Barefoot Blonde Amber and David sitting on the hood of the carBarefoot Blonde Amber and David on the boardwalk

Barefoot Blonde Amber and David by the waterfront
Barefoot Blonde Amber and David holding hands in the car
Barefoot Blonde Amber and David pictures on the waterfrontBarefoot Blonde Amber and DavidBarefoot Blonde Amber and David in the car
Barefoot Blonde Amber and David
Barefoot Blonde Amber and David
Barefoot Blonde Amber and David at the boardwalk
Barefoot Blonde Amber Barefoot Blonde Amber and David
Barefoot Blonde Amber and David
Barefoot Blonde Amber and David

Barefoot Blonde Amber and DavidBarefoot Blonde Amber and DavidBarefoot Blonde Amber and David

SWEATER: Free People / JEANS: Rag & Bone / BOOTS: Stuart Weitzman / David – SWEATER: Land’s End  (sold out similar here)/ JOGGERS: Zanerobe / SHOES: Nike

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By now you have probably heard that we moved to Hawaii until the home we are building in Arizona is done! One thing we have been really excited about getting after leaving the city is a car!!! We’re looking at different ones and have some favorites in mind that we have rented over the last couple years, but keep going back and forth. I want a minivan so so so so bad haha! I know they are the ultimate cheesy mom car, but whenever we rent them, I am like… This is the greatest!!!! Sooo who knows.

We are renting a car for the time we will be spending in Hawaii, so we will test out that car and see. We will need to get two cars and have no clue what to get for our smaller car. Do any of you have favorite family-friendly cars that you drive?! I am not terribly concerned about the brand, I just want a good car. Truthfully, I will probably end up with a minivan for myself 😉

It was nice not having to worry about a car, but I have to admit, I’m excited to get one again. Car buying can be kind of a pain, but I’m excited to use Capital One’s new Auto Navigator site, which is essentially a one-stop website that allows you to get pre-qualified for financing, and also search for your car. While we won’t be buying in Hawaii, we’re going to use that time to find the right car for us, so that when get to Arizona, we’ll know exactly what we want. Hopefully with the Capital One Auto Navigator site, it will be an easy transition! Let me know your car recommendations, we’re currently keeping a list of our favorites!

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  1. We just got the GMC Acadia and it is the perfect mom-mobile! Happy shopping!

  2. It is really hard and time consuming to find the right car when you have a growing family. We spent about 1 month thinking and searching for the car we wanted. We have three kids (4 and 3 year olds and 9 months) and a bulky double stroller-yes it is a member of our family too-,so we needed a bigger car that is reliable, nice looking and have more space than our old car. I wanted a minivan, but my husband thought it was not modern inside and out, so we decided to buy Audi Q7 which was the best decision we made so far. The exterior and interior designs are fabulous , and it offers lots of features. Great for road trips and everyone enjoys it! Good luck!

  3. I definitely recommend a minivan for so many different reasons. My husband and I have three kids, and THERE IS SO MUCH SPACE!!! Like, we could fill the car with food to feed an entire country and still fit the massive infant car seats (car seats are so obnoxiously huge, am I right?) Anyway, you will love the space, and so will your kids. There are so many different options to choose from, but I love my Honda Odyssey, and so do the kiddos. It’s a breeze to clean and they last like 400 years or something like that. I swear, it is the most reliable car ever heard of. Before I got my car, I was so worried about what people would think of me being a “soccer mom”, but forget them! You will not regret this car choice at all. But the best part of any minivan you get is this…
    Say goodbye to embarrassing car alarm moments in the Target parking lot!
    Amber, I hope you guys find your dream car, and I hoped my prattling helped you out a little bit. 🙂

  4. I’ve had my Audi Q5 for about 6 years and really like it. I bought it used from Audi and it was pre certified so it was reliable and not as expensive and a brand new one.

  5. I am totally living the mini van dream in my white Toyota Sienna & I would not go back. I was hesitant & felt weird at first but it simplifies mom life so much. Doors that open themselves, keyless entry, a legit trunk enough for a double stroller & all our crap. An SUV’s trunk space sucks for a family with little ones. I also love having the extra space to Carpool & drive little friends & our Goldendoodle around.

    Get a fun, sexy car for your 2nd car so you feel awesome when you’re not in the mini van. We love our Range Rover but my husband is probably switching it out for a Tesla soon. Happy shopping!

  6. Hi Amber,
    I do love the idea of the mini van seems very easy to get the kids in and out of and also has enough room for family when more neices and nephews are visiting, but I really just haven’t fallen in love with them. When we delivered our son, baby #2 my husband bought me a Toyota 4 runner. I love it. We kept my small Mazda 3 which is a great small vehicle to run errands in but the 4 runner is our main vehicle. We now have three children and I still love my sporty 4 runner. Lemon is 8, Tagairus just turned 3, and Savvy May is 19 months! My husband is a bigger guy 6’1″ at 220lbs. He fits comfortably even with the infant and toddler car seats in the back.

  7. Hi Amber, I’ve never commented on your blog before. Not bc I’m not a committed follower with lots of positive things to say, but it’s just not my thing I guess. However, I couldn’t hold back on my opinion when it comes to helping you choose a smaller vehicle. PLEASE consider a Subaru!!!! I currently have a Forrester and before that I had an Impreza. They used solid panels of steel, not pieced together, which is huge in fight for safety. Gas mileage is nothing to complain about and they hold their value! We’re expecting our 2nd daughter, so I’m currently trying to decide what to upgrade to accommodate 2 car seats and you’ve talked me into opening my mind to a mini-van haha. But I cannot praise Subaru enough for your smaller car. Good luck!

