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TOP: c/o Lovers + Friends (matching shorts: here) / BLAZER: Shopbop

BRACELETS: c/o Mali Beads / JEANS: Rag & Bone / SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell

 BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile / NECKLACE: c/o Vanessa Mooney

I havent bought a pair of blue jeans in ages.. (with the exception of a pair I got from F21 2 years ago that have a broken zipper) its always been black jeans or gold jeans or printed pants but for some reason never basic blue jeans? My husband pointed this out to me and I hadn’t even realized, so I finally bought some. I always thought I would only be able to wear J Brand since they fit me like a glove and I am tall so its hard finding jeans that fit me good but these Rag & Bone jeans just sang to me.

I am finally back in Utah and ended up coming back a little bit early! I missed my husband and Chauncey way too much! I consider myself an independent person.. I prefer to do things alone – I went to Fiji for 7 weeks with no one I knew beforehand and France 7 weeks alone.. go to movies alone.. shop alone.. etc. but now that I am married everything is more fun with my sidekick. We are trying to figure out where we will travel next.. we don’t have flight benefits anymore (working for JetBlue was a major pay cut for me and ended up not being worth the benefits like I thought it would be.. I am so not keen on flying standby and three jobs was too much) but we are thinking China or Thailand! Which do you think?!

I also have the winner of the Ray Ban giveaway!!! The winner is…

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Thanks so much to everyone who entered and as always thanks for stopping by- I have another good giveaway coming soon!


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  1. I live in Thailand and I definitely recommend it! Gorgeous islands, forests, mountains, and bustling Bangkok – it has everything! Also it’s very cheap and people are so friendly and it has delicious food. I love it here, and there are plenty of less touristy places to go, or just come during a slower season and there will be fewer tourists and everything will be discounted! Vietnam is beautiful too but I’d say not as friendly, and unfortunately tourists getting robbed has become pretty common. I haven’t been to china but I hear a lot of complaints about the pollution – maybe check into that first and see which months are the least smoggy!

    1. Aw thank you so much for the recommendation!!! So jealous you live in Thailand!!! xo

  2. I started with? this new program as many people say they are getting results. has anyone else heard of this:?

  3. Refreshing to hear you like to do things alone too! We would get along haha… I was starting to wonder if I was anti social because I prefer to do all shopping by myself!

    1. Haha seriously I wondered for the longest time what was wrong with me, I always preferred to do things alone!! Glad we are the same! I am sure we would be good friends 🙂

  4. Love your blog! You and you family are adorable! China and Hong Kong are amazing! We just got back from Costa Rica and loved it as well (and it was reasonable)! Good luck on planning your next adventure!

    1. Thank you so much!! Sounds like you travel a lot, that is so awesome!! Yeah we are thinking China! And so funny we are going to costa Rica next year! My husband’s parents are currently living there so we are planning to go out and visit!! xx

  5. hey amber! you look awesome as always, plus those jeans are great… i have a little suggestion if you want to travel- you can get an entire apartment, or just a room, etc- for SO much cheaper than a hotel- plus (depending on the place ha) it’s probably a lot nicer and more homey than some hotel. just a thought- i’ve been DYING to travel more lately, and my friend told me about that…. xoxox

    1. Teddy thank you so much!!! And oh my gosh yes we use airbnb religiously!! Thats what we used in St. Croix and stayed in an apartment with a fully stocked fridge for $35 a night!! It was so great! Thanks girl!!

  6. I visited both Vietnam and Thailand and I would vote Thailand but you can’t really go wrong! That area of the world is just amazing 🙂

    1. Really?! Ah yeah it just looks so beautiful and I want to ride an elephant reeeeaaally bad!! Thanks for your recommendation Amanda!

  7. Love love love these jeans on you! I actually just bought my first pair in years yesterday (what a coincidence). Ummm next time you’re in AZ you need to do a meet-and-greet! At Sweet Cakes. With frosted sugar cookies. Yum.

    1. Seriously such a coincidence!! So funny! And yeah thats a good idea I would love to meet all you cute girls and why not stuff our faces with sugar cookies while we are at it?! xx

      1. So hopefully you see this but I am thinking about being an au pair for a few months and I know you did that in France. I am actually deciding between France, Italy and Emgland. I love love to travel and go with my friends a lot- do you think being an au pair was worth it or should I just travel with friends? I just want someone’s opinion whose been there. Thanks girl! xx

        1. Hey girl! There are definitely pros and cons – I ended up not getting paid my last two weeks like they agreed to, it was a big mess but I got to stay in their home for free and eat their food and be in a beautiful place! So overall I would say it is worth it! But I will say I prefer to travel and not have to work ya know?! But I was super tight for money so traveling and being an au pair at the time was my only option really!

          1. Thank you! So much to consider and it’s nice hearing it from someone whose done it. Have a great day!

  8. Another fun outfit I love on you!! I am so happy for you and your husband traveling and enjoying life together is Amazing!!! So wish me and my husband would had done more of this before we started having our daughter’s ha ha! Enjoy yourselves as much as you possibly can and I hope you have a blast on your next trip away!!! : ) Have a Great day…

    1. Thanks so much Michelle!! And hey its never too late to travel but I am sure kids does make it kind of hard 🙂 Thanks again for your sweet comment!!

  9. CHINA!! I’ve been to both and china has all of the beauty of Thailand AND the excitement of a buzzing, fashionable city!! You would adore Hong Kong. I didn’t think I would like china (my hubby took me with him on a business trip) then we hopped over to Malayasia for a week. I thought of the China leg of the trip as something I’d have to get through to get to the beach, but honestly it was so exciting and beautiful and I just can’t say enough about it! I’d love to go back!!!

