so i got some glasses…..
do i love them or hate them? 
went to an ugly sweater party. we tried to be all candid and stuff.
remember like a while ago i said “yeahh soo probably dont ask me how many m&m’s are in the jar. ill probably get it wrong.” ? well probably not.
but i have exciting news.
i won the contest!
i was so happy. maybe i am a good judge of numbers! wooo
ugly sweaters.
the best part about az: the oranges.
we have orange trees in our back yard which means endless supply of fresh squeezed orange juice and yummy orange blossoms to sniff at. (my most favorite smell)
oh i just kind of love my new background on my phone is all.
burkey wakes me up with kisses!!!! i love him 🙂
and then he just snuggles me 🙂
hangin out with the fox. but for real we are watching WARRIOR AKA BEST MOVIE!
the boys gave us 30 minutes to get out all of our giggles and playfulness before we started the movie.. 🙂

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  1. yes warrior is SOO good i loved it!! rent it for sure 🙂 and thanks! i was trying to decide if they were cute or not?! haha i am usually a movie nazi too especially during a good movie like warrior so thats why we had to get our giggles out haha. xoxo

  2. I heard Warrior is such a good flick! Renting for sure now. And the glasses…. love.
    And I kind of love that the boys said you have to get wiggles out before the movie. I’m the same way. Movie nazi. We have to WATCH the movie not talk through it. 🙂