  8. Tesla model x
    It’s the ultimate mom car, I have one myself and I love it and no need to worry about gas anymore because it’s fully electric! Has a 500 km range

  9. I highly recommend the Audi Q5 or Q7. They’re both very safe! The Q7 fits 7 and the Q5 fits 5. They’re both perfect size and are roomy. They driver really smooth too!

  10. It took me time to give into being the minivan mom. But once you are, you won’t go back! I love it. I have a Toyota Sienna.

  11. Oops one last thing, very reliable car never had any issues other than the basic maintenance. We drove it from California to AZ once and was great because the rear windows come tinted already ?yay and that helps a lot in hot climate and that a big plus with kids. ?

  12. Im on my second Yukon vehicle. I love it! Super roomy, comfortable and great city and travel vehicle. Great car if you have kids. With lots of space for all the kid stuff. I’m anti mommy looking cars so this was perfect for us. You should rent one and take it out for a spin 🙂 good luck

  13. We just bought a Toyota Venza last month and it’s the best. It’s technically a crossover, but it drives like a sedan and feels heavy and safe like an SUV. There’s nothing I don’t like about it! It’s not annoyingly bulky like SUVs sometimes feel, but it’s insanely roomy inside and has a massive trunk. I have two kids the exact ages of yours and their carseats and stroller fit with room for another person in the backseat and suitcases/groceries in the trunk. It’s also four wheel drive which is a must since we live in snow. I highly recommend it! I’m not ready for a minivan yet haha so this is a great compromise! Not like a regular mom, cool mom! 😉

  14. Hi Amber, I live in Phoenix, AZ and I love my Rav4! It’s a small SUV, large enough to fit the kids and animals, small enough to easily park around the valley. I bought mine in a lighter color and it stays fairly cool on the boiling summer days!

  15. Amber and David. First super excited you guys are moving to AZ. I moved to AZ myself three years ago and loving it so far. I have been driving VW for the past 9 years. From a rabbit to Jetta to a Passat and loved every moment of it. The body of a German car is like no other. Hard as a rock as far as safety goes. And inside is spacious for kids and plenty of room in the trunk for your stuff or shopping. Not to mention the simplicity inside makes it more luxurious with all the gadgets. I got into an accident with my Passat couple weeks ago and when I got out of my car I honestly thought my back bumper is completely gone but not a scratch to it. Unbelievable. All my friends were in shock. Same accident happens to them and their cars were damaged. I come from a long line of German car family and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. VWs are good looking, fast and comfortable and got curves ? And the prices are so affordable So I vote for VW ??

  16. Our family loves our VW Jetta wagon! It fits our family of four very comfortably and has plenty of room for our two giant dogs!

  17. For a smaller, good gas mileage and still family friendly car I recommend the Hyundai sonata. My husband uses it for work and the kids are in it every now and then when needed and they actually prefer it to our big expensive SUV. They think it looks like a spaceship inside ?. It’s pretty nice on the inside but not too much to where I would be freaking out every time there is a juice spill… which is all the time ha

  18. The AudiQ7 is very comfortable. It’s also very smooth, safe and good for journeys. I personally love it. The Q5 is also very nice, but smaller and I like the Q7 more. But f you want something more affordable then the Outlander by Mitsubishi is perfect. It is very safe and big.

  19. LOVE my Subaru Forester! Perfect for traveling all around AZ (and our spontaneous trips up to Sedona and Four Peaks) and it fits 3 car seats comfortably, yet it doesn’t feel bulky. 10/10!! Plus, it’s extremely long lasting which is always a big thumbs up!

  20. i love our families subaru outback, i wouldn’t trade it for any other car in the world. i love photography and it get’s me to the craziest spots and up into the mountains no problem. i get to go to so many places that are off limits for most people because of it. they’re reliable and roomy as well.

  21. My first car was a Volkswagen Passat. It was a great first car. I recently just bought at Volkswagen Tiguan and the safety features are phenomenal! Toyota Highlanders, Honda Odessays, and the Honda Pilots are awesome too!

  22. My family has always driven Subarus, specifically outbacks. We’re from a mountainous area that gets quite a bit of snow so having an all wheel drive car is important. Outbacks are super reliable and safe as well. Currently, I’m driving a Toyota Camry. I really like my Camry because it gets great gas milage and was relatively inexpensive. However, I definitely miss having a Subaru.

  23. Love the Subarus!! I had a 2015 Crosstrek but sadly had to sell (not because there was anything wrong with it, I’m sure it would have lasted me for over 10 years!) and now I have a 2016 Toyota RAV4. Both are awesome cars and super reliable!

  24. you should get a jeep wrangler or cherokee!! I can imagine you driving both.(:

  25. We have three children (7, 5 and 2) and I drive a Honda Odyssey. Just make sure that whatever you get has leather interior. We went with fabric and I’m constantly having to scrub my seats! LOL.
    Good Luck! xo

  26. Definitely go for a german brand like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen or Mercedes for the family car AND the smaller one. They are a bit pricy but totally worth it, it’s really good quality, super safe, good looking and the choices are endless..
    And I promise I’m not biased since I’m french (and french cars are not really great on the long term) but I have to admit that germans really are the best constructors, they lead the european market.
    Have a great time in Hawaï !

  27. Toyota (at least for your smaller car). My entire family (even extended family), including myself and my fiancé, owns Toyotas. My great grandma (93 yrs old) has had hers (bought new) for 11, maybe 12 years, and it is still going strong. Nobody has really had any problems. I bought mine used because Toyota’s are known to keep working just fine even with 300-400,000 km on it (and I’m a poor nursing student lol). Also installing a carseat in my car is super easy (the toddler kind). Of course, proper maintenance is so important to keeping any car working nice… But Toyotas have been so reliable, which is so so important here in Canada during the winter months.

