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DRESS: Rebecca Taylor // FLATS: Valentino

Today’s post I am wearing one of my favorite dresses I have ever worn!! I absolutely loved the detail, how it fit, the color, literally everything. I wore this to the event I hosted with Neiman Marcus while in Fort Lauderdale and had so many of you ask about it so I wore it again when we got back to take some more photos for this post (plus an excuse to wear it again 😉 ) It was SOOO fun meeting you girls who came and getting to hang out and chat with you. Also loved meeting a lot of your little ones!!!! Seriously made me miss my lil man! It is so fun getting to meet readers because I feel like through chatting via blog comments and social media we have become friends and its nice to meet in person and put faces to names .. so seriously THANK YOU for coming it was such a pleasure.

Neiman Marcus has always been a favorite place of mine to shop … I even made a point to arrive to the event an hour early just so I had time to do some shopping! I got these Valentino Rockstud flats that I am wearing in the post – I have wanted them for sooo long and once I tried them on it was over! So above are my top 8 Neiman Marcus Must Buys.. (I tried to narrow it down to 8 although there were about 30 to begin with ha!)

*Thanks to ShopStyle an Neiman Marcus for sponsoring this post.

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  1. When I was reading this I was thinking, “This is my favorite look she has ever done” hahaha

  2. You are a true beauty. I love all of your posts! Would you mind telling me what extension and length you are wearing?

  3. Absolutely love these photos! They/you are so gorgeous and the lighting, your outfit, and the city are just perfect.

  4. This dress is beautiful! I also love this location! I think when I visit NY next summer I will have to do a post here as well!

  5. Beautiful dress! It fits you perfectly. What’s the lipstick color that you used?

    1. Thank you so much Kelly!! And I agree, I love Washing Square!! Thanks for reading!! xo

  6. Amber, it was so great meeting you in Chicago! Seriously you are so down to earth and I’m completely with you on that its so nice to actually meet face to face. I love reading your blog but after meeting in person I feel like I can relate so much more because you seem to live such a normal life with your little family. OMG I love this dress too its so perfectly paired with that lipstick!
    xo, andrea

    1. Andrea!!! It was SO fun to meet you as well!! I loved it! One of my favorite parts about blogging is meeting amazing people like you! And thanks so much!! I am glad you like the look! That means a lot coming from you 🙂 Love ya!! xo

  7. Ugh Amber, I am in LOVE with these shoes!!! They are so so cute! Also I’d love to meet you some day, but that’s kinda hard considering I live in Europe. But, a girl can dream…

    1. Thanks so much Monica!! Ahh I love them!! And I would LOVE to meet you!! Where do you live?!

      1. I live in Thessaloniki, the co- capital of Greece! I really hope you come here someday, you guys would love it!

  8. Do you have a tutorial for your hair? It’s stunning! The whole look is!

  9. This dress looks AMAZING on you! I love it! 🙂
    I know you guys travel a lot, so I was wondering if you have any suggestions for places to stay/visit in LA!


  10. Stunning! You show that pregnant women are just beautiful. Love the color of your lipstick!!!

    1. Thank you so much Elisa!! That really is so nice of you to say! 🙂 xo

  11. You are so lovely!!! I love that you always look classy in your pictures!

    1. Thanks so much Elise!! I am so glad you like it!! You are so sweet 🙂 I hope you have a great week!! xo

  12. I love this post! You have that amazing pregnancy glow and look just stunning.

  13. That dress is gorgeous! And I love it paired with the rock studs and leopard clutch. You really inspire me as a blogger. I love how your pictures always make me feel like you’re giving us glimpses of your actual life, not a fake life just for your blog. You do a great job!

    1. Thank you so much Karin!! I am glad you like the look 🙂 You are so sweet!! Thanks for the amazing feedback!! xo

  14. How stunning!! Everything about that gorgeous gown on you is just perfect. I love the color, and the way you styled it with the studded flats and your ever-so-slightly edgy braid. I would absolutely love to attend one of your events one of these days. Next time you’re in Southern California or even Phoenix, I’m going to make sure I get there!! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Kaylee!! I am so glad you like the dress!! It’s one of my favorites yet 🙂 I would love to meet you!! Next time for sure!! xo

    1. Thank you so much Charlotte!! That is such a nice compliment!! I appreciate it!! xo

    1. Thank you so much!! And yes, he took these 🙂 I will pass along the compliment!! Thanks love!! xo

  15. Hey I`m from munich but i love you so you have fans all around the worl 🙂
    My wish is to met you sometime and i hope that will happen. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

    1. Hi Isabell!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! It means so much to me!! I hope we can meet someday too! Love ya! xoxo

  16. Hi Amber! I just wanted to let you know that I am completely in love with you, your blog, your instagram, your family, just everything. You seem like the kind of person that everybody wants to know. I am always inspired by you. Anyway, I have a few questions. When did you get involved in blogging, and how did you start? Were you scared? The same goes for youtube. I hope you have a great day!!
    xoxo, taylor.

