The Twist and Pull Apart How ToToday I am showing you guys how to do this fun, twisted hairstyle that I love! I will be using the Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Dryer from Sally Beauty to diffuse my hair which will help give your hair a really good texture for this style and help to hold the twists together. This is my new favorite blow dryer – it really is SO quiet which is amazing because I am usually blow drying my hair and getting ready during A’s nap times and now it is no problem. Here is the full step by step on how to achieve this look…

1. Apply a generous amount of mousse to wet hair and blow dry the hair using the diffuser.

2. Twist a section from each side of your part and pull back and secure with a bobby pin.

3. Take the remaining hair into two sections and twist them about two – three inches down. (does not matter which direction!)

4. Put both twists together and slide your finger through the middle of both twists and separate the two.

5. Now take your two new sections and twist them, split them in half, and pull them apart just like you did previously.

6. Continue doing that the rest of the way down and then secure with a rubber band.

7. Pull the twists apart to make it appear thicker and fuller and you are done!!

I hope you guys like it and make sure you go get this Ion Whisper Blow Dryer during the month of November so you can get your free tote and gifts! I got the red quilted holiday tote, a brush, Ion glosser and a comb that was much needed! During Sally Beauty’s Thanksgifting event you can receive the tote and your choice of 3 Ion hair care products or Ion Brushes (mix or match) with the purchase of a full size Ion styling tool. There are over 40 other gifts with purchase available this month so make sure you go into a Sally Beauty or shop online and treat yourself! XoBarefoot Blonde

Photos from The Twist and Pull Apart

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  1. Is her hair parted down the middle when she is facing you? I agree – it would be greatly helpful to see a video on how to do this. Very beautiful style! Thank you!


  2. Does the model have a parting down the middle (when she’s facing you) or is it just brushed back with no parting? I agree, a video on how to do this would be greatly helpful. Thanks!


  3. Love this and love your sweater! Where is it from???

    Thank you so much for these amazing tutorials and for sharing your life with us!

    You also mentioned posting a tutorial all about extensions and I can’t wait for that! Any idea when it will be up??

    Check out my Instagram! @amyknotts
    You’re my inspiration! In fashion and beauty and just over all in life. You seem like such a kind person and I really appreciate all the tutorials! I’m hoping to one day have a modeling career aswell.

  4. Super cute, but a video would be BEYOND helpful!!

    Does anyone have a tutorial on how to do this?!

  5. Hey Amber. I adore this hair style, but I’m having a lot of trouble replicating it on my own. My end result looks nothing like yours. Would it be possible to have a few more photos of what the hair looks like during the process (I think my trouble lies around step #4.) or perhaps a video? I noticed some other ladies thinking a video may be helpful to them as well.

    Dying to try this again. Please help!


  6. Hi Amber,

    LOVE your hair blogs & use your tips everyday! I have long hair like you & the one thing I am struggling with is how to do the braids when they are straight down your back. I can do all the braids with no problem when they come over one of my shoulders. But for this one, my arms aren’t long enough to braid it straight down my back without turning it to one side. I usually end up with a big turn in the braid about 5 inches down. Does that make sense?

  7. So pretty! I think a video might be helpful as well but I’ll give it a go 🙂 Also, where did you get that sweater? I love it!

  8. Hi Amber! Are you still using the same extensions as before? Are they from Extend your Beauty or the Euronext brand? And if so what length are they? Thank you!

  9. Hi Amber, Can you make a tuto on how your bleach your hair yourself with the products you use? That would be very helpful! Sometimes, and I speak by experience, it s better to do it yourself than by a hairdresser you don t know!! Many Many thanks. Hope you will answer…

  10. forever wishing my hair was as luscious and full as yours! I’m dying!

    xoxo hails.