    1. Oh and whatever you do, don’t get a Jeep!!! So not safe (especially the 2 doors).

      1. Had a 97′ TJ Jeep as my first vehicle and it rolled while making a right turn through an intersection in the pooring rain. A turn I’d made so many times before on dry pavement.

  28. stick with Toyota Corollas or Hyundai Elantra or Sonatas. Their roomy, great on gas mileage and their economical.

  29. I am OBSESSED with my Honda Odyssey Elite. It’s like a mommy space ship! My husband has a older BMW 330i. He wanted a project car because he likes to spend his life in the garage.

  30. Aww these photos of y’all are so precious! Love following along on this exciting journey – keep us updated on Hawaii, the car, and the house!! 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark

  31. Hey girl! Good luck picking out your car! I drive a 4-door Mini Cooper S and I love it. I have three little siblings, and I’m able to transport them super easily in it. it’s a lot roomier than one would think. If you have any questions about it, feel free to shoot me a dm! My instagram is @theroadtohannah 🙂

  32. I would highly recommend the Jeep Patriot. I got one a couple years ago and I LOVE mine. I customized it with leather interior. I’ve got it in 4 wheel drive and it’s wonderful. Great family car!!

  33. Good luck! Hyundai Elantra is a low maintenance, safe, smaller car. Plenty of room in the back, more than you originally think you’ll get when you first look inside. Once you sit back there you’ll see you have a lot of leg room; great for A and R when they get older!

  34. I just got the new Jeep Cherokee and I absolutely love it! It’s super cute with a ton of great features. It’s big enough to hold plenty of stuff and your two kids but not too big!

  35. We recently had twins and went with the Ford Explorer Sport, with bucket seats. It’s really nice and can seat 6 with room for our dog in the middle of the bucket seats.

  36. Oh, wow! Enjoy Hawaii while you wait for your home to be built. You might not want to leave though!! I got my new Tesla X a couple months ago and I love it. Originally, I wasn’t thrilled about having the falcon wing doors because I don’t like to draw attention, but I’ve grown to love them. We have twin 5-year-old girls who are tiny so still in 5-point boosters. The wing doors make it so easy getting them in and out. I also love that we were able to configure the back seats how we wanted and the chic stain resistant white interior (it really is stain resistant!). Since there is no engine, the car has a trunk in the front and in the back. Tesla’s are also some of the safest cars on the road which is most important for me. Since it’s all electric, I haven’t been to a gas station since we got it. Love this car!

    XOXO, Amy @ Jeans and a Tea

  37. My husband and I are going through the same thing right now! He’s finally letting go of his ’04 Envoy and we’re looking the Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer and GMC Terrain 🙂 Let me know if you look at the same ones!
    xoxo, Christine

  38. As someone who grew up on the West Coast, but now lives on the East Coast I was picky when buying my new car. I ended up buying the Mazda CX-5 and I am in love with it! Even though I’m in my young twenties it was perfect for moving furniture for my new apartment, I could safely drive my god-daughter around, and the ease of the car is amazing. Big enough to haul things around, but small enough to feel like you aren’t driving a boat. Plus the safety features and ratings are high which is a big plus!
    Good luck // Cassandra

  39. First off, I loveee your outfit!! Secondly, as an 18 year old many might question my knowledge on cars but let me tell you I absolutely love the Ford Explorer!!! Its super family friendly and made in the good ol’ USA 🙂 I drive that car to school everyday and I feel empowered by driving the typical suburban mom car! Good luck on your car search and can’t wait to see which car you pick!

    1. I’m only 16, so I don’t have much experience with cars, but I love my Tahoe. My mom now drives a volvo xc90 which is the perfect family car. She drove a honda odessey for 10 years and my brother and sister got sick on every car ride, but some people love them. They do last forever. I’m sure any car you pick will be perfect for your family! oh and my dad has the tesla x and LOVES it.

  40. I drive a Toyota Camry and love it! My mom’s car is also very nice- Volkswagen Touareg. Both are great options for the smaller vehicle, but I’d really recommended researching the different manufactures. For example, volvos are supposed to be extremely safe, while Jeeps can break down quite often.
    Good luck with your search!

  41. Hi Amber
    We are a family of 4 band have a Q7 and mini clubman! Both are the perfect big & small family car!
    Good luck! 🙂

  42. Suburban, Tahoe, GMC, Lexus all good sturdy family friendly cars with lots of room!

  43. Tesla Model X or wait for the Model 3!! They have such cool technology and are very safe and easy to drive. Model X would be better for family but the Model 3 has other upgrades and would be better for a smaller car.

  44. Subaru Outback!!! I totally that it was not cute or lux enough for me, but I have had it for a year now and love it! I got it totally decked out with the 6 cylinders and the eyesight control (the car can practically drive itself on the highway and it breaks for me in a near accident and tells me if I zone out at a light if the car in front of me has gone). It handles all the messes our kids throw at it and we can fit a lot in the trunk.

  45. Chrysler Pacifica, its new to 2017. Great carseat configurations too. We love it!!

  46. A Ford Expedition! Or a Lincoln Navigator are both wonderful family vehicles! I love the extended version but the non extended is wonderful as well!

  47. 4Runner from Toyota. It can have 3rd row seating. I would also get a minivan!!!

  48. Trust me on this, my husband totally converted me, Subarus are awesome! But honestly if you want that much room a minivan is an awesome choice!

    1. I agree. Minivans with multiple kids is the way to go. So much easier to get them in and out in a tight parking spot!

      Also Subaru. There’s a reason they are so hard to find used… people never get rid of them. They are amazing an last forever.

