As I grow up my views on things change. Obviously, everyone’s do. One thing I have focused a lot on lately is only having good, positive people who truly want the best for me in my life. It is hard sometimes to let people go but a while ago when I heard something a friend did for me, I decided those were the kind of people I want to hold close to my heart.
The story I heard is this:
Buncha chicks are at dinner (I like the term chicks these days?)
Some of the girls, who I don’t know, start saying things about me.
My friend defends me.
Some chick keeps blabbing on.
So my friend stands up and says, “uh, you’re a bitch”
Conversation ends.
 Sorry but, that is awesome. (children, I don’t encourage swearing, ever 🙂 haha) but I do encourage sticking up for your friends. Seriously, hearing she stuck up for me even though she was the only one in a group doing so, made me feel so dang good and I knew she would be my friend for life. I would rather have 3 amazingly loyal and true friends than a million caddy, insecure friends. Which is really what it comes down to, we say mean things when we need to feel better about ourselves. Of course I will always be nice to those girls, we all say mean things sometimes, I know I have, and we can always forgive each other for that but that doesn’t mean they have to be a part of our lives.
Anyways, this is one of my little gems that is so close to my heart and pics of her baby shower from this past weekend! Her husband rented out a beach house in Huntington for us to have it at and stay at for the weekend and even surprised her with a new car 🙂 she deserves it.

Me and Sheridan

Sheridan and her sissy Mekenna

Share bear and her niece kissing little baby Kannon

Share and her mama. Now you know where she gets the good genes.

Us and our loves.

The whole gorgeous group

Papa bear Adam lovin on his SON!

So crazy that my best friend from junior high and high school is having a baby!! I still can’t believe it! 3 of my best friends have babies now. Its wild.

See Sheridans blog: here

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  1. Such a cute post 🙂

    Could you repost the link to Sheridan’s blog? I would love to check it out!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. ok so I have recently come to same conclusions with friends haha you only need the ones that really love you!! I used to care so much about all those other ones and now I couldn’t care less!! Weed the bad ones out i say!
    love you girl!!
    XOXO Cara

  3. love having great friends. as we get older it is more difficult so the more you have the luckier you are! These are great baby shower photos!