Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

Barefoot Blonde Atticus no swimming at pipeline
Barefoot Blonde David and Rosie at Pipeline Hawaii
Barefoot Blonde Amber and the kids playing in the sand at Pipeline
Barefoot Blonde Amber and the kids eating Acai Bowls
Barefoot Blonde Family at Pipeline
Barefoot Blonde Amber and the kids in the tide pools at Pipeline
Barefoot Blonde Atticus playing at the beach at Pipeline
Barefoot Blonde Amber and the kids eating Acai bowls
Barefoot Blonde Amber and sandy Rosie at the beach
Barefoot Blonde Family at Pipeline
Barefoot Blonde Amber and the kids eating Acai bowls
Barefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie at the beach

Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

Barefoot Blonde Fam at the beach

Barefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde David and Rosie at the beachBarefoot Blonde Amber and the kids getting messy eating acai bowls

SWIMSUIT: Stella McCartney / SUNGLASSES: Urban Outfitters 

Our time in NYC is over and we are in the Hawaiian sunshine for the time being!! As you all know we are building a home in Arizona near my family but since we are doing a custom build and going from ground up – it has been a long process! We are about to wrap up our final house plans which our friend Joe at Cardinal Crest Homes created for us! We are sooo happy with the plans — it is my absolute dream home!! But I didn’t realize how long it takes for plans to be approved, and we have to bring all the utilities to the lot, and more. This whole process has been crazy! Apparently you don’t just show someone pinterest boards and start building the next week 😉 just kidding. But anyways, since our home won’t be done for a while we have decided to come to Hawaii for 6 or so months until we are further along in the build process! We are on the island of Oahu and we had the most perfect first day here. We played in our new backyard with A’s new buddy, went to Pipeline and played in the tide pools, ate acai bowls, and watched the sunset on the beach! Atticus was really feeling the love yesterday and would come and give random hugs and kisses with the biggest smile all day long. The greatest feeling in the world is seeing your babies happy. I grew up in Arizona so I am not a girl who can deal with the cold and I think Atticus is the same haha so we are happy as clams here in the sunshine! 

We had all of our stuff packed up and sent to Arizona and it is all in storage. The first thing I asked was if the storage unit was temperature controlled because I have boatloads of lipstick that I can’t have melting 😉 lol. A few weeks before we left we started packing up all our things to bring with us which added up to be 12 big tubs filled with swimsuits, hats, pajamas, books, and of course… David’s x box haha. And then it occurred to me, how are going to lug this around the airport? We also decided to bring our bikes! We decided that we did not want to be trekking through the airport with 12 tubs, bikes, and carry ons so Luggage Free came to pick up our tubs and bikes and they delivered everything to our doorstep here in Hawaii! They reached out to us a while ago and asked if we wanted to try out their service for free, we loved the idea of this since traveling can already get stressful and luggage makes it more stressful so we were excited to try it out. Pretty sure we would have needed an extra rental car just for the luggage so this was soooo nice.

And I know a lot of you will ask about Chauncey! Of course he is coming out here with us, but is not here quite yet! Hawaii has strict dog rules which we unfortunately didn’t know about until later on in our planning process. As soon as we found out we got his blood work done and sent it in. There is this waiting period that dogs have to wait after their blood work so he can’t come out for just over a month from now 🙁 he could either wait in quarantine or we could have him somewhere he would have a backyard to run around in so he is in good hands with lots of space to run around. We never have had Chauncey in a kennel so quarantine didn’t seem like the right option. Our hearts were hurting all day seeing dogs at the beach running around and we can’t wait for him to be here with us and it will have all be worth it once he is here digging holes in the sand!

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  1. Will you do another home update? Possibly show some floor plans? Very interested in your designs and ideas

  2. Awesome! We moved to the Big Island, back when we just had one 2 yr old, and it was the best year of our lives! No regrets! Good for you for taking the leap! Love the Hawaiian people! Take the time to really get to know the locals. Enjoy!

