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Valentines Day is coming up and I love this time of year because all the stores are littered in pink and red! This Valentine’s will be very chill since I still am not ready to get a sitter for Atticus AND we have an entirely booked day of fashion shows and meetings that day 🙁 boo! But we will still go to a special dinner and bring Atticus and then probably go home and watch a movie … which is basically my ideal night anyways. Any date where I can be in pajamas is a dream date in my mind!

As I told you before my little sister got engaged recently so David and I are flying them out for the weekend for some celebrating and sister time! I am soooo beyond excited and have been counting down the days!


(here are some more Valentine clothes and accessories I love…..)

Photos from Valentines Day


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  1. Aww so fun, sister time is the best!
    I’ll be going to my first fashion week in the Fall. Kinda wishing I were going to this one as well now :/

  2. Amber, you are such a babe! And I’m wondering your secret to looking so fabulous so soon after having a baby. Any advice would be appreciated, I just had my first 2 months ago:)

  3. Okay Okay! When I move to ny this fall my husband and I will watch baby atticus 🙂

  4. Love that dress.
    Your V-Day plans sound a lot like mine, but I love that I get to spend the day with the hubby and my little one. I wouldn’t want it any other way
    Dresses & Denim