  49. I like our dodge journey a lot-it seats seven or the back seats can fold down for cargo space. It’s also great with gas mileage. I watched Rosie’s birthday video and thought it was so sweet! Atticus is such a sweet little guy! I noticed he isn’t too verbal, though. My two year old was also like this. We ended up having to do a few months of speech therapy, much to my dismay. I really thought she would just start talking, and that we were doing everything we could at home. I would get upset when others mentioned my daughter not talking yet. We did the therapy and now she won’t stop talking. It took just a few months, once a week. I can understand if this comment upsets you in any way, my apologies if so. Love your blog!

  50. My husband and I use the Hyundai brand.. I really love that car and you should Check it out too xoxo ?

  51. The Buick Enclave is so so nice! Very roomy (has the setup of a minivan on the inside) and pretty lux! I’m so jealous of your new adventure and your beautiful family! Have an amazing time!!!

  52. I love my Acura MDX!! Has great handling, it’s super roomy and I trust it enough to drive with my kids in the backseat.

  53. I have the same feeling when rent a mini van – they are so cool! But I love my VW. So many safety features! We always take my car on road trips. It feels so much safer than my hubs toy car.

  54. I recommend an Audi Q5 for a family car but for smaller cars I am not sure, I am more of an SUV girl myself.

  55. We drive a Volvo S60 and an Audi A3 and we are sooo satisfied !! Best cars ever!! Maybe a Volvo SUV for you?

    1. The Volvo xc90 or an Audi Q3 or Q5 may be fine for you! Love your blog and have the best time in Hawaii, and all the best for you house building!! Love you Amber, Skillfull Swan

  56. I have a Jeep Wrangler and I love it so much!! It would be perfect to cruise around with the tops off with your kiddos in the warm Arizona weather! Best of luck!!

  57. Amber- I love your Blog! I’m somewhat older than you but I LOVED my Honda Odyssey mini-van!! I don’t think there’s a better family vehicle & I loved driving it. When my daughter graduated & went off to college I sold it & recently purchased the Toyota Highlander and I LOVE it. Still spacious but not as roomy. (I did a lot of research vs. Honda Pilot since I’d owned Honda’s for 20 yrs. but went with the Highlander because we don’t have little ones anymore. You might opt for the Honda Pilot as the 3rd row seat is MUCH more spacious! Google YouTube view Honda Pilot vs. Toyota Highlander-very informational!) A lot of my friends made fun of me being a mini-van mom but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything! And it totally moved all my daughter’s things into her dorm for college by taking out some of the seats….so useful!) Also , since we just bought (I’m in N.C.) there’s a APP you can put on your phone TrueCar that helps you know what others in your area are paying for make/models so you know what price range to negotiate with ! It is stressful but I think you can’t go wrong w/Toyota/Honda!! Happy Car Buying!!

  58. You two are super cute together! Love your entire family!! My husband is a jeep, dodge, and Chrysler dealer so I’m very biased but I drive a Dodge Durango and I absolutely love it for my family. Seats 6 and has room for luggage or a stroller. Chrysler just came out with the new Chrysler Pacifica and it is amazing for a growing family. Lots of room for passengers and storage!!! Take a test drive. You’ll love it. For cars-the Chrysler 300 is a great luxury vehicle for the price. It’s my favorite car by far! My husband loves his Jeep Grand Cherokee!! Perfect ride and look for a jeep. I guess my opinion is to go see a jeep, dodge, Chrysler dealer near you!! I think you may find both your vehicles!!! But again I might be biased!! Lol!

    1. I love my Dogde Durango is very comfortable and it feels expensive without spending the big buck!

  59. I love the Dodge Darts AND the GMC Terrain Denalis! They have both been super great cars! So jealous of you and your adventure in Hawaii! My husband and I are planning a trip there for February!!! ?

  60. Hey! For my family, we love the Ford Fusion and the Ford Edge or Explorer. The Fusion fits five people and is a smaller car. The Edge and Explorer also fit five people but are mid sized cars. They are both awesome and I used to always get told that my Fusion looked like it could be a Mercedes. My dad owns a couple of car dealerships in Southern Utah you could check into! 🙂

  61. Smaller car – Subaru Outback. They last forever and tackle any weather you can throw at it. Plus you can get one that you can drive as either a stick or an automatic. We had an old Legacy and whenever we went to a dealer for anything they’d run out to ask if we were trading in because they had such high demand.

    Minivan – we adore our Honda Odyssey. We have three kiddos, but have room for 8 people total. It’s popular for a reason! Plus you can get some excellent upgrades.

  62. I drive a Jeep Cherokee and absolutely love it! Small enough to feel comfortable driving around but big enough to have car seats and easy to have kids in the back seat! I nanny for two little boys and it is very comfortable getting them buckled into their car seats.
    I hope you are enjoying Hawaii! I love keeping up with you all on social media 🙂

  63. I live in Arizona and my whole family drives Teslas! They are amazing cars especially in a place that is so compatible with them! There are charging stations everywhere. The model S is a great smaller car, very sleek feel while being very practical! The model X though is the ultimate “mom” car! They designed it with moms in mind which is why the doors go up– to make putting the kiddos in even easier! Either way Tesla is a great brand to have in Arizona!

  64. I have Toyota Highlander it’s great! We have a 3 1/2 year old . My Mom has a Toyota Sienna and that also is amazing fits all the grandkids Toyota makes great cars

  65. Hey Amber! Kia Optimas are really great cars! They’re spacious enough to fit 2 car seats in case you ever needed to. It’s be a nice car for David. For a family car I’d recommend a Jeep Grand Cherokee! Like a minivan but very sporty:) good luck!

  66. You should also consider a Tesla! If you have a garage and would be able to charge it, either Model S or Model X would be great – and super safe! – for your family!

