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Today I am sharing our nightly routine with the kiddos! Here it goes!

1. DINNER! Around 6 (sometimes closer to 7 in the summer!) we feed the kids dinner. We always have Atticus in his high chair and give him food and let him feed himself. He will usually eat30% of what we give him if we are lucky! Sometimes he doesn’t touch his food, that little stinker. I did take your guys’ advice and we try to give him things to dip his food in like ranch or peanut butter or whatever it is ­ and that has worked pretty good so thank you! Sometimes his dinner is all cute like this and other nights I am too tired and dealt with too many tantrums so I throw a big scoop of mac n cheese, hand him a fork and say go to town my dear! Rosie is easier as far as feeding goes and will eat anything you give her. We either put her in the high chair and give her sweet potatoes or something or we just spoon feed her pureed food. During dinner we try to clean up the nursery as much as possible so we don’t wake up to a messy room or stab our foot with legos when we check on him in the middle of the night.

2. BATH + BRUSH TEETH! After dinner we go straight to the bath. Both babies love bath time so we stay in here for a while and play and let them splash around. Occasionally Rosie poops in the bath and we all have to evacuate and go take a shower lol. We have Atticus brush his teeth in the bath just because it’s easier and it is usually a slobbery affair. We bought a lil mini electric tooth brush for him because he thinks it’s the coolest and it’s the only way he will do it.

3. PAJAMAS + BRUSH HAIR + LOTION! We take the kids straight from the bath into our room where we have towels and everything laid out. I have the kiddos in these little two piece sets but most nights I put them in these zip up onesies that are so easy. I have told you guys before how the kids have really dry skin ­ Rosie’s isn’t as bad as Atticus but he has eczema and gets these little dry patches all over his shoulders and back. Aveeno sent me a supply of their new eczema therapy nighttime balm (it’ll be available at Target later this month!) so I’ve been using that on his arms and back. I love it because it’s thicker than a cream and helps him sleep through the night without waking up from itching. Especially with all of the splash pads in the summer, Atticus is so dry it makes me sad! (I actually also use this on my dry spots!)

4. READING TIME! We try to always read books before bed, Atticus has a few he loves and just likes to read over and over and over again. His current favorite is, “It’s Time to Sleep, My Love” which is a really cute book and I love the illustrations. He mostly loves the tiger in it 😉

5. SONG + PRAYER + FAVORITES! Every night we sing the same song to the kids (it’s, I am a Child of God) and then we say a prayer right after. This is maybe my favorite part because Atticus knows when we finish the song to fold his arms and I love watching him fold his arms and close his eyes while peeking out to make sure everyone else is doing the same. Then he whispers a prayer along with us and yells, AMEN! And then giggles so hard because he thinks “amen” is the funniest part of it all haha! Then we share with each kid what our favorite thing we did with them that day was.

6. BOTTLE + GOODNIGHT! Atticus only takes a bottle for bedtime so we give both kids bottles and put them in their cribs and they go to bed. They both sleep around 12-­13 hours at night so they are usually down for good. After the kids go to bed we usually plop on the couch and enjoy the silence and laziness for a good 30 minutes and then we have dinner and finish up work stuff while watching a show!

Do you guys have anything you love to do for bedtime routines?! I notice such a difference when we rush through bedtime routines and just kind of breeze through things. I feel like they sleep longer and better when they know bedtime is coming. Anyways, thanks as always for reading!!!

*Thanks to Aveeno for sponsoring this post!


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  1. The girl has grown so fast, so lovely <3 do you have any interest to try on our baby cotton towel for Atticus and rose? Cotton and bamboo quality is heathy for baby sensitive skin.
    Love you for your family as usual big hug <3

  2. Hi amber! Thank you for the post. I have a 4 month old and enjoy hearing about good routines! I was wondering if you could share with me about where your pajama pants are from? They look so comfy! Thanks again for your wonderful posts!

  3. my mum used to sing to me to get me to sleep (i had big issues falling asleep as a kid) and i still remember that time so clearly so i think its wonderful that you do spend time with them i know so many of my friends who didn’t have that quality time with their parents xxx

  4. As always the photography on this blog is beautiful. Someone recently gave me the idea to photograph my children praying (for personal files, and obviously to do it not very often and reverently) and I loved that idea. Just thought I would share that. Your family is beautiful. You and David seem so kind and that’s wonderful to spread that kindness on the internet.

  5. This is really sweet! We do a similar one too!! Now my Charlie, hes 21 months… likes to be “cozy” when we read “stories”. He says “cozy” and grabs a throw blanket and gets up on our lap to read. He is so pleased with himself when hes on our lap and covered up. It is my favorite time of day!

