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Twelve things.

  1. I love little dates with my boy. I love sitting across from him and watching him eat his food and occasionally look up to tell me something.
  2. We found a new speech therapist for Atticus and I am so happy about her. She is so wonderful. We met her on the subway randomly, and I can’t stop thinking about how random things like that happen and end up leading to such great things! Isn’t it so weird how little decisions (like deciding to take the subway that day) lead to bigger picture life events…. its just weird when I think about it.
  3. Rosie is into the one leg crawl while the other just slides across the floor and its so funny.
  4. I botched Atticus’ hair.. clearly I haven’t cut hair in a while. I saw a guy on the street with the exact (botched) hair cut and it just really hit me how bad it is haha.
  5. Loving this song and this song.
  6. Atticus is (almost) potty trained and he did it all himself. I wasn’t pushing it yet but I would turn the corner and see him on the pot going to the bathroom! He loves it.
  7. I am really going to miss going to the corner store and getting 3 dozen roses for $23
  8. Atticus could sit in the sink with a cup and the faucet running for hours. Makes getting ready easy.
  9.  Rosie loves to crawl under the coffee table or in the TV console .. or inside of anything!
  10. Finally back to the point where I crave working out. It took 3 months to get to this point but I am happy to be back to craving it.
  11. We finally caved and watched Stranger Things on Netflix and it is sooo good. We only finished the whole season in like.. (not gonna say). But its really good and I can’t get over how much talent those little kids have!! Such amazing actors.
  12. I wore two hairstyles last week. One of them I left in for 3 days straight and then I wore these braids for 4 days straight. Is that not disgusting? Didn’t even wanna deal with it.



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  1. Oh my goodness having a blog and family similar to yours is my goal when I grow up!! Where are your camo leggings from that you wore in your snapchat a few days ago? They are so cute!! I would love it if you did a tutorial on your wavy hair or some ideas for excecise or lazy day outfits! Also your hair that you wore a few weeks ago when wearing the green camo top. It was like a half up half down that evolved into a braid. Haha so many requests but I just love all of your looks so so much!!

  2. Atticus and Rosie are the cutest!!!!!! Your makeup always look so good. I was wondering what your favorite lip stick brands are and how you get your lip stick to stay on. I have tried various lip gloss/tints/lip stick and nothing ever stays on my lips.

  3. Also, I’m so happy you’re coming back to AZ! I’ve lived in AZ since I moved to the U.S. from the country of Romania aka Vampire Land. You guys should visit the Dracula Castle next time you’re in Europe 🙂 also, please please please stop by Flagstaff when you move back ! NAU loves you!

  4. I love what a patient lady you are. It seemed to me that you have found the perfect balance between everything in your life. I’m really trying to learn from you and apply it to my college experience haha love everything you are wearing in these pictures by the way (as usual), and the fact that you adore roses. They’re literally my favorite flower !

  5. Can’t get over how adorable Rosie is. You have some great camera skills! Please come to Canada and do a meet and greet!

  6. hey amber 🙂 i just realized you all are moving on December 1st!!! i would love to know what it is like living in NYC. and also the reason for yall moving. where are yall moving again? also, tip would be appreciated on how to start a fashion blog! my friend anna and i are starting one.

  7. Hi !
    I wrote to you on your snapchat cause I really love the ponytail that you do to Rosie, I wanted to know what kind of band do you use, I have a 5 month baby girl and I would love to do that !
    Thank you

  8. Hiii…. i have been following you since last year and i am so obsessed with all your family because I just started my own last February… it is really encouraging to see how a mom of two has all the time to do all the things you do… hope you can help on writing a post on how you got Rosie to sleep all night long and how you managed to stop breastfeeding… mine is 7months old and still won’t sleep all night. And I cant make him to drink his bottle instead of breastfeeding… hope you can help… xoxo from Mexico

  9. Stranger things? Omg! Me and my husband finished it in like 5 seconds. Craving season 2! Also if you like the majestic channel on YouTube you should try the channel “the sound you need”! It’s also chill electronic 🙂 you and your fam are adorable and I always look forward to your posts! Xo

  10. Hi, where are your track pants from in these photos? Really like them and have been chasing ones like these for ages.

