Barefoot Blonde
Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeCOAT
: Nordstrom (my fav, I highly recommend) // JEANS: AG Jeans // BOOTIES: Toga Pulla  // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Sweet n Sour’ // WRAP: Solly Wrap

We knew in going to New York that it would be a lot of work with Chauncey and taking him to the park multiple times a day (and paying more in rent to live by the park so we can do so) but I have to say that I am really happy we get to do that for him because it gets us out of the house more and makes us go on more walks when we normally would have just opened the back door to let him out and sat back on the couch or whatever it was we were doing. I always laugh because before Atticus came along I used to literally watch him sleep and say, David look! and point to him sleeping haha and I had a billion pictures of Chaunce sleeping. Now I still do that only with a baby.

This coat is almost sold out but if you can snag it then you totally should because the hood is amazing and seriously blocks out ALL wind and cold! I have to force myself to wear my other coats because I secretly just want to wear this one everyday.

We head back to New York this morning and I am pretty excited to just get there and be back in our little home!! Have a fab day! xoxoxo


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    1. Oh thank you! We will look into it. Chauncey actually doesn’t mind it. We only use it once a day to help him remember not to pull and so far it has worked amazing!! We probably will only have to use it another week or so because he is really learning. Thanks for the tip though I will look into it for sure! xo

      1. Give it a try! It worked wonders for me and my hound (I can’t walk him without it). The idea is that it pulls them to the side if they pull forward, but it goes around their chest instead of their nose. Thanks for replying to me! I love your blog and your style. You and your family are gorgeous!

  1. To carry your little boy like that isn’t healthy! Do american still do it that way?

  2. Beautiful coat – Is your coat from Laundry by Shelli Segal – the Removable Faux Fur Trim Parka?

  3. Wow! Can you use the Solly Wrap forward facing? If so, I want one! Is it a new one?

  4. lil A is the cutest with his chubby cheeks and sapphire eyes! he is such a babe! I’m loving the coat and definitely need a warmer one with this chilly ID weather!

    xoxo hails.

  5. Hey!
    Love your blog! Am finally leraning how to braid my hair, thanks to your tutorials 🙂 Really looking forward to some makeup tutorials as well.
    Please do a video tour of your apartment, would love to see it!

  6. When I vist New York Central Park is always one of my favorite places to walk through! I feel like its so large that I can never see all of it!

  7. I bet Chauncey loves the park in New York – I would too, how could you not?! Your coat looks so cozy, but I don’t know how David is warm enough just wearing that shirt!

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  8. Omg… your husband looks like a movie star – I just can’t quite figure out who exactly he remind me of… it’s like a mix of Jason Statham, Ben Affleck and someone else 🙂
    And your baby looks adorable, by the way! 🙂

    Ann |

  9. I love your commentary. Feels very candid, personal, authentic, and sweet! You are such a good mommy, too. Love to see and read all about it!

  10. What a wonderful park to be close to! It’s absolutely beautiful and such a reprieve from the crazy and wonderful city. I’m from Toronto and make it over to New York ask much as possible… walks through Central Park are always a priority.