  3. Hi I’m kinda New to your blog & I love it so much! I was just wondering how are you guys able to travel so much? Do you have to save up for a while? I’m planning a trip for my little family & everything is so expensive now a days…

  4. Very cool! Hopefully you can make it over to West Oahu sometime for a little staycation in the Ko’Olina Resort…and good chance to eat at Monkeypod, too 😉 Aloha!

  5. Love all the photos!!! I went to Hawaii once it was over 5 years ago but I still remember it smelling AMAZING!!! Would love to see a post with a tour of your Hawaiian home! Also I read something you wrote on your Instagram just sharing that you worked hard for your body (sounded like you had some mean comments) anyways I just wanted to say I think you are beautiful!! I always always LOVED reading your blog. I am so excited for seeing more Hawaii posts I LOVE Hawaii and have tried talking my hubby into moving there.

  6. Just curious- and LOVE that you are so flexible with the kiddos…
    Why not stay in NYC until the house is done?

    Not that Hawaii isn’t a goodie. Beach life suits all of you well. I’ve always wanted to live in NYC for one year of my life.

    Cheers to the next adventure ?

  7. Hi, Amber! What an exciting adventure! My husband and I vacationed on Oahu this summer and we loved it so much we are thinking about moving there temporarily as well! Do you have any tips or suggestions on finding temporary housing? Hope you guys enjoy Oahu as much as we did ?

  8. I am obsessed with you and your family! I would love to have your lifestyle! What does David do for a living so you all can move anywhere? Do you do anything else besides your blog, videos, etc? Also, whatnmade you and David decide to live in NY after growing up out west? So jealous! I want to travel so bad and go to many of the places you have been! Keep having fun with your beautiful family!

  9. I LOVE ur lifestyle! I also love what u live by and always lovung the lord! Have a fun and simple life! Bless u all!

  10. Yay!! We are moving to Hawaii in around 6 months (military). I’ve heard a LOT of amazing things, and can’t wait!! Good to know about one suitcase… I’ve been doing inventory on my clothes trying to decide what to take….glad to know not much is needed!! ? Good luck on the house build (way to burst my bubble about pinterest boards and building..I hoped to one day hand it over and say “make it happen” ?)!! Still waiting on those copper colored extentions???…

  11. Ah Hawaii is awesome! I live just outside Honolulu. If you’re into hiking (which Hawaii is hands down the best) check out the Facebook groups Hiking with Keiki and Oahu hiking community. There’s a great pillbox hike by sunset beach called Ehukai pillbox which is beautiful. I’m a foodie too so if you need suggestions let me know 🙂

  12. So fun! And I can tell you’re still killing it at the gym! Awesome inspiration for me to start kicking me butt! Are you still using a pre-workout (I remember you were trying David’s out a bit ago), if so, which one would you suggest? I need something to keep me focused and energized during my workouts so thought I would give it a try! xx Elyse

  13. You guys are going to have so much fun! Hawaii is the best! Also, I’m so interested to hear your experience with getting Chauncey out there! I don’t know which airline to use for our dog and I’m so nervous about him flying down below with the cargo. So I’m excited to hear about what you guys did!

  14. Omg how amazing! I wish we were home right now! I’m so obsessed with you and your little family! I wish I could fly back home to meet you folks! You all inspire me so much! Such #familygoals and I love that! Oahu is amazing and lots of scenery? We’re here now in Colorado and stuck with cold weather and snow! Ugh seeing your photos will make me home sick. I miss the beach and 80 degree weather all year long? Enjoy Oahu

  15. You’ve got to hike pill boxes. Just hiked it w my 6 mo old. Most gorgeous views on Oahu!!

  16. Hi Amber, David, Atticus, and little Rosie!
    I live on the south (town) side of Oahu and was so happy to hear you guys are here that I needed to comment and share my excitement! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful pictures to come! Do let me know if you care for any recommends on things to do.