  67. My sis has two kids and she recently got an SUV. It’s super convenient for changing diapers because you can leave the kid back in the trunk area which is the perfect height for changing diapers. But I would definitely recommend getting an SUV with a third row, if you decide to go the SUV route. With two car seats in the back row, there is absolutely no room for another person to sit in between the car seats. It’s almost impossible to squeeze back there to feed the baby or comfort them, etc. That’s just my two cents. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! And just for the record, I also love minivans. I had to drive one as a loaner vehicle while mine was getting repaired, and I couldn’t believe how roomy and awesome it is!

  68. I absolutely love the car I’m driving now and I recommend it to everyone. I drive a Scion XB. Its cheap, reliable, and extremely roomy. I’m on my second XB because I just couldn’t give it up!!

  69. The new 2017 volvo xc90 is an amazing car, very safe and has a lot of room. Honestly big cars make a difference especially with tots! If you want an SUV, mercedes and BMW do a great job too! All three car brands are awesome, great reputation and last a long time! 🙂

  70. My mom drives a Mazda CX-9 and it’s perfect for the whole family! My brothers car seat is behind the passenger so she can keep an eye on him from the driver seat. Then the rest of my brothers and I fit perfectly. The third row is convienient when we need it but mostly we just lay the third row down for more trunk space, groceries, strollers, luggage (for traveling). All in all I think a Mazda is a perfect family car.

  71. I just moved from Williamsburg, Brooklyn where I had a Nissan Quest minivan actually with my three daughters. Loved it. But after we moved back to TN, we got Ford FLEX which is my absolute favorite. It seats 7 and you can customize the back for whatever you’re hauling around. The back seats also flip for tailgating seats, and the color selection is great. We have Guard Green with white top and tan interior, Love it!

  72. Hi Clark family!!!
    Subaru are heavy, zero blind spot, multi purpose vehicles! Research them!! Also, I highly recommend VW, for all obvious reasons. Smaller car, with mini van on the side is perfection.

  73. Audi Q5 is the smoothest, best driving and comfortable family car I have EVER driven. You may want to look into the q7 since you have 2 kiddos. We call ours the “Butter Queen” because she’s smooth as butter and as sparkly as British royalty 😉 haha!

  74. Get a Subaru! Everyone in UT has one and they’re incredible for all seasons! The Outback is a wonderful family car (we had one growing up) and they’ve gotten more spacious with each remodel. Plus good $$

  75. I previously owned a Lexus RX (it is an SUV) and loved it! I currently own a Mazda 3 (a car) and also love it! Both cars are very reliable, spacious, and good on gas. Good luck with choosing your new car, moving into your new home, and for the meantime enjoy Hawaii!

  76. STOP BEING SO CUTE! I can’t get over you too in your Christmas sweaters

  77. I have a Mercedes ML350 and absolutely love it! Smaller SUV model but still holds so much when traveling and has a comfortable back seat. My mom has an Audi Q7 and the Q7 and Q5 are both fantastic cars as well. Hope you guys are enjoying your time in Hawaii!

  78. My family has a family sized mercedes and a small audi and it works perfectly. Good luck !!

  79. I don’t have kids yet, but my husband and I bought a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk last year and we absolutely love it! Trey’s cousin has a young family and they bought the GMC Acadia, and love that. For a smaller car, my family has always driven Hondas. I’ve had my Honda Civic for almost 10 years now and haven’t had a single issue with it. I test drove a Ford sedan recently too and it was great!

    PS – so excited to follow along through all of these exciting transitions! I’ve read every single post of yours for literally years, and I feel like I know you guys personally! I’m always saying to Trey, “You know Amber? They did ………” haha so cheesy but I love you guys!

  80. I just bought a bigger car a couple mo this ago and love it. It’s a brand new Land Rover LR4. It fits up to 7 people. Lots of windows and room 😉 For the smaller car, look into the Porsche Macan. David david david would love it. Very price reasonable. Xoxo

  81. I remember an old post where you went to Vermont or something and you rented a Mercedes Sprinter van and you LOVED it. So I may have found your dream car considering you love mini vans….My hubby and I are in the market for a new car and I we stumbled upon a Mercedes Metris that was outfitted by some company in Indiana (this is the key cause otherwise they are kinda boring. Must be outfitted)
    …OMG Amber I died! It’s amazing! It has the extended roof which essentially like skylights, and it has a HUGE tv inside. Amazing chairs…Oh and I almost’s a freaken small refrigerator! Like what???Which would totally come in handy when we have our second baby with bottles and all…
    Listen….I’ve never been down for a minivan but this van sent me into a happiness nirvana. My husband was laughing so hard when I pulled into the car lot after test driving it cause I had a massive ear to ear smile.
    I hope you take a gander at it and tell me whatcha think?
    It’s like a sexy minivan…if there ever is one?!



  82. I went “full momma” and got the minivan. I LOVE it! Go for it. We have a Honda Odyssey and it’s the best.

  83. I love your outfit in these pictures, especially the boots! My mom has a Toyota Tarago and its the greatest car, it has so much space and was so good for us growing up! I’d definitely look into that one!
    xxxx Isobel

  84. what amazing pictures of you two! who took them?!? hope you are loving hawaii—major jealousy over here in chilly nyc!

  85. Hi Amber! Honestly, my Toyota Corolla S is the best. It’s reliable, gets good gas mileage and drives so nice. The S Plus and S Premium would be even better models to get. Toyotas also hold their value really well. Good luck!

  86. I love both your’s and David’s sweaters. They look so comfy! I’m no car aficionado, but I’m eyeing the Range Rover Evoque or the new Chevy Bolt. Two completely different cars, but I love them! haha.


