos are straight up dreamy. Love them so much! Also, people are goofballs for thinking you’re pregnant again! You certainly don’t look like it. I’m sure many people are simply excited for another baby in the future! Also, I love that you’re super chill about baby messes. That’s the way to do life!


  19. Could you share your fitness routine and meal planning for losing baby weight? I love this Q&A!!! Please do more often!!!!

  20. Regarding the messy comments. This is one of the things I LOVE about your blog. I love that you do these ‘messy’ things with your kids but are laughing the whole way through and not worrying about ice cream getting on clothing, etc. You are likely too young to remember the famed writer Erma Bombeck. Read her “If I had to live my life over again” … it’s wonderful.

    I love your blog and that you keep it real.

  21. Amber you look fantastic! It is obvious that you have worked your little booty off and that flat tummy does not look prego one bit! Also, I follow your blog and snap chat somewhat regularly and I have never thought you / your home/ your family are messy and I am OCD about keeping things clean. I think you’re a wonderful example and inspiration! Keep doing you and shut out the negativity and criticism! Thanks for being so positive and open about your lifestyle!

  22. Do you use a nice camera for every instagram photo or do you use your iphone sometimes?

  23. Hi Amber! I had a baby in March and used the Upspring Baby Shrinkx Belly Wrap for the first month or so postpartum. I took it off when nursing but overall found it comfortable enough to sit and do most things in. And I definitely saw a difference in my tummy 🙂

  24. Try a compression garment from Lipoelastic. More specifically, the VH garment. Sucks in everything post pregnancy. Much more comfortable than an abdominal binder !

  25. I loved this post — you are so amazing!! I have been so interested in your diet and exercise since you look so amazing and all so I really appreciate you sharing 🙂 I know you have in the past shared you mostly followed the keto diet, did you have any resources you used (a certain book, person, etc.)? If you have any keto diet takeaways/advice, I would be so interested to hear it 🙂 

  26. You look AMAZING for having two kids! If I didn’t know you had two kids, I never would have guessed you were ever pregnant in the past.

  27. Amber, you look fantastic and definitely DON’T look pregnant lolol! Enjoyed the Q&A xo

  28. Amber,
    Your pictures with Rosie were absolutely adorable! She is so cute!
    -Woodlands and Wildflowers (

  29. lmao the pregnant question. Thanks for sharing about your weight loss too. I always see you a little hesitating in your answers and I can understand why in this online world. Thanks for sharing again 🙂 Also, I love bread and wraps too much. I have a hard time lowering that.

  30. how can you breastfeed and still wear alm the nice dresses? i am having a lot of trouble finding nice clothes and breastfeeding ????

  31. I loved this post. I love how you stay classy and positive in your answers! Just wanted to say I think you’re awesome!

  32. I’m with you on the messes! I’d rather let my kiddos have fun and eat to their heart’s delight than chase them around with a baby wipe cleaning after every bite.

  33. Loved this post! I can’t believe people would ask if you are pregnant again… You look SO good! I can’t believe how fast you have gotten back in shape. xoxox


  34. I can’t believe people thought you were pregnant?! You are soooo tiny! Would you mind sharing your workouts with us second time mommies trying to lose the extra pounds as well? Thanks! I just adore your blog!

  35. Love everything about this post and how sweet little Rosie is! Totally don’t see why you always have to justify yourself though, if you were pregnant you’d say so, it’s so wrong to just assume stuff when they obviously see how hard you’ve been eating healthy and working out lately. You have such a patient heart Amber!????????

  36. People actually told you they saw #3 on the way? You look dang good! Right when I started to get into a super good workout/clean eating rhythm and losing fat…I found out I’m pregnant again. Super unplanned but a blessing I’m sure. Either way, I can’t imagine how you would feel with people constantly bombarding you with questions. It’s fun to see the answers though!

  37. The messages you put out in the world are so positive and inspiring. I think it’s ridiculous how often women are judged on their bodies, especially after giving birth! I don’t know why it’s such a race to get your “body” back. In my mind, pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy child makes a woman look even more beautiful.
    Love, Rowan |

  38. Oh my goodness, I love how real you are! I just appreciate how down to earth you are and your answers. But, most importantly: 1. you look amazing, 2. you don’t look preggo at all! And I don’t think you have any more work to do! Truly! I wish I looked half as amazing as you do, and I haven’t even had 2 babies yet! 🙂

  39. fun questions and answers! you are always so cute amber! I am so excited for you and your fam and the new adventures you have coming up! building a home is such a blast!

  40. I love the pictures. Your little girl is the cutest! You look wonderful and I think your progress was so fast. I don’t have any kids, but I’m trying to get in better shape-and I love how open you are about working out. It’s so uplifting and helpful to me. 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

  41. Love this Q&A! I have a 2 year old and I so hear you on the clothes thing! #justwearit haha Can’t believe how big Rosie is getting!