    1. Yay!! Thanks so much Bailey! We really appreciate that. I may be in touch 🙂

    1. Well, he was.. but then he decided he doesn’t like to go number 2 on the toilet any more so until he is 100% we have him in diapers! Although since he has been nakey most the time in Hawaii he has been getting back on track with potty training so crossing my fingers!

      1. If Atticus is still having trouble, I’d be happy to help! I’m a potty training consultant and have worked with lots of families with children who have that issue with number 2.

  17. Girl you are just living the dream….first NYC and now Hawaii!

  18. Nice…try Monkeypod Kitchen while you’re there!
    PS: I bought your extensions and really like them! TY!

  19. You are living my dream life.. haha! I’m working suppeerrrr hard to hopefully enjoy senior week in Hawaii. But it’s difficult…

  20. You must try out the hikes! They are the most breathtaking part of Hawaii I think…and for a beautiful and delicious breakfast spot, try Heavenly in Waikiki!!

  21. So so happy for your family! What an amazing experience and you left New York just in time before the weather turns brutal! Happy to hear Chauncey will be joining you- I’m sure the whole family misses him. Can’t wait to keep up with your adventures over the next few months. 🙂

  22. Hi Amber– Can’t wait to read about more of your Hawaii adventures! Can you share what service (flight carrier, etc) you’re using for Chauncey? I’m looking for recommendations. Thanks!

  23. This is SO exciting, congrats on your (temporary) move to Hawaii! So fun! And good to hear the pup with be joining y’all soon…it’ll be perfect!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  24. I can’t believe your time in NYC has come to an end! But so excited to see your new home once it’s finished! My fiancé and I are currently in LA, but we’ll be moving closer to our family in Orange County in about a month or so. I love the city feel, but love a more open space more! 🙂

  25. Wow, how exciting! Not only the home build finally underway, but the 6 months in Hawaii. It will certainly be a time you’ll always remember long after the kids are big and grown. Thanks so much for sharing, and I wish you the best!!

  26. Oh I am so excited for you guys and can’t wait to live vicariously through your Hawaii feed! Oahu is my favorite place. Hoping Chauncey gets to come soon! And definitely going to remember Luggage Free for the future!!
    Amanda –

  27. 1.) Atticus in his wetsuit = sooo cute!!
    2.) I love a more modest two-piece swimsuit, but how did you feel in yours? Was it just for photos or did you wear all day if so, was it hot??
    3.) That wave photo is bad ass!

  28. Wow, that’s amazing! What a great plan — might as well live in Hawaii in the meantime, right?! So excited to hear about your adventures living in Hawaii! 🙂

  29. Oh my, this is amazing! I have always dreamed of traveling somewhere in between jobs! Hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to. 🙂 This is going to be like the vacation that never ends, the best kind! Christmas is going to be awesome in Hawaii also, such a different experience than NYC . Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

    Ashton | Instagram

  30. Omg that’s so exciting!! Girl you’re going to have the nicest tan ever lol
    Wish y’all nothing but the best <3 Good luck with the house building process and thanks for keeping us updated throughout this hectic process!

  31. What an amazing opportunity to spend that time there waiting in Hawaii! Once your kiddos are older and school aged it’s not something you could ever do, so go you guys for doing it now! I can’t wait to see more Hawaii pictures! (My family lived in Guam for bit when I was a kid and it’s some of my best memories from childhood.)

  32. Wow 6 months in Hawaii is going to be amazing! Poor Chauncey, but it will be awesome when you’re all together!
    xxxx Isobel

  33. OMG that is so cool!!! And Rosie is the cutest with that melted chocolate!!

    I’ve always wanted to live next to a beach!
    Have fun !

  34. Amber you looks fabulous!! Haha and these photos of Rosie kill me! Her expressions are hilarious.
    Wow! Hawaii!! Congrats! I bet that will be sooo nice for all of you for a while. Cannot WAIT to see what you have planned for your home.


