David and I just got back from our little Wendover trip I told you about in the previous post. It was honestly the funnest night, I loved it.
I didn’t get to redeem myself in bingo though.. in fact I actually yelled out bingo thinking I had it but turns out you had to get TWO bingos to win… so yeah, I don’t have good luck with bingo.
We ate lots of food and talked for hours about our ‘dreams’… me and David are both big dreamers, we are not realists at all and I really really love it especially since it kinda scares my family when we tell them our outrageous plans for our future. 🙂
 Also, we didn’t win any money…. sad. We hardly spent anything on gambling but what we did spend lasted us hours of going up and down up and down and then we put all our winnings on red in roulette and lost haha but the whole trip was so fun so we didn’t care. Then when we got back on the bus everyone asked, “how did you do?” and David’s response was, “well, we still really love each other”
Its also 4:45am as I write this and I am half asleep, so if none of this makes sense, I apologize.
Anyways here are some pics of my outfit from tonight! I am kind of in love with this Union Jack Flag jacket Windsor sent me and I find that it looks cute with so many things which I actually didn’t expect!
And I threw in some other pics of our night 🙂 and check at the bottom to see if you won the Le Mode Giveaway!
jacket: c/o Windsor / top: thrifted from D.I. / necklace: Nordstrom (old) / pants: c/o Windsor / purse: c/o Rebecca Minkoff / booties: c/o Nine West
 And here are the other
pics from tonight (most done on an iPhone)
Okay so we got to the buffet 10 min before it closed.. she said we could stay and eat as long as we want but we only had 10 minutes to get the food… and this is what the two of us ended up with. I think David ate 7 plates.
The winner for the Le Mode Giveaway is…
YAY!!!! This was totally by random but I am glad you did, happy belated birthday! Email me to get your prize 🙂
Thanks for entering everyone!!!
K time for bed!
I love you all!!!!!

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  1. BABES! Thanks for all your comments! I am such a dummy and can’t figure out how to install a ‘Reply’ button so I can reply individually to all your comments, but I read every single one and love all your sweet words!! xo

  2. The prink on the jacket is gorgeous, and I like how you kept the rest of the outfit toned down and simple. Great look 🙂
    I never win either from gambling either. Bad luck, I guess hah.


  3. Your hubby shaved his head! Ya know, not many guys can pull this off – but I really think it looks good on him. Cute couple.

  4. Oh what fun!!!! Your outfit is adorable and I am so happy you guys had such a great time together!!! Get some rest Beautiful!!!!