Twirls and Curls

It’s Friday! What are your plans this weekend? I want to have a slowwww and uneventful weekend. I know it’s St. Patricks Day tomorrow and I was feeling guilty that I didn’t have anything fun planned for the kids but I think I will do these crafts with them and have Lucky Charms for breakfast and call it good. My parents are taking the kids out for an adventure in the afternoon and David and I might go rock climbing as our work out that day. I want to see Wrinkle In Time but I heard it wasn’t good, did anyone see it and what did you think? I have never seen Oprah in a movie so I honestly am just curious to see her in it!

These pictures are from the other day in the studio at work! I loved this dress and I loved my hair that day so I asked David to snap some pics. I have been reading this month’s book club book and I love it, the book is The Nightingale. I am listening to it on audible and I will probably spend tonight on my couch with my headphones on listening to it. If you haven’t gotten it yet you should hurry and get it because I heard it is going to made into a movie soon and it would be fun if we all read it and then went to see the movie! I want to rent out a theater in AZ and go see it with readers who participated in the book club – so make sure you read it! Also, the podcast this month is the Freakonomics podcast, any episode of your choice.

Podcast & Book Club Update : Freakonomics podcast discussion will take place on the 20th and the book discussion for The Nightingale will be on the 27th. Can’t wait to talk about them with you!


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  1. I read about A Wrinkle in Time being a big disappointment too. I guess there were high expectations especially with the cast, but the one thing I have noticed is that a lot of times when there is a movie with an “All-star cast” it usually isn’t going to be a great movie not all the time but most of the time these types of movies fail to deliver. And the movies that sometimes people have low expectations for usually deliver far better than the movie with high expectations. This isn’t the best example but I remember when Disney’s Pocahontas came out. The Lion King I think came out around that time, I’m not sure because I heard more about the Pocahontas film than The Lion King film back then. Pocahontas was anticipated to be the popular film while The Lion King was not because the main characters were all animals. And personally I think The Lion King far surpasses Pocahontas. Anyway, The Nightingale. Hmm I’ll have to read that sometime along with reading A Wrinkle in Time. I can’t believe I still haven’t read A Wrinkle In Time but I’m going to see if I can try along with a list of other books I need to read also. 🙂

    Boho Chic

  2. SOO in love with your hair in this post! I have been trying to curl my hair lately but it really has not been staying- it just falls back to straight like five minutes after I do it! I definitely need some texturizing spray of some sort to hold it all together. Loved this post!
    Amanda Carmela

  3. Hi amber I was wondering if you guys will be doing any more vlogs? X

  4. If you want to see Oprah in a movie, she is amazing in Selma! Bring tissues haha

  5. Love this dress and your hair! I totally forgot it was st Pattys day so don’t feel guilty for not having much planned! Renting out a theatre sounds so fun! I wish I lived closer!
    Courtney |||

  6. Honest? You haven’t seen The Color Purple? It’s a powerful movie and a real must see! Oprah, heck all the actors, wee well-cast and great.