Weekend in Sundance

Over the weekend we stayed at a cabin in Sundance, Utah with David’s side of the family! The cousins went sledding, played in the snow, and stayed up late (and ate too many treats). We also got to celebrate David’s birthday!!!! It was the first time we have gotten to celebrate it with his family so that was fun. David loves sour straws and sour worms so Sweet Tooth Fairy made him a sour candy themed cake! We head back home this evening and tomorrow Atticus has show and tell at school! And I leave for LA tomorrow for work. I am shooting Willow and Clay’s Spring/Summer lookbook with them so I am excited! Here are some pics from the weekend.

Willow & Clay's Winter Lookbook


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  1. So lovely! Where are your kid’s coats from!? They look amazing and I want one for my son! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Woah! That pic of the mountain 😍💖
    Amber, Your face and skin look really great! Kids are so super adorable in their bundled up gears and y’all look so happy 🙂 …ps but sooooo disappointed that you didn’t show a pic of this sour theme cake!! 🤤

  3. LOVE the pictures of Atticus hugging Rosie and reaching out to her. They are beyond sweet!

  4. Iøm going absolutely gaga over these amazing photos of your adorable kiddos. Love their outfits and their smiles and their love for each other!!

  5. Love these pics! Your family is too cute! And your skin is WOW!! That little jacket on A is just the cutest too. I love dinosaurs :):)


  6. So cool you’re coming to my city tomorrow! LA is be best but I may be bias 😉

  7. Okay these are the most adorable little snow outfits ever! 💚

    Kaci Nicole | Faith & Lifestyle Blog


  8. Where did you get Rosie’s little leach hunters from?! They’re so cute!

  9. Looks like a super fun trip! Sundance usually has great snow, I’m sure it was a nice escape from our AZ “winter.” The kiddos outfits are darling!

    Chelcy | charmingchatwins.wordpress.com

  10. These photos are just too cute! It seems like yesterday that they were babies. You have such a sweet family and it’s so sweet to see the love you all have for each other. You have a beautiful family. Loved this blog post!!!