^^I feel like lately readers are always spotting me taking outfit pics! haha! She was sooo sweet.

DRESS | HEELS | SUNGLASSES (sold out; similar here) | BAG (love this, this, and this one) | EARRINGS | NECKLACE

Hope you all had a good weekend! Today we had dinner at my parents with everyone and both tortoises came out to say hi! We got these tortoises when they were babies forevvver ago and now they are huge! They mostly hide in their big hole they duck in the backyard so the kids were excited to see both of them out. Their names are Chuck and Garson! And today I have a 12 things for ya..

  1. Obsessed with Trader Joes. I know I am late to this obsession but it was never close to us and always crowded in NYC and they don’t have one in Hawaii. So now I get to experience the greatness!!!! I love their pre made meals in the fridge section! also their instant oatmeal is soooo good and way better than the Quaker stuff I have had my whole life.
  2. I am watching Bachelorette – the episode when they are in Denmark and it reminded me of when we announced we were having a girl in Denmark! That was so fun.
  3. Rosie has been saying so many words and it is so funny because she has the cutest voice. I love when she says “what-ever”. Or when she gets mad at Chauncey (he sometimes sneaks the food out of her hands haha and she does not like it one bit!) She says “stop it! chaunce.” with such attitude its so funny.
  4. My sisters told me to download the calm app so I did and I paid for the year long pass (I think its $7.99/month) but its amazing!!!!! It is a meditating app and I love love love it. They have tons of different options like a meditation for more gratitude or to reduce anxiety.. I love it #notsponsored
  5. Rosie scratched my forehead when we were playing and I didn’t think anything of it at the time and then I looked in the mirror and was totally bleeding! I was sitting in the backseat with her and A and a motown classic came on so we were dancing and it got crayy. I hope it doesn’t scar!
  6. David just changed the channel to Veep. Does anyone watch that show? I can’t get into it for some reason.
  7. We are doing a BFB Hair trip to Europe soon and I cannnnot wait! I have a travel bug.
  8. I want to get an outdoor table and spruce up our backyard a bit. Not that we are going to be dining outside anytime soon #118degrees but in a couple months.
  9. You know how in musicals couples will be holding hands walking down the street holding hands and suddenly just start doing the same dance to music? David and I want to have a little jig we do when we want to dance spur of the moment. Like we have our word and if we say it we just bust out into this dance. Does that make any sense?
  10. The Laundress sent us a bunch of their products and wowww I love them!!!!
  11. I still need to unpack from Utah and I do. not. want to. I hate unpacking so so much!
  12. Already trying to think of what we will be for Halloween. I think I have a few fun ideas. I really want to plan a rad Halloween party but then I realized (I have like three friends) haha! But seriously I am mostly with my sisters. I need to meet more people!! Honestly do any other moms feel like they are always TRYING to coordinated plans with someone and it just rarely happens because schedules are so busy? Story of my life.

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  1. I love this dress on you! Especially with those slides. So cute and feminine.
    xx Niki
    TheAndisList.com | @andislist

  2. I love it that you can do more fashion posts now but I miss you Hawaii pictures so so much! All the beachy and salty vibes where just amazing… 🙁
    But I am super happy and exited to see your new house soon and also some more travelling 🙂

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  3. Yes!! You’re not alone. We moved near family too and every time I plan something it’s pretty much family! Which is great but it’s sooo hard to get out and really spend time on friendships with two little kids. Just a stage in life I think! Always looking at it that way and enjoying this stage that will be over too quickly.

  4. I love the calm app!! And yesss, to the trying to coordinate with other mom friends. I also have only 3 friends at most hah ❤️

  5. Calm is my favorite meditation app! I love how many options they offer and I got the year subscription too, so worth the money. Also the dance idea is so cute! Y’all should watch LaLa Land for inspiration. I say watch it while you unpack since unpacking is the worst haha I procrastinate for almost a week when I have to unpack. I have a dirty clothes bag that comes out immediately and everything else is taken out as I need it haha

  6. How did you live without a trader joes?! I love their pre-made meals. The orange and teriyaki chicken are some we cook frequently. Love this dress!


  7. Love your outfit! I have 2 girls (7 and 9) and live in Scottsdale since 6 months. We’re from Europe (Dutchies!) and are here for my husband’s work. Love AZ and love to meet new people (everything here is new for us 😉)

  8. Girl, I feel you about schedules being so busy! It is definitely hard to coordinate hanging out with people. Especially during the summer. I love this dress and the cute mules you paired with it too!