  6. This is really awesome! I love that you take the time to spend quality time with your family. I, like Atticus, have severe eczema especially during the winter months. My mom used to lather us up with olive oil when we were little and I do it to this day if it’s really bad and it’ll help- just make sure you’re putting the lotion/etc on right after the bath. I also just found an amazing bar at Lush (http://www.lushusa.com/King-of-Skin/02176,en_US,pd.html) and I LOVE it. It puts a ton of moisture back into my skin and it’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before.
    Lastly, I am currently on my way to becoming a teacher. We talk a lot about how important it is for parents to read with their kids at home- you’re doing great! Some things you should think about trying are taking the time to sit alone with Atticus to read so that there are no distractions and the second is to use your finger to touch all the words so that he can learn by example. 20 minutes a day can help your kids become better readers!

    1. Would like to add that maybe at this point Atticus is too small to try and use the king of skin bar on him but maybe when he is older and you could use it on your patches of dry skin too!

  7. Out of curiousity, what time is it usually that you leave their room and head to eat dinner? I’m completely loving this idea for our current problem of never having time together and our son getting to bed so late. My husband doesn’t get home until around 7 most nights and by the time we eat together, do a bath, and read books it’s around 9:30-10 before we both tell him goodnight. We don’t get even 10 minutes to talk to each other because of this, we just leave his room and immediately head to bed ourselves.

  8. My baby is due next month and night time routines are something I’m really excited about ? where can I find the pants that you’re wearing in these pictures? I just love them

  9. My baby is due next month a dinghy time routines are something I’m really excited about 🙂 where can I find the pants that you’re wearing in these pictures? I just love them

  10. I never ever comment on anything, I’m just not a commenter, but your son is my son! I am telling you, my son was born July 7 2014, speaks his own language, eats 30% of his food (if I’m lucky) and has extremely dry skin ( we live in Miami Beach so it should be opposite!) going to a dermatologist bc it’s getting worse. Maybe they aren’t exactly the same but it is nice to hear similarities from a fellow mom! xx

    1. I am in my 20s and have had eczema my whole life. One thing my mom used to do is use olive oil on us right after the bath. I will do it if my skin is really bad or I will use coconut oil too. I also just found a butter bar from Lush called King of Skin that works wonders. It puts so much moisture back into my skin but I will also use lotion after the shower. At this point your son could be too young to try and use it on him but just thought I’d share!
      You could also try using Aquaphor/Vaseline after the bath.

  11. I had terrible eczema as a child (where was Aveeno’s lotion then?!) …eczema is partly dry skin, but also caused by inflammation in the body and is linked to food allergies. Once I started taking probiotics and cut out PB & sugary foods from my diet my eczema cleared up. I remember how uncomfortable it was as a child–I feel Atticus’ pain :/

  12. Also try Lush’s dream cream for eczema it has worked wonders for me and its all natural i love it! Can’t wait to try the Aveeno when it comes out 🙂

    1. Lush is amazing! Their King of Skin bar puts so much moisture into my skin. My dry skin has never looked better

  13. I cannot wait for the new Aveeno lotion! My son has eczema too so I’m really looking forward to how that will work for him!

  14. You have the cutest babies! I was wondering, can Atticus talk yet? I follow you on snap and it seems like he has his own little language. Too cute!

  15. Always a fan 🙂 would love to know where atticus’ blue polka dot pj is from x

  16. Whelp. That post just melted my heart!! I love the pic of the pup stealing some food haha so happy to know that happens to all of us. What a good big brother, too!

    Sara Kate Styling

  17. Your routine is so busy! I can’t imagine juggling two littles AND work! You two are so impressive. Poor little Atticus and his eczema! My mom has dry skin and it can be so frustrating for her, so I can only imagine what it’s like for a little guy. You all are just too cute!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  18. I love these kind of posts! I’m a Momma too and I also use Aveeno therapy for my little boy. Thanks for the advice on how we can do a few things a bit better for bedtime! xoxo

  19. Seriously… Can you and David write a book on parenting? You guys are THE best! Y’all make the ordinary daily grind so fun and adorable! There’s no doubt your kids will cherish these moments for their entire lives.

  20. I adore this routine, especially the fact that you pray with your babies at such a young age. That will make such an impact as they grow 🙂 I love all of Aveeno products. That’s all I used on my baby girl and it helped her skin so so much. As a matter of fact she’s almost 13 and still uses their baby lotion after showering haha! I love all of your blog posts and how you share links 🙂 All the best!
    Terrell in OK

  21. Love, love, love all your posts. I am the grandmother of 3 adorable boys and the Aveeno will be great for my grandson who has eczema. Thank you for this information. Question – wear did you get the adorable t-shirt and the jogging pants.sweats. I just love them and the pants look like they would be comfortable to travel in.

  22. Beautiful pictures, Your children are too cute.


  23. My daughter has severe eczema. It started when she was 18 months, and she is 5 1/2 years old now. We’ve tried EVERYTHING you can think of–every lotion, cream, oil, steroid cream, etc.–and finally last month I tried sunflower oil that I got from Trader Joe’s. And it is looking sooo much better!!! Anyways, thought I’d share that tip if the Aveeno balm doesn’t help after a while.

  24. hi!
    I can highly recommend the avene trixera for dry patches and eczema! our son has never had any problem again, after we started using it, when he was only a few months old! 🙂

  25. Hi Amber our Routine is almost the same.
    You have this high Chair from Stokke, we too. But what type of Table is that for this high Chair? Play Tray?