  35. Sooo fun!! Bummer about Chauncey needing to wait a bit, but Hawaii!! Love it there and can’t wait to go back. You guys have to go to Lanikai Beach! My favorite on Oahu 🙂 The pillboxes hike at sunrise is just amazing.

  36. Wow that is so amazing!! My husband is actually in the process of working with byu Hawaii to build their peace building program which will most likely take us there for a bit. I’ve been a little. It stressed but seeing your post brought me some peace! If you have time I would love to hear how you found your house to rent? I know that’s the hardest part!

  37. Hi, Amber!
    That is so exciting news!! I am so happy for you an your adorable family, you truly deserve it! You are so hardworking and such an amazing mom, it simply shines through. <3 Hope you have an amazing time there, the kids are surely happy! It is the best when they can just eat like that, being in only diapers, it is my dream haha! 😀

  38. This is so awesome for you guys! I would love to know more about this – why did you choose Hawaii (instead of moving to Arizona and renting there while your home is being built)? Were you offered an opportunity by a company, etc? Or did you just decide to go for it and rent a place in HI? – I don’t blame you if that’s the case. I love Hawaii but it’s so expensive to live there! Will you be working while there?

  39. Wow that is so Amazing !! You guys are such an inspiration! We moved from spain to the netherlands and i know that moving with a kiddo can be exhausting and sometimes challenging but also so fun and such a beautiful experience! I love your blog and how uplifting and positive and real you are ! I have a daughter Atticus’ age as well … does he go to any day care or school ? Just wondering how the system Works in hawaii? Also congrats on your extensión líne! Will purchase soon 😉 . All the Best to you and ur family

  40. Loooove this! And I love following your adventures! I’m a photographer so of course I am obsessed with your pictures!! What kind of camera do you have/what lenses do you use most frequently? I’m dying to know!

  41. WOW! So crazy!!! How did you decide to live there until your home was built? I thought you would have just rented something in Az! Love your blog and your family! Xoxo

  42. Whaaaat I live on Oahu! My dog will be ready to make the trip next month and I’m sooo excited to have her here! The waiting period is lame. If you want an awesome sandwich come to Sprout in Haleiwa. I work there and we have great food! We have some keiki sandwiches for the little ones too. 🙂

  43. ahhh you guys life is such a dream! can’t wait to live vicariously through you guys and your post these next months to help keep us warm here in the New York!

  44. WOW!!! You are in Hawaii for 6 or so months!!! I love your life, seriously so nice hanging there until the house is done. Have a great time!!!! I spent new years eve one year in Oahu and it was amazing!!
    Carolina MJ |

  45. Please write a post on how to travel with two kids! Especially long flights like you just had!!! Would be so nice to know how you do it!

  46. Amber, I know goldens shed pretty regularly. How do manage a clean home and clean cloths with Chauncey? Any tips for a shedding golden?

  47. So awesome!!!! I lived in Hawaii for 7 months and was the best decision ever!!! You guys are going to enjoy it so much and the kids even more.

  48. Dang it! My friends and I are vacationing next week and we debated between Oahu and kuaui and we chose kuaui. Now I feel like I made the wrong choice. We’d be good friends I just know it. We have lots of mutual friends here in AZ so maybe someday… enjoy that sunshine!

  49. Oh Amber!! u have the most absolute perfect life how i wish i had a life like yours i love your post and family are so beautiful have fun in Hawaii for all of us that cant even aford to go ? with my fourth on the way i doubt i ever make it anyways good luck with all your new endavors!!

  50. What an awesome adventure for you guys! I LOVE Hawaii!! Just a little tip from someone who used to live on The North Shore…always lock your car and keep beach bags close by. There is unfortunately a ton of petty theft on the island :*(. Definitely check out Hanauma Bay if you haven’t been there yet!!

