Have you guys heard of Adam Gregory?
Him and his wife Sheridan Nicole are two of our very best and closest friends. They are expecting a baby (I am so honored I get to be the godmother – eek I am so excited!!!!) in the next month or so and we are soo happy for them! Sheridan and I have been best friends for a long long time and we always hoped our husbands would get along and luckily.. they are practically the same in endless ways and they are just the cutest best buds now.. it couldn’t have worked out better!
They are in a lot of our pictures from my ‘photo diaries’ and a lot of you have commented or emailed and ask if that is Ty Collins from 90210 and to answer you, yes it is! (also Thomas from Bold and Beautiful for you soap opera fans 🙂 )
It just so happens that Adam is also an amazing videographer and has his own production company, Glasswater Films, that he started with Jason Maughan. They really are amazing at what they do.
So as a gift to us, Adam made our wedding video which is such an amazing gift that I will treasure forever and ever.
Our wedding video is below..
you can hire Adam, Glasswater Films, to film your event, wedding, etc. by emailing: adam@glasswaterfilms.com

Yes, we are both crying during our first dance.. it was the most special moment ever. Our friend Thayne sang Love Me Tender and our friend Greg played the guitar and it was thee most amazing, perfect moment.
4:31-5:13 melts me.We got married in the LDS Temple.. we believe this.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 10.39.24 PM(oh and the AC + DC is Amber Clark + David Clark 🙂 David always hoped he married someone with an A name so he would be able to call us ACDC haha kinda cute right? I thought it was)

And there is no footage of me throwing my bouquet because I accidentally threw it into the chandelier above me… yes…. don’t ask 🙂 I will explain later.



Photos from Wedding Video


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  1. Hello Amber! So inspired by your beauty. These are my wedding day look ideas. Please tell me what you think:) my fiancé prefers short sleeve wedding dress on me so I am surprising him and gojgn with a simple short sleeve. I actually was going to order yours, on AliExpress. But you never know how it will look manufactured by a Chinese company. I love long sleeves for the “elegance/classy” look. But I think I can pull off those descriptions with what I have in mind, what do you think?! May I email you some pictures of my ideas?!:) shoot me an email if so. God bless

  2. WAIT YOU’RE LDS????

  3. Beautiful video, Gorgeous bride you were
    I loved the song playing here .. is there anyway to download the song or is it available on iTunes or anywhere else??

  4. I didn’t read any of the above comments but I’m sure you’ve been told how beautiful you looked on your wedding day. But I also want to comment on how sweet your husband seems. Very nice of him to leave that little message for you at the end of the video. He clearly is so madly in love with you and that is such a beautiful thing to see. Congratulations to both of you. You’re a lucky and very blessed pair 🙂

  5. We got married on the same day! I think winter weddings are the most beautiful, but I may be biased! 😉

    1. Awww so special!!! So fun that it was the same day!!! And I might be biased too 🙂

  6. beautiful video! I’m sure you guys will cherish that forever!! The things your new husband said at the end were so sweet, I am sure you won’t ever forget it!! and it’s true, the temple is the best part!

  7. Are you kidding me that was so precious! I love what he said at the end and the fact that you both cried during your first dance, so cute! So in love!

  8. so remember that one time when I stumbled upon your blog and then proceeded to get obsessed with all your gorg photos, ideas, diy’s and spent my *entire* weekend looking back on your last year? yea, that just happened. *facepalm* needless to say, i just love your style and sense of humor, etc.. i have already done teeth whitening with a banana peel, your honey face mask and the sugar scrub, love them all! i go to utah a fair amount to see friends and family, so i will have to meet up with you next time i am there for a hair/permanent eyeliner appt. {seems so scary, but yours is perfect!} LOVE your blog, congrats on your eternal marriage!

  9. Amber! That was amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that with us. Looks like an amazing, special day!! -Sharron

  10. I cried! I can’t wait to have a wedding of my own someday as beautiful and filled with love as yours and David’s. Congratulations to you both!

  11. That’s the perfect wedding video and I am sure you had the perfect wedding! Both of you look so happy with each other and your husband is so sweet! While he was saying his surprise words in the end, I was crying so I had to rewatch it three times 😉 I haven’t seen someone so happy and so in love in a while. Now I am smiling, too 🙂
    Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

  12. I noticed your dress had long sleeves and a high neck…so was your wedding dress also your temple dress? Beautiful video! Congrats to you both!!!

  13. This is beautiful. What a neat thing to always have and always bust out when things are tough. You two seem to be wonderful people and it reminded me of my wedding day just 6 months ago. Blessings to you both for an *eternity* of happiness and loving God.


  14. I started to tear up when I saw you two having your first dance! So precious! Congrats, Amber 🙂

  15. so so so special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am a HUGE fan of 90210! They need to bring Ty Collins back, he was great, I totally loved him and Annie together lol.

    beauuutiful reception btw. i love loove the gold frames you had…. so pretty