Barefoot BlondeDRESS (in tutorial): ASOS Last Season (Similar here) // LIPSTICK: MAC Snob

I finally got around to making a tutorial for this hairstyle I wore in London recently – you can see the whole post with the hairstyle, here! And you can watch the tutorial below or by going to my YouTube channel, here.

Have a good weekend!!!

Photos from Twisted Fishtail Tutorial

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  1. Love this braid! The video is great too! Keep up all the hair do’s while traveling!

    xoxo Carissa Owens
    One World State of Mind

  2. I loved this video. And by “this,” I mean “all” of your videos. I’m very inspired by your braids and have been practicing them. I come across one problem though – that my baby thin hairs in the front of my head make it look like I have bald areas when I dutch near the front (nearly every style requires this). My solution is to use a matte eyeshadow and fill in the “bald” areas. Check it out:

  3. Hi! I am in love with this hair style!! Unfortunately, I do not have long enough hair for it. You mentioned that you use hair extensions. Do you have any suggestions on where I should purchase them from?

  4. I absolutely love this hair style! I did it with the help of my roommate for my trip to Crater Lake in Oregon this past weekend. The pics came out absolutely beautiful. I have extremely thick and long hair and when I found your instagram account on my popular page I realized I’m not using my hair to its full potential! I’ve been receiving so many amazing comments from friends lately about my newfound love for braids. I owe it to your blog!

  5. I love this! I pulled it off but.. 🙁 when it came to the fish tail like I walked out my house got on the city bus then got to school and realized as the was rising how frizzy my hair was. Like what can I do about that? or What can I buy for my hair to help it out? because Im really staying away from hot irons but, please if you may tell me? I have thick long hair.

  6. hello amber, ı’m following you from Turkey. I loved your family. I hope you and your family will be happy forever. 🙂

  7. Great video! Very easy to follow and less complicated than it looks. New favorite beauty blogger:)

  8. This hairstyle really rocks! 🙂 🙂 I am eying up with this hairstyle of yours for some time now, and on Friday finally after work I decided to copy your style! Thanks fro sharing! I did know I had that much hair! and it just looked incredible! Though my only question is…how could you just pull your hair back/out when you have done the fishtail? My hair did not want to come out easily…so did not get this super messy and loose look.

    1. Thanks so much Sonja!! I am so glad you tried it out!! I bet it looked gorgeous 🙂 And for the fishtail, make sure you don’t tie the bottom before pulling it apart, then the hair is loose enough to move about!! xo

  9. Thank you for posting such detailed tutorials; I love trying each new braid you post!
    As someone with dark brown/black hair and no highlights, most braids don’t show up as well as I’d like. Do you have any suggestions for how to fix that or any creative ways to make them show up a little bit better?
    Many thanks!

  10. I recently purchased the canon 5d mark iii and I absolutely love your blog and photos and I was hoping you could tell me what lens(es) you use with it? Thanks

    1. I am soo sorry I am just seeing this 🙁 My favorite lenses are: 24-70, 50mm, 20mm, and 200mm. How are you liking the camera?! xo

  11. Thank you for this awesome tutorial! I went to a wedding this weekend and did this on my sister. Everyone loved it!

    1. Aww thank you for watching!! and no way?! Yay!! That makes me so happy!! Tag me if you put it on Insta so I can see! xo

    1. Thanks so much!! That is so nice of you!! Thank you for following along! xo

    1. Lots of practice is all 🙂 But thank you so much!! That is so sweet!! xo

    1. Thank you!! I am so happy to hear that!! I checked out your blog, and your hair looks AMAZING!! I loved it 🙂 You are gorgeous!! xo

    1. Braids, yes!! I love sleeping with braids in overnight with wet or dry hair!! It will create natural heatless waves!! 🙂

  12. I have been patiently waiting for this tutorial. So GORGEOUS!! Thank you, you are awesome!

  13. uhhh you did that WITHOUT a mirror??? haha seriously, #skills. I loveeee braids and I love your easy tutorials! fishtail braids are one of my favorite! and your hair is so long and thick with those extensions, it looks so good!

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Aww you are the best!! Thanks so much!! I am so glad you liked the video yay!! xo

  14. Gorgeous! I know you don’t have curly hair, but would you recommend people with curly hair straighten in before they braid or just run their hands through to smooth it? The curls are always a struggle when trying new styles!

    1. mine can be kinda curly sometimes! I always straighten mine a little bit before I do a hairstyle so it’s smooth 🙂 just my opinion! not sure what Amber thinks!
      xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    2. I agree with Candace below!! It will definitely help to have it straight, and the look of the braid will be different 🙂 It works both ways though!! I hope you give it a try!! xo

    1. Thanks so much!! I am happy you liked it 🙂 I could never get myself to either!! Even though there are so many cute short haircut inspirations 🙂

    1. You are the best!! Thanks Adri!! (P.S. I use extensions, you can always try it with some to add extra length!!) xo

  15. Hi Amber, I love the tutorial. Would you please do a tutorial for the baseball tee post!

    1. Thank you Christine!! I am so happy you liked it!! And I will keep that in mind, thanks!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Courtney!! I am so glad you liked it!! I hope you try it out!! xo