Happy hump day!! I feel like an actual camel lately because we have been trying to drink a gallon of water a day and it is more challenging than it sounds, at least for me. Mainly because I forget to drink it so I am hoping soon I will just be in the habit. But also the 118 degree temps are a good reminder haha!

Today I wanted to share two looks from one of my all time favorite brands, Rag and Bone. I have been a long time fan of their jeans and can order any pair in a size 27 and they will fit perfect. I love that their fit is always so good and that they don’t stretch out. The quality is the best and you’ll have them for years and years. The Kensington jean is a pair I have had for almost 4 years and have featured on here dozens of times! The last couple years I have started to order more pieces besides just jeans and I love that they end up being classics in my closet. I have anything from booties to hats to coats. They are all such great quality and the thing that always stands out about their brand is the fit.

Hope you all have a gooood day!!!!

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  1. So obsessed with the jeans and tee look! Plus, your crossbody bag is to die for!

  2. These looks are so pretty! I love the dress! And that is a lovely location as well. Good luck drinking a gallon of water a day! That is so hard to do!
    Courtney //

  3. i have a pair of black highwaisted skinnies from rag and bone i got on sale at Aritizia for $99 and they are the only jeans in my closet i would be sad to lose…i don’t think i will ever get rid of them… they are so soft and supple yet suck you in and lift and tone…theyre just perfect!!!

  4. Loving this looks. I’ve never purchased anything by Rag & Bone-though I find many items appealing. Glad to know you think highly of the brand-including their boots (because I have seen a pair I love). Hope drinking a gallon of water gets easier for you. It’s a hard habit to start, but your body feels much better once you do. Stay cool in the heat!

  5. That checkered dress is so cute! and that’s so neat that you found a brand that you can always order the same size jeans and they fit, so jealous!


  6. Careful that you don’t deplete electrolytes and nutrients drinking that much water. it can really have an averse effect on your system, especially if your sweating a lot in the heat.

  7. I NEED those yellow sandals! Seriously SOOOO cute!



  8. I like everything except for the sandals. I like the color just not that style. I feel like I would be clunking around in those things and they would make my feet look big! Lol!

  9. I was looking at that dress the other day! I love how you put a layer under it and wore with white sneakers! I lived in Arizona/Scottsdale area for 20 years! It’s hot! I so miss being so close to CA though! You’ll have to explore out to the petroglyphs past Fountain Hills, it’s a little cooloer up there and huge rocks to climb! Definitely climb Camelback Mountain too💕
    xx Tammy

  10. As soon as I saw the hat I fell in love, clicked on the link and -of course- it’s Rag & Bone. Their hats are always the best! So cool and edgy.Too bad the price is so high, but always good to keep an eye on during Sale!

  11. I’m so happy you moved to AZ! As much fun as it was seeing all the Hawaii posts I can’t wait to see all the fun things you get up to here in the Valley! Could you do a blogpost soon of things you do to pass all the time while its literally death outside? Have a wonderful evening and day and take a sip of water now! haha.. Might have to try that challenge for myself!

  12. I have been OBSESSED with rag&bone for years. All of their stuff is such great quality and so so amazing. I agree completely when you say that every item is a classic! Their basic tees are my go to… especially in that Arizona heat!

    1. She took the ones with the color walls in Scottsdale about 1/2-1 south of the Scottsdale mall! I think they are a set of apartments? I drive by them all the time and have always thought that when Amber finally moves back to AZ I bet ya 2:1 that she is going to take pictures there haha 🙂

  13. Omg, 118?! Is it dry heat at least? I hope! You look awesome in both looks. Love your sunnies– they are fierce! I use myfitnesspal to track my food, but it also tracks your water, too! If you wanted to do that!

  14. I love those platform espadrille sandals! I’ve been seeing a lot of platforms lately and it makes me so excited. They were such a fun type of shoe to wear in the 60’s and 70’s. Definitely getting myself a pair.

    Fashion Blog

  15. Looove the second outfit ❤ You look great!I’m just kidding. I know you love to hear everyone kissing your ass so I’m writing this because you wouldn’t post my comment anyway. So your husband’s brother died and you post and make sute everyone is checking out your stupid clothes and fake face and then you said that his brother commented on your blog. Yeah, ok, he was cute but please don’t be so fucking stupid woman and make publicity for your blog this way. Everything sould be about you?

    Xx ❤ Mya

    1. Do you think you are any better posting such nasty and inconsiderate remarks!?!? You have no idea how or what she may be doing to mourn in her private life. This is a part of her career and just like others, we all have to get back to our lives and this includes our jobs. Unfortunately the world nor time stops in even tragic situations and like the rest of us Amber and David have to fulfill their obligations published calls while they may be crumbling inside. I don’t know who left you in charge to police others, how they react, live and carry on in life. If you are not interested in the content of her blog, then just stay away and more importantly, if you cannot say any nice or supportive then simply move on and keep your horrible comments to yourself!

    2. If anything is unkind it’s that you pointed out the passing away of her brother in law. That is her and his business to tell and that should not come out of anyone else’s mouth especially someone not grieving for him. Amber has done nothing wrong and even if you dislike her have some respect for her husband and his family.

    3. I have never posted anything to any blog or commented online to anything in my life but I strongly felt the need to comment on the ridiculously rude, inconsiderate, clearly envious jerk above! How dare you try and bring someone down period not to mention what they are going through in their personal life. Do you have that much time on your hands that you can go around posting rude and negative garbage! Why are you constantly checking out her blog if you hate her so much?! You are a sorry excuse for a human and karma will bite you in the ass one day. We all lose loved ones “Mya”. Lastly, learn how to spell.

    4. Sponsored posts are shot and written weeks before they go live. They have to be submitted for approval and have specific live dates. When I found the news I tried to break as many social obligations as possible. This is my job and it did pain me to have to post this knowing I would receive hateful comments such as yours. We are very broken hearted and this comment was very hurtful.

  16. Okay LOVE how you shot this post!! Seriously so cute and colorful! Also love Rag & Bone, both of these looks are so cute!!

    Lauren Lindmark |

  17. I’m super impressed you’re drinking a gallon a day!! Where did you take these?!! So pretty!!

  18. I love Rag and Bone too! Also the place you took these photos at is just amazing! Good luck with drinking a gallon a day! I think I might try doing that as well. I often forget to drink enough water through out the day. xoxo!


  19. Is there any way you can post the link to your sunglasses?? If not no worries 😉

    1. Yeah! The first pair the black one is Karen Walker! The second pair I wore with the jeans are Anine Bing!

  20. Love your style but also the landscape. What you do to find these beautiful places?
    Would love if you checked out my blog. It’s all about fashion, lifestyle, food, books….
    See you there! And I hope you liked it!

  21. It’s so true about their pants not stretching! I have a pair that were a bit too tight when I bought them but they were the last pair and I loved them so I thought oh well they will stretch out and fit perfectly…nope! I have to squeeze them on if I want to wear them lol Ugh that heat… my brother is in Arizona too and the pool and river are life savers. Hope you’re having a fun week 🙂