public transportation is seriously so so great.
i took the light rail to phoenix yesterday and told myself beforehand, that i wanted to meet one interesting person.
so i sat next to this guy named bob.
he looked homeless.. greasy hair, smelled bad, gross clothes, the whole homeless package.
so i sit next to him and introduce myself and start talking to him.
i told him how i was going to visit my dad at work in downtown phoenix and he got all sad.
turns out he “pissed off his daughter years ago” and she hasnt spoken to him since. he recently divorced his alcoholic wife. he dropped out of college and tried to be a musician. he is contemplating suing his only daughter (the one who hasnt spoken to him in years) for grandparent rights.. or something of the sort.. because he has never met her two little girls. 
(i told him that will probably piss her off more…)
i think he just needs money.
anyways.. his life was really quite sad.
its great meeting people and hearing their stories and realizing that you dont have it so bad.
i really am loving my life right now. (knock on wood) im so content with everything.
so many interesting people in this world.
bree, lex, kier, and i just went to lunch.
then bree and i decided to go thrift store shopping which was a fail.. we found nothing 🙁
but then we saw a frozen yogurt shop and decided to go in to get free samples and leave. obviously. 
“hey can we get some sample cups?”
(guy grabs sample cups and walks back there)
“oh uhh…. yeah like can we just have a few?”
“ohh yeah… i have to do it for you.”
“you mean you have to serve our samples for us?”
(aka.. you arent going to let us pile mint yogurt two feet high on top of a sacrament cup, eat it, and then repeat that with 5 other flavors.. only to not buy anything and leave completely satisfied? well then.. we really have no business being here. im so sorry to inconvenience you.. i thought this would be free)
it was awkward. and weird. we had him get us one sample and then we left.

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  1. Lots of people are in need..
    The yogurt guy was impolite..if u ask me..
    Big smile–

  2. Seriously…who goes out of their way to meet seemingly homeless people just to meet someone new? Stop being such a good person and stop being so pretty!