  11. I love how you met the speech therapist on the subway!! When things happen like that it really is remarkable and makes you realize how many good people there really are in the world! I need to get into the Stranger Things- I’ve heard nothing but awesome things!
    xx Tess |Sequins are the New Black

  12. Omg.. I’m obsessed with stranger things!! I would catch myself yelling at the tv..?? I can’t wait for season two ( till next year?)… Atticus and Rosie are growing so fast, but they’re so cute!❤️

  13. Maybe this is weird to ask, but David’s hair looks great and awhile back he was basically bald. What did he use/do to get his hair to grow?

  14. What a great idea for a post! I love those hairstyles, still not sure if I could pull them off with my curly hair though, haha. Isn’t Stranger Things the best? I will admit we finished half in one night and watched the other half the next afternoon!

  15. haha – such a fun post! i loooove that u tell us stuff like nr. 12 – you are just awesome! 😉
    and stranger things was really so soooo good – can’t wait for the second season… 🙂


  16. I love little posts like this…and the part about Atticus and the hair cut, hahaha! Oh well he still looks cute you can’t even tell!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  17. I seriously think about the whole “if I didn’t do this, then I wouldn’t have gone here, and this great thing wouldn’t have happened” thing all the time!! Crazy how certain things in our lives work out 🙂

  18. This is such a down to earth, real goings on in your life. I love it! Especially inasmuch as the 3/4 day hair styles. You’re so glamorous and yet raw at the same time, it’s the struggle. Find myself going through, you clearly have it down though. Btw, I’m a long-time blog “creeper”, if u will. I always get my hair style ideas from you and I’ve learned so much! First time commenter. I love hoe you are so real and I will continue to read and follow your splendid life! Thanks for always being truthful when sharing.
    All the best, Veronica

  19. I totally understand #12 ?? I’m in college right now and there are days where I’m too lazy or too busy to do anything with my hair so I’ll just leave it up and not touch it for days haha! And getting to the point where working out becomes a craving is the best feeling! It took me a month but I absolutely love working out now more than ever before. It definitely took some time, and there were days where I forced myself to get out of bed and not be lazy LOL but it’s totally worth the hard work! I absolutely love your family ? Can’t wait for you next post ? (PS – I just started watching Stranger Things too and I’m hooked!)

  20. Okay, I am THE BIGGEST baby about scary movies/shows/books, I watched the first 5 mins of stranger things and turned it off! Haha! Is it really bad? I want to watch it if it’s good, but not if its freaky!

  21. I love reading your random thoughts! It’s so real and pure. Glad that you found a speech therapist you guys like. I’m amazed your hair will stay in place without looking ratted for that many days…..that’s a blessing
    Carly at

  22. Gahhhhhhhhh!!!! I love how honest you are about everything, I too, once went a week without washing my hair, it came to the point where it was 99.9999% dry shampoo and .0001 hair. I had a fairly good excuse though, but its nothing to worry about, we are just letting the essential oils soak up. LOL.

  23. You guys are the cutest! I love that you jot these things down to look back at later on. I can’t believe sweet Rosie is already crawling, before you know it she will be running everywhere. Hope you guys are well! I was hoping to run into you guys while in NYC this past weekend, maybe next time!


  24. Your posts are always so lovely and warm and welcoming. Its lovely to read about your precious family. I love sitting around the table with my nephew – every so often he will chatter away and share his little thoughts. Xx

    Best wishes…
    Keep Calm and start writing –

  25. I love how openly you talk about Atticus going to speech therapy (while also keeping his privacy in the details). I’m also a speech therapist and I didn’t quite fully understand what it was like for the moms who’s children I was working with until I also became a mommy. It made me a better SLP to take my little one to play group and be thinking, “oh wow little Sally already uses three word sentences” when mine only knew some single words. It really opened my eyes to the feelings of isolation and judgment some of my moms had been experiencing because of their child’s speech delay. I really hope both you and Atticus bond and mesh well with your new SLP and that he can continue to grow! I love hearing him telling his “stories” in your videos, and that you guys always respond to him to encourage him to keep talking practicing his speech!

  26. Love this!! My kiddos and your kiddos are so similar!! Especially the sink play, dont you love that?! (boy and girl too 🙂 )

  27. So cute! Haha is it bad that I can’t tell that Atticus’ haircut is botched?

  28. Hi Rosie! My son is about the same age as Atticus… We recently received the diagnosis of Autism, level two… We are in speech therapy as well, and it’s going so very well… please let me know if you ever want to talk to someone who’s son is in speech therapy as well!

