First and foremost I would like to say Happy Birthday to Arizona!!!!!
And also… Happy Valentines!!








Peach Skirt: Forever 21 (sold out similar here and here)
Cropped Top: Forever 21 (sold out similar here and here)
Bracelets: Forever 21 (sold out similar here and here)
Silver Ring: Great Grandma’s Wedding Ring (similar here)
Dainty Gold Rings: Made them (similar here)
Salmon Heels: H&M (sold out similar here and here)
Maroon Heels: Michael Kors (sold out similar here and here)
Sparkly Gold Clutch: J.Crew (sold out similar here)
I also wore this skirt on the Daily Dish yesterday!



Black Shirt: Wal Mart (sold out similar here)
(My favorite black shirt. Never be too good for Wal-Mart)


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  1. I just barely started following your blog and I’m in love with it. (Obviously, I’ve read this far back) As a 24-year-old mother of 2.75 (second child due in May) I’m always looking for ways to improve/maintain my own personal style. Your style is so awesome and I can tell through reading your blog you are an intelligent and kind-hearted person. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your great advice about Walmart. So wise. It’s important to keep an open mind about everything and never feel like you’re “too good”

  2. Lisa! Thanks! and no, I wish I was a star haha xox

    Anonymous- I just used gold wire and wrapped it right around my fingers! 🙂

    Marcus- Really? Ill have to check it out! Yeah they are awesome over there! xox