Viva Mexico!

MEXICO! I grew up going to Mexico at least once a year. We would always drive down to Rocky Point and either camp or stay at Las Palomas .. but we usually camped! It is kind of an Arizona thing and everyone went down for Spring Break so it was fun because allll of our friends were there with their families too and we would all stay up late hanging on the beach, go four wheeling and swim during the day, and got wayyyy too much sun. I hadn’t been back since high school so it was really fun going back with my sisters and their husbands! We ate at our favorite food spots and hung on the beach! We stayed in their penthouse and wow it is incredible!!!! Such a fun weekend. If you ever go here are some of our favorite food spots:

-The restaurant at Las Palomas has the best chicken tortilla soup ever!!!!

-Kaffeehaus is a German owned breakfast spot that has incredible pancakes and apple studel

-Pollos Lucas .. the best and freshest chicken tacos! They bring our a giant chicken, fresh homemade tortillas, and fresh toppings. Its soo yummy!

My Favorite Swimsuits

Road Trip Essentials

My Favorite Car Must-Haves

I am sharing my favorite things that I have in my car that keep me organized or things I consider must haves. I went a while without a car when we were living in New York and it is so nice to have a car again.. especially with kids because I feel like its our home base. So here are my favorites…

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  1. Such cute pictures!! Love that super cute one piece! wondering where the necklaces you paired with it are from??
    xoxo Annabel

  2. Awww! So happy Landon told you about the Petersen family’s favorite spots. Kaffeehouse is my jam. And Pollo Lucas all day every day. Literally, we go there every single day we’re there haha! The penthouses in Las Palomas are sooooo amazing! Definitely one of our favorite places to stay in Rocky Point. And you look incredible! <3

  3. You always have the cutest bathing suits Amber!


  4. Wow! You got some great pictures! Will be so fun for your kids to look back on one day! Also, I love that fun, bright striped suit you wore!! So cute and perfect for a Mexico vacation!

  5. I love that color lock swimsuit! Your family is so adorable!! And you look amazing!!

  6. Gorgeous photos!!! Your family is beautiful! Where is that color block swim suit from?!??

  7. Looks like you had so much fun with your sisters!!! As always, you look amazing!

  8. Hello, I love your’e blog, I’m french and I find your profil on instragram and love what you share with your’e family ! I’m in love with the pictures you post everytime and I was wondering what camera you used for having this quality !!

  9. Love this! Mexico is such a fun summer vacay spot! All your suits are so cute!!!