Its never a good idea to be driving and tell yourself, “hey, my life is pretty dang good” because then something bad happens!!! You’ll look down and realize your wallet is missing. Just kidding… always tell yourself life is dayyum good but don’t be surprised if someone pilfers all your money!!! 
Good news is.. they left my ID’s and social security card (don’t ask why I had that on me, dumb I know) so I am happy about that. They also left all my punch cards.. which is GREAT news. I felt like I was Elaine on Seinfeld when she gives a guy her number on her punch card when she only needed one more punch to get a free sub. I WORKED HARD TO GET THOSE PUNCHES DANG IT! 
Now I am at the airport in Denver on a layover.. I am currently listening to two grown men argue about which laptop they should watch their movie on because one of them has a clearer screen and the other has a bigger screen… talk about first world problems right? Rough life. Anyways, I am on my way to LA to be with my Sheridan for the weekend! She is the most stunning person you ever met.. her and her husband are going to the Guild Awards this weekend and she is flying me out there to style her hair! 
When I was on the plane just barely they tell you to turn your phone off ya know? I never do. Risky business I know, I live life on the edge. Anyways, a few minutes after she told us to turn our phones off I am on instagram and over leans my neighbor and says, “so you think you are the special exception who is allowed to put us all in danger so you can socialize?” errrr….. Yeah I guess so sir. I mean, why do they have service in the air now if we can’t even use it? That just seems a bit silly and wasteful don’t ya think? Just kidding I turned it off. 

Photos from Well, my screen is BIGGER!

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  1. slayer- thanks babe!!

    taylor- ah oh my gosh that is so awful!!! I am so sorry to hear that! People are so annoying! Ugh that makes me so mad!! You should check local pawn shops or something to see if it is there then they can trace who sold it to them and then we can beat the crap out of him! Yes seriously if you need someone to style your hair then seriously let me know! I would LOVE to do it! 🙂

  2. lucky that that’s all they took! Our house got robbed last saturday, they were lucky and got my wedding ring and diamond earrings.

    Yes, I wasn’t wearing them ONE time. We were out shooting skeet and I was afraid my ring would fall off. Rather that happened then my house get broke into after the fact!

    We will be in Utah for a wedding in June. Seriously considering you styling it!