  87. I’ll tell you one car NOT to get- a Ford Escape. I bought one brand new (in a stupid moment of urgency), and in less than a year its been in for serious repairs more than 3 times (including just deciding to turn off while driving on the highway). Technically its a crossover, but still warning ya!
    As for a good recommendation, I stand by Kia.
    I’m so so happy for you guys! Your family is absolutely adorable!

  88. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and love it! It has a snow mode that’s fantastic and it’s comfortable and easy to drive. Good luck with your search!

  89. I have to say I’m in love with my Honda Civic! I just got it this year after moving to my new home, and it’s been a dream. I also drove my mom’s Honda Accord all throughout high school back in the day, so I definitely recommend Hondas. A civic or an accord definitely falls more under the “small car” territory rather than your dream of a minivan, but I’d definitely give them a look.

    And wow, living in Hawaii – what a dream!

  90. My family has a chevy Equinox and we love it, we had a 2008 for a long time and upgraded to a 2017 about a month ago!

  91. The newest model of Volvo XC90, my hubbys dream car, he drives the old model;-) I drive a volvo XC60, perfect size, not to big, not go small, and you don’t sit to low, and not to high:-P

  92. the ultimate cool mom car would be Mercedes GLK 350… but since that seems like a far away dream to me when I currently have no kids and share a tiny pumpkin orange hatchback with my husband I would say any SUV!! Volkswagen Tiguans are really nice too!

  93. I have a Subaru Crosstrek which is a great (smaller) crossover. I also love the Outback which is a bigger version of the Crosstrek with more room in the backseat and trunk. I love the Subaru brand and I cannot recommend it enough. Also, it’s dog-approved, which is what sold us! : )))

  94. You guys are SO FREAKING CUTE! Seriously. I am still crossing my fingers I will get to somehow, magically, photograph a session for you and David!!

  95. I love my white Audi Q5. It is the perfect size SUV but also a great looking car. I bought my used with low miles and have had no issues with it so far. Good luck on your search!

  96. I work as a nanny and drive an Acura TSX. I love it so much!! Good luck on your car buying!

  97. Hi Amber, I drive an Audi Q5 3.2 (6 cylinder) and cannot absolutely cannot say enough good things about this car. It is a crossover so not as big as an SUV (the Q7 would be maybe a better option for a family of your size).. It is a luxury yet utility vehicle. I’m absolutely in love with it. I feel very safe driving my daughter around in it. It has great features and it’s a very high quality (absolutely no repairs on now a 4 year old car).. I’d highly recommend it!

  98. SO excited for you! You have lots to look forward to in the near future, whoooo!
    I grew up with a Honda Pilot and it was just the best ever!! It has so soo much space for extra kids, snacks, travel! It was the ultimate road trip car! Good luck and enjoy soaking up the sun!! xoxo you’re just the greatest and I admire you so much!

  99. I am not really a car person either, but I’m IN LOVE with my Mazda 3…the gas is great like amazing I can go a week and a half without getting gas and the inside lights and dashboard kind of resemble a sporty car so its great for guys in that aspect. I’ve had very few issues with it and i’ve had it for almost 7 years.

  100. The new Volvo XC 90 is the coolest mom car and so comfortable/easy to drive!! VERY safe for the kiddos. I’m a nanny and have the XC 90 and all the families I nanny for love that I have this car and it is my joy! I love driving it. I also really love the Toyota Highlander for families. My aunt has one and I’ve driven it before and it is AWESOME. For a smaller car, my favorite kid-friendly brands are Nissan, Volks-Wagon, and Subaru.

  101. Subaru Foresters are great! It seats 5 but has so much room for anything you need & is super duper safe &has good gas mileage!! I would highly reccomended that & a minivan!

  102. I have a volkswagen Jetta and it’s the perfect little car. It’s small but also VERY room in the back! very cute and affordable 🙂

  103. Hi Amber! So excited for this new chapter in your guys’ life! When we were getting a new car just before having our baby, my biggest thought was “if I were to get into an accident, what will keep my baby safest?” After looking at many varieties, we went with a Tacoma. It’s not a huge truck like some others, but is specious enough (for us 3 and 2 big dogs) and it’s safe! I feel confident driving around my precious little peach in it. Bonus: with a shell cover, it’s super easy to pack up and go somewhere for the weekend or the day! Good luck with your search and hope you’re loving Hawaii!

  104. Oh amber! These photos are absolutely beautiful! I love them. And your look in this photo is stunning.
    Yah. My family had mini vans growing up. They are pretty nice. I’ll admit that. They are very spacious and can fit a lot of people! Which was nice cause we had a big family. We used to have the ‘Toyota Sienna’. Honestly don’t know if it still is around. Haha. But it was an awesome car! For a small car, right now I have a Honda hrv which is absolutely amazing. Drives nice and is right in the middle of being a big car and a small car.
    Hope you guys find the perfect one! Can’t wait to hear more. <3

  105. Volkswagen Tiguan! It is a smaller SUV and still really functional, I’ve had mine for almost three years and it has been great for short/long drives and has plenty of room.

  106. You guys need a Jeep Cherokee !!! Plenty of room for our little ones and I always feel stylish!!!! Good luck on your move!!!!!!!!

  107. Hi Amber, just tip for Az. With kiddos in the back seat try and get climate controls for the back seats! It makes those July days so much nicer! Tinted windows are a must as well. We spent 11 years in Phoenix, we loved it!

  108. I love my Prius, and have a Subaru as well. Both are solid, well made cars that are easy for me to pop the kiddo into! Enjoy Hawaii!

  109. The moving sounds so exciting!! Y’all should come to Austin, Texas, and do a meet up soon! Especially since I’m going to need some advice on how to put in barefoot blonde hair extensions, once I order them! I’m waiting for the “Butterscotch” to be refilled, but do you have any recommendations/suggestions on how to tell my hairdresser I want the colors to be in my hair to match this set? I’ve never died my hair so I have no clue!