  17. I love the leopard print of the clutch with the floral of the dress. And your lipstick is just perfect. And I’ve never been to Washington Square Arch – how do you take pictures in the middle of the street without interfering with traffic?
    (And btw, I’m always appreciative that you take the time to respond to comments. I don’t know how you find the time, but it’s very nice.) Have a great one!

    1. Hi Kim!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! I am so glad you liked the look 🙂 And we were able to snap the pics quick without causing a traffic jam haha! Luckily, it wasn’t too crazy when we took them! Thank you for reading love! xo

  18. I’m so thankful you posted on this dress! I saw it in your snap over the weekend and was dying to see the whole thing!! It’s the most gorgeous dress I’ve ever seen in my life and I usually hate most of the purple color scheme, but this deep lavender is so BEAUTIFUL!! Ah. Haha and I also voted on the black studded shoes so I’m glad you chose those 😉 thanks for all your fun posts so often. It’s my treat during the work day! Haha

    1. Aww thank you so much!! I am so happy you liked the look 🙂 It was such a fun pattern and style, I love it!! And thank you for helping me choose the black!!! I LOVE them yay! I appreciate your sweet comment! Have a great week! xo

    1. Thanks so much Chelsea!! It is by Bite Beauty in the color matte ‘Plum’!! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Sissi!! That is the sweetest compliment!!! And I am glad you like the new blog look too!! I appreciate it! xo

    1. Thanks so much Laura!! I am happy you like the look 🙂 Thank you for reading!! xo

    1. Thank you beautiful!! You are too nice!! I hope you have a great week! xo

  19. Absolutely stunning, as always!! Such a beautiful dress, the colour is perfect on you! And goes great with that lipstick, hehe. Hope I get lucky enough to meet you one day!! xx

    1. Thank you so much Emma!! You are too kind!! And ahh I hope we can meet too!! xoxo

  20. Hello I found your blog last week, and I loved it, congratulations you are a beautiful pregnant, god bless you and your family.
    I’m from Brazil, so I’m sorry about the language mistakes, I am learning English yet.

    Kisses and I wish your baby to come with health and very fast.

    1. Thank you so much Katia!! I am so glad you found my blog yay!! Thanks for being so sweet!! Your English sounds great by the way! Love ya!! xoxo

  21. Amber that dress looks great on you and you look stunning! So happy you posted all the details on your blog because when I saw it on your IG I had to know where you got it from. I LOOOOOVE your lipstick color – it’s getting me excited for Fall 🙂 Wish I could’ve attended your event…if you’re ever in the Orange County, CA area I will def come! Thanks for sharing you look gorg!

    Stay Styled,


    Instagram: stay_styled

    1. Thank you so much Lindsey!! I am so happy you like it!! And I am obsessed with Fall lipsticks lately!! And yes!! Next time I hope to meet you!! Have a lovely day!! xoxo

  22. You definitely need to wear this darker lip color all the time with Fall just around the corner. So stunning! And the sheer material on top of the dress is so feminine. Yay!
    Also, I have to ask, do you have any upcoming events in Seattle anytime soon?!? 🙂
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks so much TJ!! That is so sweet of you!! I am loving all the fall makeup looks 🙂 And I don’t have anything planned in Seattle as of yet, but hopefully in the future!! xo

    1. Thank you so much beautiful!! You are so nice!! Have a great week love!! xo

    1. Thank you so much Ana!! And yes, I post several times a week 🙂 So stay tuned for more!! xoxo

  23. Could you share your lipstick detail? And maybe do a fall lipstick post? TY

    1. Thank you so much Bella!! That is so nice of you!! Thanks beautiful!! xo

    1. Thanks so much Faye!! That is so nice of you!! And yeah Atticus sat this one out haha! 😉

  24. I’m curious what brand your glasses are from the pic on Instagram? Thanks

  25. You are so stunning, Amber! That dress suits you. Some day when I finally manage to get pregnant, I am definitely looking forward to revisiting my pins from dresses you have shared! Your lipstick is gorgeous, too. Where is it from?