  9. I love the cute things kids say! you kids have such beautiful smiles! I think we make it a priority to spend time with the people we want to have in our lives regardless of the busy schedules. Nothing wrong with that at all….

  10. The scheduling with other moms and never feeling like I have friends is my story! lol I rarely get Out to do stuff and I feel I never have extra time to just hang out and do something for myself! All my friends are either busy, out of state or we just can’t get free time between the both of us! I’m in Gilbert and have kids almost the same age, so if you ever want to get together, I’d love to! I met you at the hair party you had here two months ago! I brought my two kids! My husband has his office above LoLos Chicken and Waffles in downtown Gilbert so I can totally meet up for some ice cream!

  11. Your shoes are so cute! Trader Joes is my favorite for getting fresh affordable fruits and veggies. Their bbq beef is delicious too! Europe sounds super fun especially to promote your business.

    Keri Elaine

  12. Adorable dress! I love how flowy it is. You look gorgeous! Honestly, I would be SO excited if I spotted you out in public, but that will probably never happen unless you come to visit Connecticut, hahaha.

    Simply Lovebirds

  13. I’m in AZ too and I think it’s especially hard to get together with other moms here in the summer because no one wants to take the kids out! I’m definitely looking forward to fall when it’s easier to have play dates.

  14. Ahhh, I’m so excited you’re in Phoenix now! I live in Tucson so I can’t wait to see which places you and David think are great! I tend to love the Chandler/Mesa/Gilbert area 🙂

    As a side note, another Phoenix photographer I love is Jenn Wagner. She is seriously the sweetest, kindest, and most positive soul you’ll ever meet. She has a couple daughters around Atticus and Rosie’s ages! She mainly does weddings, but she also takes gorgeous family photos/candids if you’re exploring different photographers!

    xo, Sofia

  15. Yes yes yes yes and yes. I’m a new mom and I always have these grand ideas in my head about what to do with other moms but then I’m like #naptime it’s hard!! But then I’m also isolated and have 2 friends and one of them is my mom.

    1. My mom is one of my friends too 🤣 I always feel like okay cool so I talked to my mom 10 times today…. where are the friends my age who have kids too and are NOT my mom! lol I love her, but I’m sure you understand! lol

  16. How good is Trader Joe’s?! Just discovered it as well! I love the pre-made meals– especially their brown rice!

    xo Madeline // madelinechadban.com

  17. adorable, cute and funny. I love how real you keep things. Some blogger/insta’s portray this glossy beautiful perfect unrealistic life, and you don’t. You are authentic! And, it makes you so much more wonderfully interesting. 👏🏻❤

  18. Can you post something on how you did this hairstyle!? I absolutely love it


  19. I love Calm. I use it all the time with my students. I’m part of a school initiative to incorporate mindfulness into the classroom. Another good one is Breathe. It’s broken down into focuses and has some that are specifically aimed for kids in kid friendly language.

  20. Love hearing a bit about what is going on in your life. I hate unpacking too. I just got back from New York and unpacked the same day bc I New I wouldn’t until I travels again.

  21. I love Veep! I think it’s funny, but it doesn’t take much to amuse me. I’ve had Halloween on the brain lately too! No kids to dress up yet, but I’m still excited!

  22. So funny! I think as we get older we just end up with our three friends and sisters!!! I love it that way! Plus, I don’t think I would have time to add more! Outdoor table is on my list too! And last, I would lovvvveeeee to see some of your ideas/plans/inspiration… maybe a post??!😉 For your house plans! We are on the fence with building but of course it gets me wanting to think of plans so bad!! Hope everything is well! 💛

    Xox Angela

  23. You mentioned a while back that you wanted to do a party in AZ when you got settled and were wanting to invite some of your fans to meet and have fun!! Are you still thinking of doing that? It would be so fun!

  24. I love your blog and your cute stories about your fam! I work at Nordstrom in Utah and saw you walk through the other day but I was in the middle of something with a cusotmer and couldn’t introduce myself. Maybe I’ll get a chance to say hello next time. 😊

  25. That’s why we have sisters! when our other friends are unavailable, at least one of them will be willing to hang out haha

  26. If Atticus loves yoga (via IG story) you should read him I AM YOGA by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds!

  27. You went to high school with my boyfriend and I’m dying to meet you at the class reunion in October!!! I would love to be your friend!!