    When I go to buy a new car, I always look at consumer reports and, hope that helps a little 🙂

  110. minivans are the best!!!! For my family’s smaller car we have a volkswagon golf and love it!!

  111. I have a Subaru Forester and it’s the best thing ever!! It’s a small SUV and great in any type of weather condition!! Well, anything Subaru makes is pretty great! Happy car shopping! ?

  112. Amber! I’m so happy for all the amazing things going on in your life! I personally have a Tahoe- it’s tough, easy to pack up my 3 kids and I love the way I sit up high! You should try it out. Much Love!

  113. We just recently bought a Chevy Equinox and love it! It is technically an SUV but doesn’t feel too big or too small. Just enough space. Good Luck!

  114. Honda cars get great mileage and stand the test of time..cheaper repairs as well. I love my honda(for a smaller car).

  115. For a smaller car (and small is kind of an understatement since this car has so much room!) my husband loves his hyundai sonata. It has tons of trunk space (more than my jeep), and the backseat is really roomy and great for long road trips and carseats. For a family car other than a minivan, we really like the honda pilot because its got 3 rows, which is great for a growing family, plenty of storage space (the seats can be folded down in the back for even more space), and awesome safety features.

  116. We have a 2001 Lexus RX300 (it’s a small SUV) and we love it! It’s so comfortable and feels spacious even though it’s not that big, and its family friendly. Ours is pretty old – we bought it used on Craigslist a few years ago – but still SO reliable. I’m sure the new ones are even nicer! (and cuter!)

  117. I own a Mazda CX-5 and LOVE it. It’s a small crossover SUV. It’s got lots of room, is so easy on gas, and is so nice to drive. I feel so safe behind the wheel, especially in the Winter.

  118. First off, you guys are the cutest ever!! For cars, I recommend anything Toyota or Honda. Those brands have great cars/SUVs/minivans. If you want economical, spacious, and luxurious; I’d totes recommend a Lexus SUV!!!! Those are amazing.

  119. I want a minivan sooooo bad too! People do not understand how amazing and convenient they are! I also imagine that our dog would sit up in between the two front seats which he would love! We actually have a Toyota Tacoma and love it! So far with one car seat it works great!

  120. Im so excited for you! I actually live on Oahu and I’m from Manhattan so we’re in similar situations. When my husband and I moved out here a few years ago we got a jeep, and when I had my twin boys I got an Audi A4 and my husband kept the jeep. I cannot recommend a better car, Audi’s are a little more on the expensive side but its an amazing car and great for two little ones! I have had it for about a year and a half now and its perfect for Hawaii, but I’m sure it would be even better for Arizona! Much luck! Xx

  121. I drove a Ford Edge for 3 years and absolutely loved it! I never had any issues, it was very spacious in the back (car seats), and you really can’t beat Ford’s padlock on the door – so convenient! This isn’t necessarily a “small car” but it wouldn’t be as large as your mini van (btw I’m totally down with that), and it would still be a car that’s big enough to haul the family around in without seeming crammed! Good luck and have fun in Hawaii!

  122. if you want a family friendly care, i suggest the chevy tahoe or gmc yukon. I also really like the lexus gx460 and 470. The honda accord is a great small car that is also pretty family friendly. If you want a small suv for the small car, the volvo xc90 is great, as well as the xc60. The built in wifi is great for car trips and my family loves playing our own music ;).

  123. OH MY GOSH these photos are too freaking adorable!!! When I was pregnant (and before we found out it was twins!!) we bought a 2017 Kia Sportage and love it so much! But then we found out there were two babes and thought… shoot maybe we should have gotten a mini van right off the hop lol! But we really really love the Sportage, it’s the perfect size, not too small but definitely not a big car either! I hope your car shopping goes well!


  124. Mini-vans are the greatest. My mom always had one and took me and all my friends around and everyone remembers that van! I would love a Mazda9 for the room because I currently have a Mazda6 (smaller car) and it has been great! Plenty of room for 2 carseats in the back and my husband is 6’4″ and still fits easily.
    On a side note-please have breakfast at Sweet E’s when you are near Waikiki beach. It is AMAZING!!

  125. Haha! What timing!! We are living in Africa right now and will visiting the US in June and will purchase a new car to use while in the US and store when we are out of the country. Our old car is just too small now. The local cars are all built to be driven on the left side of the road, so we can’t shop locally. Manufacturer websites just don’t give me the information I want, so maybe the site you recommend will be helpful. We don’t want to spend too much time at a dealership while in the US, so if I can just walk in, know which vehicle I want, and buy it, that would be great.

  126. RAV4 XLE by Toyota!! I have a white 2016 RAV4 XLE and I absolutely love it!!! It is actually very spacious in the second row which I didn’t expect! You should totally try to test drive one of them! I don’t think you’ll regret it 🙂

  127. Car buying has never really been fun, at least in my experience lol. I hope you guys find what you love and go with it. Mini vans are great because of the space! Nothing wrong with that 🙂


  128. I lOVE my Volvo XC wagon. It is 13 years old, has a ton of miles, and still has never had any problems. I am really into older cars that are worn in so I don’t want to upgrade, but regardless, Volvo is one of the safest, most durable brand of cars. And a plus is that the wagons come with a large trunk and a dog net so Chauncey can come along easily for the ride!! Let me know if you have any questions about my car!! And best of luck! 🙂 -Jolie

  129. I love these pics. It makes me feel that love is in the air. You guys are the perfect couple ?
    About the cars… It depends on what you guys like, and what makes you comfortable. I personally love Audis but it depends on what you need ?