  51. I loved reading this. So happy for you all. Hawaii is my second home, please visit Maui and try out the helicopter rides. Also, the many hidden Temples in the mountains are always a treat ! So sorry to hear about Chauncey, but I hope the house process, moving and the rest of time in Hawaii is amazing !! Sending lots of love ❤️ Always my fav blogger!

  52. Hey Amber, hope all is well:) Just curios about how your blog name came about? Srry, this is probably the most random question.

  53. Amber, this seems like a dream! I’m currently studying in Florence for the year and being 4,000 miles away from home on Cape Cod is especially tough during the holidays but you are living the dream and are truly blessed to be doing this all with your family. Will you be traveling anywhere else in these 6 months/ weren’t you planning on a trip to Australia as well??

  54. Oh my gosh, Amber you are leaving the dream!! Make sure you grab every opportunity to enjoy the next six months. I hope everything goes to plan with the house and that any problems are minor! It’s super brave to do what you are doing esp with kiddies involved, you obviously know whats right for your family and have grabbed the opportunity by the horns!! Enjoy every second! (I’ve followed for years but rarely comment on here, occasionally on Twitter but rarely on here) xx

  55. This is so exciting!! I will be on Oahu from December 8th – 14th for my best friend’s college graduation!! I hope to run into you guys somehow!! Sad to read about Chauncey, but glad that you didn’t quarantine him. I’m sure he’s much happier running around rather than pinned up! Can’t wait to see what all you guys do while in Hawaii!

  56. i follow you and your husband on instagram and read your blogs sometimes and i’m just totally in love with your cute family, how do you get all these family pictures all the time?

  57. So awesome! I’m heading to Maui and the big Island next week for about a month! These pictures get me Super excited! You have such a beautiful family!

  58. I can’t wait to see all your beautiful pictures from Hawaii and how cute Rosie and Atticus will look omg

  59. What a blessing! You guys are going to love it there! It’s my favorite place on this planet ?. You gotta check out Eggs ‘n Things, I’ve only been to the Waikiki location. Order the Macadamia Nut Pancakes with coconut syrup, HEAVEN!! Looking forward to your pics/posts in paradise for the next 6 months! Hugs from NYC!

  60. Oh, you guys are SO lucky to be wintering in Hawaii! I’ve been to Oahu about six times. I loved it so much, I just kept going back to that same island. If you haven’t already, you’ve gotta go to Matsumoto’s shaved ice! It’s so good!!

  61. I’m actually crying, can’t believe you’re gone from NYC, BUT HAWAII SURE COMPENSATES, can’t wait to see all the fun vlogs and blogs from HAWAII! So happy for all 5 of you!

  62. So happy for your family and soooo jealous also! (: Hawaii is beautiful and these photos are stunning. Is there a specific filter you use in lightroom to edit these? Love your blog and vlogs and best of luck with the move!

  63. Living in the world we do today Idk if this is weird to say because I don’t personally know you but I’m genuinely happy for your family !!! Congratulations on everything going on in your life ….. you and David make parenting look like a breeze, amazing parents you two are ! #goals ! Let god continue to bless your family !

    #Forever obsessed !

  64. How cool is that, you get to live in Hawaii for 6 months! That’s awesome! My sister had a destination wedding at Oahu this summer and it’s beautiful! Must be quite the change of pace from NYC! A Hawaiian Christmas sounds so fun! Mele Kalikimaka 🙂

  65. I hope your time in Hawaii will be great, it seems to be such a beautiful place and I’ms sure it’ll be a great experience for all your little family. Have a lovely time there, Mathilde 🙂

  66. Oh wow, congrats! This must be a super exciting time for you and your family. When I was in college I had an internship in Oahu and it was the most amazing experience between the hiking, beaches and the amazing people. And oh yea, the shaved ice 😉 I hope one day I can take my little family there, I can only image Finley playing in the sand. Aka eating the sand. Im sure I’ll make it back there one day. Enjoy the holidays and your time there!

