Just got back from a lovely weekend of camping and fishing!!
I think I realized even more on this camping trip how much of a little girl I am at heart… I kept seeing flowers and butterflies and kept wishing that fairies were real.
If you saw Snow White and the Huntsman… remember when they were with the dwarves in that like magical forrest? Yeah I wish so bad that was real.
Something about the wilderness… it just seems right that fairies should be flying around. and unicorns. and dolphins in the streams.
Oh and seeing deer will never ever get old. I get so gosh darn excited every time I see a deer, they are so dang pretty!
{my boyfriend says he thinks they look like oversized rats with hooves… which I think is just a bunch of silly hogwash}
My brain constantly just thinks of ideas and concepts for cute photo shoots. While we were camping I thought of so many and wished I had brought my camera… and cuter clothes.
Here is some outdoorsy ish weekly inspiration for ya:
 Jackie- if you’re reading this…. one day we will go fishing with the boys and while they fish we can do a fun photo shoot like this 🙂


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  1. I love all of these pictures! Glad I stumbled upon your blog. I was reading through it and you are adorable!! Can’t wait for future posts! And yay for another Mesa blogger!! Newest follower:)

  2. Babygirl…… have you looked in the mirror lately?! Those ARE your legs!!! You have bangin legs! And yes next fishing trip.. After we get bored.. we can do our thing haha 🙂

  3. You KNOW we’re going fishing with them again haha, next time we definitely should do a lil photoshoot. P.S. Homegirl’s leggings in the picture with the river? Ridiculous and I need em.