  26. How sweet Atticus brushing his sister’s hair, they are adorable. And thanks for sharing your bedtime routine. I do the same one for my son, and it works so well for him, since he knows nighttime will come and he will get to rest all those hours.
    Carolina MJ | http://www.dearbabymj.com

  27. Amber you have such an amazing blog! I love reading all your post’s! Atticus and Rosie are getting so big, I’ve loved seeing them grow up! hope you’ve had a great days!! love and good luck to you momma! (in the best way :))

  28. Love this! I’m trying to soak up as much of this info as possible!! I know it will probably be different with just one little newborn, but it is all going to be new to me here in about a month so seeing a routine like this is so helpful!! Love seeing the cute pictures of your littles! They are so darling!!

    xo Angela

    1. Thanks so much Angela!! And yay! I love hearing that! You will be so great 🙂

  29. Do your kids fall asleep on their own in their cribs or do you have to rock them? I put My little 7 month old in his crib when he is getting drowsy and starting to fall asleep and once I lay him down he wakes right up. Any tips?

    1. PreciousLittleSleep.com helped me get my 6 month old falling asleep unassisted for bedtime. I’m still rocking him to sleepy (not sleep) for naps. Good luck!

  30. They are soo cuute:X:X
    Anyway, night routine but outside is so much light…like a day


  31. I love your bed time routine ! I think the most important part of such routines is to maintain it and keep it going ( as kids always have a way to ruin your plans lol) so thumbs up to you 🙂 anyhow I only have one question: how did you manage to make your kids sleep throughout the night ! My baby used to sleep through the night and now lately he’s waking up twice to breastfeed. I try giving him wear instead but then he cries a lot and at night I don’t have the energy so I offer the boob !!! Any advices ?

  32. Love this bedtime routine! I’m curious to know how you guys got your little ones to sleep through the night. We’ve been working on that lately and I still feel like we aren’t really getting anywhere. Any tips you guys have used that you feel are tried and true would be so awesome!

    1. Thank you Sam!! And I will definitely have to share some tips in a post 🙂

  33. Oh my God!! Ii loove the part with PRAYING ❤ I think that is soo important for kids to believe and love God! Good for you, you are such a great parents!! Love their faces in these pics, they are adorable!!
    Rosie is getting so big! Perfect baby girl ❤
    * olso pleease cut Atticus haaair

  34. Seriously dying over the cute Jammie’s! Where are they from? Also, be careful about giving milk bottles in bed. The milk has sugar that can destroy the little teeth:(

  35. Thanks for sharing this! I have the hardest time to get my little guy (2 years old) to brush his teeth. Do you have any tips? We got him an electric toothbrush and even tried the training tooth paste but no luck 🙁

  36. What a fun and helpful post! I always try to stick to the same routine. But baby girl still doesn’t want to sleep through. Wakes up every 3-4 hours :(. I know that some babies are later on that so I hope it’ll get better the next few months (she’s 8 months old). Cause I’m always broken in the morning lol.
    What I also do after prayer I put her to bed and play a song my parents also played for me when I was young.

  37. What a cute post. Thank you for sharing! You are an excellent mother and in no way am I intending on being judgmental or critical, I just want to make this comment that a lot of pediatricians do not recommend having babies sucking on bottles in the crib if you cannot brush their teeth afterwards (like in the middle of the night). Milk contains sugar and just like any sweets can cause tooth decay, especially in baby teeth. But your routine is lovely and good for you that they sleep 12-13, that is a true miracle. It must really work well for them. Good job! xoxo M

  38. Rosie and Atticus are starting to look SO much alike! And I love Rosie’s fluffy hair so much. You guys are seriously the best parents ever, you make me so excited for my twins to arrive!!! And I picked up some Aveeno for them as per your recommendation 🙂 Thank you!


  39. Taking in all the tips before I have my first baby! 🙂 Where did you get those sweats you’re wearing? That look so cozy!!!

  40. Oh goodness they are so adorable, and they look so much alike is so cute. My son has ezcima too so I’m always looking for a good lotion for him. Also can you share where you got the toothbrush from ? Thanks 😉

  41. So adorable as always. Thanks for sharing. Can you please please do a similiar post on your nap time routine/schedule? Thank you!

  42. Aww!! You guys are such great parents, I love your bedtime routine!! Thanks for sharing☺️

  43. Rosie’s eyes look so blue next to that blue blanket.

  44. The song and prayer part was cute 🙂 I like knowing these little things about your family 🙂 Still loving Aveeno. I use their hand cream for eczema and it’s totally worth the 10 bucks for a tube.


  45. I love that you always share what your favorite part of the day was, that’s such a wonderful tradition! And a great way to send the kiddos off to bed with a sweet thought….love it.



  46. Little Rosie’s personality is really starting to shine through and she couldn’t be anymore adorable!! And Atticus’s hair is so cute, love it long. He looks like such a big boy! Thanks for sharing!! Love hearing about your routine and would love to see an updated skincare post!