I have a tutorial for the Twisted Braid today! It is so so fast which is what I like most about it.. I love doing fishtails but they just take so long!
My husband made me a studio for doing my tutorials so now I have better lighting and a white wall instead of sitting on a chair in my bathroom with paint chips coming off the wall haha.
So hope you enjoy!
My lipstick in these pictures and in the tutorial can be found: here
The color is called ‘Vicious Violet’


Photos from Twisted Braid Tutorial

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  1. I’ve never been able to braid my own hair & today, thanks to your tutorial, I was able to replicate a version of this braid on myself. I started giggling like a school girl.

    I have really thick, wavy hair – so it was a little tricky and didn’t turn out exactly like yours (much messier, and didn’t hold as well). Do you have any hair styles or suggestions you could share for ladies with thick, wavy, long hair?

  2. Can’t wait to try this out! I love an easy hairstyle that looks complicated :). Thanks for your tutorials by the way – I feel like so many girls don’t want to share their beauty secrets, so I think it is sooo nice of you to help everyone out and share your tips!

  3. You are so sweet and lovely Amber! Seriously adorable! Love the tutorial! Can’t wait to try out the braid!

  4. My fishtail braids usually end up looking like this, cuz…well…I suck. ahahaha I’ve gotten a lil’ bit better at being patient with my fishtail braid, but this seems like an easy alternative.

    David, you’re a gem! I love your new studio, Amber. 🙂

    More Modern Modesty

  5. Thanks girls I am so glad you guys like it!! I added a link under the pictures for my lipstick!! It is from ASOS its Barry M brand and the color is Vicious Violet! xo

  6. Love this!
    Can’t wait to try it out today!!
    I’m loving that it’s super quick because some days I don’t have time for my hair!