Homemade Spicy Hot Cocoa


Now that it’s Christmas time, there are so many things my family and I look forward to like going to the ballet, ice skating, Christmas parties, Christmas movies, and playing in the snow with our golden retriever! One of my all-time favorite things to do this time of year you can do from anywhere in the world… make homemade hot chocolate!

I love making it whether homemade whether we’re having a Christmas party at our home, or my husband just came in from shoveling our driveway. Here’s a recipe to a spicy homemade hot cocoa!

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Baking & Spices
4 oz Bittersweet chocolate
¼ tsp Chili powder
½ tsp Cinnamon powder
1 tbsp Cocoa powder
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1 Cinnamon stick

½ Can condensed milk sweetened
4 Cups whole milk

1/3 Cup hot water


1. Add chocolate to crockpot

2. Melt chocolate on low in crockpot

3. Add water, whole milk, condensed milk and the spices

4. Stir thoroughly

5. Let cook on low for 2 – 3 hours

Note that the cocoa is very rich so once I took it out of the crock pot and made individual servings, everyone added a splash of milk to their glass to their liking! I hope you get a time this season to snuggle up with loved ones in Christmas jammies and a cup of hot cocoa!!

Article and images by Kylie Thompson. To view more content by Kylie you can visit her instagram here

Meet Kylie

Hey there! I’m Kylie; a 25-(ish)-year-old photographer enjoying life with my husband and fluffy golden retriever.

If we sat down for a cup of tea and macarons, I would tell you that I believe laughter and dancing around your house lip-syncing to Whitney Houston can cure almost any sadness. I’m passionate about family, travel, writing, and photography. I love using my camera to capture the sweet moments of beautiful souls like YOU.

When I’m not working, I’m enjoying the shoreline of Lake Michigan in rain, shine, and snow, or snuggling with my husband and golden.

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