Today is my wedding day!!!!!! I could not be an happier.
(I am not actually writing this on the day, this is a scheduled post. So no, I am not blogging on my wedding day πŸ™‚ )David and I decided no emails, no texting, no instagram, no twitter, no blogging, no facebook, etc on our honeymoon! So if I do not answer your email, or anything else, just know it is because I am on my honeymoon in the Bahamas making new memories with my sweet husband.

These are not pictures of the actual wedding, we took these a week ago as our formal session with our photographer. I wore a veil for half the session and a flower crown for the others, which I am showing you today!

The other half of the formal session will come later, and the actual wedding pictures will also come later along with honeymoon pictures πŸ™‚ so check back in 5 days or so for the rest!

I had a very specific vision of how I wanted these pictures. I wanted it to look like an old, classic wedding and I had all of these images in my head of David and I driving away in an old car with flowers and cans.. that idea kept running through my brain and I HAD to recreate the images I was imagining! And Ciara did just that. I borrowed this car from my cousin Craig, (thanks Craig), made that flower garland (although I wish I would have made it bigger, the care makes it look so teeny tiny!) and then the cans.

my moms wedding shoes πŸ™‚
photographer: Ciara Richardson
florist: Erin Keller
dress: Custom made by Penelope
hair & make up: myself
extensions: Extend Your Beauty

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  1. I love this dress! I see it everywhere! I was wondering if you could email me some information on it? That would be wonderful.

  2. Gorgeous photos Amber! You and your family are absolutely beautiful.

    My best friends boyfriend is asking me for wedding ring advice (he wants to propose)! My best friend is in love with your ring, I was wondering who the designer is?

    Thank you so much!

    -Bobbie Brinkleyb

  3. You were such a beautiful bride! I came across your blog searching for the source of your dress, your pictures are posted as a product from an online bridal shop, and I wanted to see if they really made the dress they said they did, turns out the definitely did not so thank you for posting your designer!

  4. you looked absolutely beautiful on your wedding day! Did you have any bridesmaids? My wedding is in 6 months and my dress is very similar to yours. I’m trying to get an idea of what style they should wear??? Any suggestions??

  5. Hi there. I have been seeing your dress everywhere on pintrest and other web pages and emailed a webpage as your dress was on it. The kind person got me to this link and i thought i would email you to see if you could help me with the dress design or idea as i would love my wedding dress to be like this or very similar. I have not had my eye off it for ages! If you could email me on that would be great so i could start looking for something else if this is no available. Thanks!

    Kind regards

  6. Hi Amber, I am just wondering if you are interested in selling your wedding dress! If not, where did you happen to find that amazing thing? You can shoot me an email at thank you!

  7. Amber, your wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous! I have them on my Pinterest boards as inspiration for my upcoming wedding. I love your flower crown and plan on wearing one for my wedding reception, did you use real flowers or silk? The woman who sold my wedding dress said not to use real flowers because they will wilt quickly, so I was just wondering what you used πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Jenna! Thank you so much! I did use real flowers, I personally think they photograph better! But as long as your florist makes them fresh they should last the whole day and even into the night! xx

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  9. How do I find your dress? The link doesn’t work! I’m in love with it!

  10. What nail polish color/brand did you sport on your wedding day? It’s such a nice matte pink! Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks girl!! It is actually just a color I picked out at the salon when I was getting my gel nails done! I have no idea what it is, so sorry!!!

  11. These photo’s make my heart melt I’m totally obsessed and your now the main inspiration for my wedding theme
    Did you get the bouquet made and I’d love to know how you made the garland
    Your so god damn beautiful it hurts!!! πŸ™

    1. Oh my thank you thats so sweet!! Yeah I had the bouquet made and I made the garland myself!! xo

  12. Can you please do a tutorial on how you did your make-up for your wedding? or at least tell us the products you used. I love it! You look beautiful. Congratulations!!!

    1. Hi girlie! Thank you so much! I used Revlon Photo Ready foundation with bare minerals powder over top! MAC blush, Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara and MAC ‘Cut a Caper’ lipstick!! xo

  13. mom’s wedding shoes? Gosh! That was really long time ago.

    Anyway, I love your hair tips.. so i followed ur blog.

    COngrats for your wedding!

  14. WOW I love these pictures!! The concept is amazing and you two look great. I really wish I had done this for my wedding! I didn’t want to go through the hassle so we didn’t do any pictures before but you are making me regret this!! Maybe it’s not too late? CONGRATS!!

  15. These are so stunning! I love your concept and your photog did a fantastic job! Congrats to you both! Hope your enjoying the Bahamas!

  16. So I recently stumbled across your blog and have fallin completely in love with it, I love reading all your posts especially your fashion posts (clothes shoes and accessories are my guilty pleasure! I love putting outfits together!) So adorable! Any who Congrats on your wedding! and as a totally random side note you are so gorgeous!

  17. Amazing photos! You are stunning!! I absolutely love your dress!!!! Congrats on getting married. Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon and be safe! πŸ™‚

  18. AMBER!!! Oh my gosh these photos are SO breathtakingly beautiful!! You look so gorgeous and I am so obsessed with your flower crown, dress, bouquet, hair, and gorgeous face!! These need to be in a magazine and supermodel status!

  19. Such beautiful pictures! Love your bouquet so much! Hope your day was all you dreamt it would be and have an amazing sun filled honeymoon;)