Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde TOP: Free People // SUNGLASSES: Valentino // BOOTIES: Toga Pulla // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Coral Bliss’ // WRAP: Solly Baby

DAVID’S DETAILSJEANS: J Brand // BEANIE: Nordstrom // FLANNEL: Land’s End // VEST: Nordstrom // SHOES: Sperrys

I know you guys have already seen this outfit BUT we went to the lake earlier that day and took these pics, so I still wanted to post them! We went and had a picnic with my sister and her date.. but since it was only their second date I figured I would spare them the photos haha! She would kill me I am pretty sure. We also kept saying how we felt like we were cheating on Chauncey by being at his favorite lake without him 🙁 we took him there countless times and he would splash in the water. Sometimes he would run over to people to say hi and he would be soaking wet and shake off on them and I would just hide in the corner like okay thats not my dog, sorry you’re soaked, k bye. Haha it was bad. This was also the first place we took baby A as a newborn 🙂 so I really really love this lake!

It is so fun with Atticus these days because I swear he learns something new every day! Last night he learned to roll from back to front and I was freaking out! He was on his little play mat for a good two hours just rolling back and forth and moving all around. He loves when we praise him and clap so he gets so excited when he learns new tricks 🙂 its honestly the funnest thing. He also is soo giggly I can’t handle it. He is finally ticklish and also finally loves to be thrown in the air – whereas before when we tried he would get a TERRIFIED look on his face and make his puckered up sad face haha so sad!! I have a few videos that I caught of him cracking up and I listen to them over and over and over and over again. He also loves to watch them too and thinks he is pretty hilarious. Sometimes when he is sleeping I just pull out my little notebook and write down everything I can about him in that moment – he is growing so fast and I wish I could bottle up his always yummy baby breath – his soft skin – his pucked lips – his endless rolls and baby boobies – his cry because its the sweetest thing – his sad face – his gummy smile – OH and his BUM!! You guys, it is covered in dimples and is just the greatest thing. I never want him to change!


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  1. Hi,

    stunning pictures!! Could you kindly tip me on the colour of your solly baby wrap? 🙂

  2. The baby breath is the best thing in the world. I try to tell everyone how I am obsessed with it and they think Im a freak so Im glad someone else loves it!

  3. awe you make me excited to be a mom! we babysat my niece today and she was doing the sad lip just like your pictures of atticus haha. it really is so cute irl. also, every time we go to tibble fork it’s a weird experience. like, there are weird people or weird things going on. but, i did my bridals there and i agree that it is the PRETTIEST place in utah… well utah county anyways haha.

  4. I really wonder where this lake is? You are confusing me! You are everyday somewhere else! LOL! 😉

  5. In a sea of inauthentic fashion & lifestyle blogs I find your blog to be so light, beautiful & refreshing! I adore how you love your adorable son and your description of him in this post was truly the sweetest thing. Thank you Amber for your fashion inspiration and for putting a smile on my face 🙂


  6. I love going to the lake near my house, but it’s surrounded by the brown desert of Vegas, not the luscious trees and greenery of UT! so so pretty!

    xoxo hails.

  7. beautiful pics.. i know the feeling baby boy is 5 months old on the 30th of October.. every time someone talks to him he smiles..ooohh those smiles..that smell, i adore every little thing about u for the nap work like a charm..*Love Vaso*