  29. Amber you HAVE to watch parenthood on Netflix!! It’s the best show!?

  30. Love this post! Your little babies are growing up so fast!! I just watched your new DIY video about the garland in your nursery – I absolutely LOVE that cloud mobile!! Did you make that too? I’d love to know how you made it, or where you found it. xoxo

  31. We are waiting to start the Netflix series because we know it will take over our lives!! Haha We are coming to NYC in December and are so very excited. Any fun things you recommend? Love from Texas!

  32. I loved this concept of 12 things!! I adore your blog and vlogs!! I think you will love Arizona, we lived there for 6 years before moving back to Texas to be closer to our families but Scottsdale we plan to return as soon as we can! Love Skott – Wolf now following on Spotify!! Also, my hubby and I binged on Stranger Things and watched the entire season last Sunday evening! LOL

  33. I can’t wait to see how Atticus speech sessions go 🙂 Also, I’m psyched that you guys watched Stranger Things. Generally, it’s not in a style that I enjoy. Like I love sci-fi but I didn’t like the whole 90s old-school country town vibe but it definitely was well written and well-acted. Another recent sci-fi show that I like on Netflix is Sense8! Check out the trailer or watch an episode! Lost is also a good “old-school” one.

  34. OMG this is one of my favorite posts ever… it’s so cute!! Stranger Things was amazing and I’m so upset that we have to wait basically a whole year for another season. Also same with the hair-if it looks good still though it’s hard to find motivation to wash it lol
    xo, Megan

  35. Aw my daughter crawls the same way! Like a little crab haha. It makes me laugh so hard. Love your family ❤️

  36. Hi amber! Love your posts! 🙂 Me and my husband are coming to NYC the 2nd weekend of October and I was wondering what you would suggest would be some top things to do while we’re there! We’ve never been and will only be there a couple of days! Would love to hear from a local 🙂 thanks for sharing!!!

  37. Such a cute post! Love your random thoughts! I’ve been putting off watching Stranger Things because I’m weirdly excited about it and know I’ll watch it in like a day and don’t want it to be over yet. How weird is that? Haha!

  38. Hahaha, love the last two. My husband and I can’t find the time to figure out what’s for dinner, but we sure as hell can get through an entire TV series in 3/4 of an evening!!! Priorities!!

    With Love,

  39. I love the joy, simplicity, and gratitude exemplified in this post! Everything from growth through speech therapy, to haircuts and flowers. A beautiful window into real life.

  40. I love when random life events happen! Every time they do, it makes it feel like life isn’t so random, and more like there is a plan and things are destined to happen, and that’s the best feeling. Also, exactly how scary was Stranger Things? It was recommended to me a few times, but I’m the type that can’t even watch the news, let alone a crafted horror series, so I’m interested, but also terrified :-\ And girl how did you get those braids to stay for 4 days?!?! lol I feel like my hair gets messed up just by looking at it! *laugh/crying face* I can’t imagine getting it to be have while asleep!!

  41. Amber, you are such a light. Thank you for sharing with us! So happy to hear about the new speech therapist that you love for A, and also that he is now potty trained! That’s wonderful! What a little smartie. Your posts and photos truly make my days brighter. Sending so much love to you and yours. ??

  42. This post was great!

    I am so happy to hear you found a good speech therapist, and my son crawls into anything and everything too! haha

    xx Bree |

  43. Bad hair cuts happen so often with kids.. in my case is because they won’t stop moving. “Hold still” is a foreign language for them…
    We’re starting Stranger things tonight!

  44. I love this blogpost so much, it made me smile so big, first thing in the morning after a weird nightmare. You’re such a good person and you put so much love and happiness into the world, into my life. Thank you for being you, thank you for sharing your family, your life, positivity and joy.
    A lot of love,
    Swann xx

  45. Such an amazing milestone with the potty and it’s a miracle and blessing that you’ve found the therapist on such a random place! Much love to you and your family!

    1. I have more hair than anyone on the planet and wash it once a week, but you’d never be able to tell. Thankful for that!! Your hair looks great with waves, BTW.

      How about an update on Chauncy? Where’s he been this Summer?