  28. I live in Arizona. Married with two kiddos. A 7 year old and 18 month old. Both girls. We could be friends😄

  29. Unpacking is the worst!! I still have Unpack from my latest trip but haven’t yet.. haha love this outfit!!
    Courtney // courtneylivin.com

  30. Just became obsessed with Trader Joe’s as well! 19 cent organic bananas make it worth the trip alone. Plus lots of delicious stuff. You are right or David is that the burritos are delicious. I just tried the frozen macarons… I was skeptical because we are French-American, but they were honestly incredibly delicious and fresh-tasting.

  31. I LOVE Halloween, literally my favorite holiday. 🙂 and you can actually see everyone’s costumes here in Az. If you want to be friends just for Halloween I’m on board. 😉 but I am in Gilbert, not Scottsdale.


  32. Sisters make the greatest best friends. Friends come and go sisters are always there.

  33. If you come to Denmark again on your BFB hair trip let me know! We will take you around! My husband was a geology major at BYU so I even think our hubbies would get along! We’ll show you some cool spots 😆

  34. I LOVE Trader Joe’s!! The closest one to me is 60 miles away but if I am ever in that direction I make a point to pack a cooler & stock up! Am I the only one though that gets overwhelmed by all of the wonderful things? I think if I went more often I’d be more secure ha! Love reading your blog & following along with your family.


  35. Omg YES about the friends/sisters thing. Why is it so hard to get together with friends and so easy with your sisters? Story of my life too. Which is why I want to have a lot of kids because it’s basically giving your family built in friends for life.

  36. I feel so bad because I never comment on here but I’m always reading your posts!!! you look adorable in that blue dress with your sunglasses. hope you guys are staying cool in the arizona heat. also, I’ve never seen Veep, but I am excited for Game of Thrones to come back on in a couple days. Do you and David still watch it?

  37. I love that dress! 😻😻Thanks for suggesting the calm app! I need to work on my anxiety and have been considering meditation—so I’ll look into it! A Halloween party sounds so fun, and if I was in Arizona, I’d want to be friends with your whole family and come it it. Haha! Take care!

  38. I would gladly help you unpack anytime haha I kind of find it realxing for a weird reason.

  39. So Cute!! Do you think you will vlog your trip to Europe or anything soon? I miss and love you vlogs so much!!

  40. Hey Amber! You may have seen my Instagram comment but I have been following you for years & LOVE your little family! I have a ton of experience with kids (obviously I can provide references) and was looking into being a full-time summer nanny or a nanny for people while on vacation, etc. I figured I may as well reach out because it seemed like something you would appreciate (I know in Hawaii you met with people from Instagram/you’re always looking for recommendations from us just like friends :)). Anyways, before this gets too long, just thought I would put the idea out there. You inspire me!


  41. Super cute dress! I love when you say 12 random things, especially when they are completely unrelated and in the moment.

  42. First of all, that dress is definitely twirlable! I love all the movement and the loose fit. Also, thanks for suggesting the Calm App! I’ve been looking for a good meditation app, so I’ll have to check it out.


  43. i mean… if your forehead does scar, you will totally match Harry Potter… is that ever a bad thing?! 😉

    You inspire me to travel, wear clothing that makes me feel awesome, and to just live in the moment! Thanks for blogging!

  44. You’re so dang cute!!! But lady seriously let’s hang out!!!!

  45. Haha the last one is so accurate it hurts! I’m pretty sure my girlfriends and I (who all have kids around the same age) have been trying to set up plans to get together for the last three months! #momlife 😛

    Carly http://www.frecklesandcheeks.com

  46. Love these photos!! + I need to know – who are you rooting for on the bachelorette?! #teampeter all the way! 😂😜❤️

  47. First of all, your earrings and shoes are to die for! So cute.
    And second, I recently discovered Trader Joe’s myself and am now obsessed. I always knew people loved it but the closest store is not that close to me. But now that I’ve seen the light….yes, it’s sooo worth the trip every time!


  48. In love with that dress! But unfortunately not for my student budget 😅 And I am really excited for you guys to come to Europe! Will there also be a stop in Germany? Xx

  49. This dress is so fun, I don’t think I would ever stop twirling around haha! You look gorgeous 🙂 Love these little “life thoughts” lists you do every once in awhile! I love Trader Joe’s and the Calm app!

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

  50. I’m the same way with friends! I don’t have kids but literally only have like 2 or 3 good friends who I want to see. Lol. It makes planning parties a little challenging.


  51. i love how you did your hair – simply gorgeous! that dress looks stunning on you so pretty. love it!

  52. So badly have been wanting to hear Rosie talk!! Please share on your insta stories 💗