  67. I’ve been so curious about what your living plans were during the building process, this sounds like such a dream! Will you stay in Hawaii for the full 6 months or are you guys going to take trips during that as well? Hope you all continue enjoying the sunshine and happy holidays ❤️

  68. I am coming to Oahu in February! Let’s do a meet and greet! That sounds like fun yeah? Haha living in Hawaii for a couple of months sounds like a dream! Have so much fun!

  69. Hi Amber! I am so happy for you!! Hawaii is amazing!! Did you guys rent a home/condo for the time being or are you staying at a vacation home? Curious how that all works. Have fun! xo

  70. I’m so happy for all of you (soon for Chauncey too)! Also a bit jealous but I’ll get over it ? you’re really lucky to be able to choose for yourselves what is best for your kids and family. Love from Spain!

  71. I’m might be going to Oahu in a few months and when I went to NYC I didn’t get a chance to see you around the city so I really hope I can meet you when I go.

  72. OH MY GOD. This is seriously so amazing. What a perfect idea. I hope you guys enjoy the next 6 months. Enjoy the opportunity to work from home and always be with your babies. <3

  73. So fun! I’m glad Chauny gets to come, and Hawaii is beautiful! Do you have any travel plans while you are there? Good luck in the building process!

  74. this is so fun amber!! would you consider doing a meetup in Hawaii in a couple months? I will be travelling there with my family in a couple months. I hope you have great fun and im jealous you’re a beach bumb for 6 months!! :))

  75. So excited for you Amber!! 6 months in Hawaii is gonna be so fun, can’t wait to see all the pictures. What kind of Camera do you guys use, or what’s your favorite?

  76. AWW 6 months of living in Hawaii sounds magical! Hopefully Chauncey can join you ASAP. Are you renting a house?? SO fun!

    1. It is so dreamy here, we love it!! And yeah! We can’t wait for him to get here! And yes, we have a rental 🙂

  77. So exciting! Glad to hear that you and your family are making the most of some in-between time rather than spending the next six months in limbo. Excited for all the Hawaiian adventures to come.

  78. Wow that is so cool you get to live in Hawaii for 6 months!!! I bet you will love it! My husband and I will be in a similar boat this summer where we will have a few months of “free time” in between one job ending and another job starting in a new location. We were thinking of moving to Alaska during that time. Nice to know we aren’t the only ones who would move to somewhere random in between life changes! Haha! Enjoy your time!

  79. Hawaii *-* what a dream!
    I can’t imagine how happy the kids will be when Chauncey will join you there!
    When I moved to the U.S. from Italy I had to wait for my dog as well because I didn’t want her to stay in quarantine… ?

  80. Wow! What an amazing adventure your family is on! Also I don’t think you and David get enough credit for doing all of this traveling with two small kiddos ? If you don’t mind I remember a while back you said you were putting Atticus in speech therapy? It’s so funny because our boys are only a few months apart (my son was born in late Aug 2014) and so it’s been fun watching Atticus grow! Jack seems SOOO similar to him in so many ways! We just went to his ped a few days ago and he recommended speech therapy and I know this probably seems creepy and stalkerish but I thought of you guys! I would love to hear how it’s going and if you think it’s worth it. Hope you all are having a blast in Hawaii! ???✌?️

  81. I love Hawaii!! What an amazing experience for you and your kids! You must go Island hopping while you are there and go to kauai!! The Nepali coast is just perfect!! Enjoy the sand and the sun!! I am dying to take my new baby and our family to the beach soon! These gorgeous pictures make me want to go asap!

    1. Thank you Colleen!! We are really loving it so far 🙂 And thank you for the suggestion! We will definitely explore! Hope you and your family can come soon! xo

  82. Hope you are having a great time there!
    I will miss seeing your snaps and photos in NYC but I’m sure I will love see it in Hawai/Arizona.
    Also, I’ve send you an e-mail abou 2 months ago, I guess, but I never had an answer.
    All the best for you guys,

    Maria Rocha