  130. SO I have the Subaru Crosstrek and I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve had it for about a year and a half. It’s the most dependable and super spacious – along with being cute 🙂 I have the leather interior to make it seem a little less rugged than normal Subarus. I hope you give it a try!

    Sidenote, how cute are you and David?! Such adorable photos – especially for the holidays!


  131. I had three children in three years. I had a 3 year old, 18 month old, and a newborn. I don’t know what I would have done without my minivan!!! I have a Honda Odyssey and we have never had to do anything but maintenance and new tires. Kids are now 14,12, and 10 and I am STILL driving my beloved minivan! 🙂

  132. I bought the new Honda HRV EX when it was released (2016) and its amazing! Its not as big as the CRV but is so functional. It was my first new car I bought so I did a lot of research on all the cars in its class. I had older used cars in college and I had never bought an automatic car before I only drove manual sports cars, its definitely worth a look at! The Honda Odyssey is also one of the most reliable minivans too, my family had one until everyone grew up! Good luck, love your photos they are the sweetest to look at always!

  133. Hi Amber,
    I am so so happy for you 🙂 About your car plans: My parents have the Peugeot partner. I don’t know if you actually can buy it in America since we live in Germany. But I really like this car, because it is high and has a lot of space in the back. We actually can put two adultsize bikes in there. And I like to think it’s easy to drive. I hope you find your dream car.
    Best wishes

  134. Awesome Hawaii its such a pretty place, I say more so if you are a sun, beach, sand lover ;). We have two little boys and we finally decided on the car that was perfect for our family, after looking for months we decided to get the Honda Pilot Elite 2017. It has the look of a minivan inside as the second row seats have what they call captain chairs, it has a third row and all the fancy needs a BMW could possibly have, the kids have a TV back there, and the phone connection for both my husband and I are amazing (meaning I can plug my iphone and be able to play pandora in the car). The panoramic sun roof its a hit for the boys, overall the best car I have ever had and I LOVE IT so so much. So check it out, the price it’s truly on point and it’s AMAZING family car in my opinion. We had to special order ours as they just came out but it was worth the wait. Good luck to you guys.

    Johanna R

  135. I had two Toyota Sienna mini vans…total 18 years. We have three kids and if you want to bring along even one friend you need a van! Plus as a volleyball mom we often carpooled to out of town games….parents, bags, kids…lived my Sienna! Now that the girls are all in university, I went the other way and drive a small Mazda 3. Sporty without the sports car price. I’d recommend both

  136. Love these photos of you two! So sweet! For car recommendations, I’m loving the Mazda X5 or X9. We have the X5 and I love how nice it drives and that it comes stocked with some great features. This is our first Mazda and know for certain we’ll get another one some day! We also love Cadillac but the price tag on that is much more! 😛

  137. I haven’t been over to your blog in a while so you guys moving to Hawaii is news to me! That is so cool though! My fav “mom” car is the Ford Explorer!

    XO, Destinee Nicole

    P.S. These pics are adorable!

  138. you can never go wrong with a Toyota.. the new Highlander is awesome & so is the Camry, and they last for soo long (like a good 15 years). if you get the premium package for them they are SO much nicer than you would expect!! with kids it just sort of makes a lot more sense to get a car that isn’t too fancy or precious (I always cringe when I see moms with BMWs or Audis & there are crumbs & dirt all grinded into the leather haha) I also really trust Honda and some Nissan cars, but just always read the Consumer Reports before you buy 🙂 good luck!

  139. I love the Chevrolet Suburban! Great safety reviews. Our last suburban we had for 12 years with minimal repairs!

  140. Before kids I drove an Infiniti G35, after 1st kiddo I drove an Acura MDX. Now with 2 kiddos (3.5 yrs old and 18.5 month), I drive a Honda Odyssey and LOVE IT! I can’t imagine driving anything else 🙂

    You have a beautiful family!

  141. I have a Volkswagen UP with five doors. It is the most popular car in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I love it! Spacious, environmentally friendly (I know that is not the biggest concerns for Ameicans, but none the less, it will save you money); great design and the size makes it easy to park everywhere <3 Good luck on finding the perfect car! <3
    x Caroline

  142. I had a honda civic that I loved and sold when I moved to a big city. I have a pretty active outdoorsy lifestyle so I want my next car to be a rugged hatchback or some sort. I’m a big fan or Subarus. I need space for tents, bikes, kayaks, etc.

  143. Oh, I forgot to mention my mother in laws car: As a mother of five, she was/still is a minivan mom. She said she got so used to such a car that even now with all children being grown-ups she wouldn’t want to miss is, since it’s so convenient. She purchased the newest version of the Renault Espace. The newest version looks smaller than the older version, yet, it has all the space you need on the inside (+ parking camera- yeah!) We have made use of her car several times before (for moving, skying trips, road trips etc.). It is so easy to take out as many seats as possible in the back rows. It fits 8 people if needed. Everyone has their own seat and especially with children’s car seats this is perfect and – if needed .- you can take out the seat in the middle should your children ever start arguing 😀
    Perhaps this option fits your wishes of a minivan car better. Enjoy your time in Hawaii, Chloe.

  144. Hey Amber. We bought the Nissan Quashqai for our current family of three. However, there is the also the Quashqai +2, where you can add two additional seats in the back row or have a larger trunk space if not needed. Also it has a bird-view camera for parking which always comes in handy – especially if one has not driven a car in a while. It has all the comfort of a minivan, I think, but the size of a small SUV. Maybe it fits your needs for the smaller car.
    Also, friends of ours with two kids bought the Volvo CX 60. Very nice looking, lots of space, camera for parking, however a bit bigger in size. Considered one of the safest cars since the Swedish car manufacturers have fantastic ideas to make driving as safe as possible. Hope this is helpful.