    1. Really?! Girl I think you just convinced me!!! I feel like China is so underrated! At least from what I see on google haha 🙂 thanks so much for your advice!!! xx

  10. If you have a hard time finding good jeans, you should check out the brand G Star. I’m 5’11”, so I understand how difficult it can be to find amazing jeans. I like Rag and Bone but I LOVE G Star.

    1. Oh really?! I have never tried those!! Good to know thanks girl!!

  11. You look gorgeous! I love the top, especially how it pops off the darker colors of your outfit.


  12. I would love to go to Thailand one day, it’s so dreamy and romantic! Sign up for living social, they have amazing deals on that site.

    1. Oh good to know I didnt know Living Social had travel deals as well! We will have to look into that! Thanks for your comment! xx

  13. LOVE your bracelets in this post!! Thailand is a dream travel spot for me! I think you should go there next 🙂


    1. Thanks so much!! And I agree it is a dream travel place for me too!! I am so torn! We may just have to do both while we are out there 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  14. I was the same way and loved to do things alone, but now I like doing things with my bf aka sidekick. Glad you got some regular old blue jeans =)

    1. Yeah glad you are the same! It is just more fun with them now 🙂 and I am glad I got some blue jeans too! About time! 🙂

  15. Thailand!!
    I just went for Christmas and it was AMAAZZINNG! Definitely a beautiful and unforgettable trip. The people are so so so nice there too!

    1. Really?! Yeah it looks amazing!! Sometimes I just look at pictures on the internet for hours!! Sounds like you had an amazing trip!

  16. P.S….go to CHINA! It is an experience you’ll never forget. I went on a mission trip to some orphanages there, and it was something I’ll remember forever. I also did sight seeing there and the view from the Great Wall is ridiculous. You and David should go! However, the food is kinda scary because it’s not like your neighborhood Chinese take-out… 🙂

    1. Thanks so much girl!! And aw your trip sounds amazing!! We are definitely leaning towards China especially since David has always wanted to go!! And yeah the food is the one thing I would be nervous about haha but it would be an adventure for sure! xx

  17. My son just went to Tokyo and LOVED it. He said it was the coolest place in the world. As well, you should check out Canada! Come to Vancouver, BC – I have toured 90 friends and fam over the last 9 years from snowboarding to hiking to surfing. We don’t get super hot here but we have amazing hikes, mountains and the islands. As Bob Barker would say “c’mon down” (or north rather!)

    1. Really?! That sounds awesome! I have been looking at pictures of Tokyo and it looks like a surreal place to visit!! And Canada is amazing also! I have been there a couple times and have loved both visits 🙂 I definitely want to come back!

    1. Thanks so much girl!! And ah yeah Thailand has been on my list for so long now I feel like I just have to make it happen!! 🙂

  18. Just started following your blog and it is really cute. I love the fact that you visited Nice- I am from there but now live in London, UK- Anyway -I don’t usually follow blog or comment but yours is really nice. If you are thinking Asia, I would recommend Vietnam over Thailand (been there and although it can be a cheaper destination, it really depends where you are going, some parts are amazing, some not sooo much ie. Bangkok. China is great – go to Hong Kong is fab!, but overhaul I preferred Vietnam, it is just less touristy and more organic, if that makes sense (does that make sense?!) Otherwise Japan is surreal and probably my favorite.
    Anyway good luck with choosing, that’s always a fun part. Valerie x

    1. Yes that totally makes sense and thank you so much for that advice!! We will have to look into Vietnam! I want to go everywhere and see everything so it gets difficult to decide so I appreciate all your recommendations! And thanks so much for your sweet words! Sending my love!!

  19. I love how the shirt brings colour to a simple outfit. Yet it’s still a timeless combo. Great look.
    Adela x

  20. Hey amber I love your blog and I have been following it since before you were engaged and I don’t mean to get to personal but how do you have so much money to spend on clothes and trips as newly weds… Does your blog bring in alot of money? I’m getting married soon and despit the fact that my school has been paied of as well as most of my fiancés I’m in for a rude awakening because I’m used to designer bags jcrew clothes and Tom ford makeup and now ill be shopping at the drug store for makeup and old navy for clothes hahaha

    1. Well first congrats on your upcoming marriage! It really is the greatest blessing! As for the question I am trying to figure out how to best answer it on a public forum haha but I will just say that we both work hard at our jobs and we make traveling a priority in our lives! We havent bought a single decoration for our home, we budget when we grocery shop, we stay at hostels or bed and breakfasts when we travel, we don’t really ever eat out, basically we just skimp where we can so that we are able to do the things we love! I think if you make it your priority you find a way to make it happen!! xx

  21. p.s my trip to china including spending money for 2 weeks was 5800. i bought a lot of stuff. I had to pay extra to bring around a flute and digital piano so it got expensive on flights, and i came from Australia, flights out of Aus are extremely expensive :(. i stayed mostly 4 star hotels

    1. Thanks for all the advice!! Sounds like you had an awesome trip!! We will mostly stay in cheap bed and breakfasts or hostels!! We like to do things cheap and get in as much as we can! Thanks again for the recommendations I wrote them all down so I wont forget!

  22. China is amazing.
    I went on a music tour there when i was in a jazz band. (I know jazz in china, WEIRD HUH). There are a few places you want to visit. Of course there is Beijing. In Beijing i have a feeling you would love the china silk markets. This is your one stop store for knockoffs. There are three levels, Real product, Genuine imitation (e.g real leather fake brand) or fake fake e.g pleather and fake brand. But everything is so cheap and bartering (however u spell that, is super fun) There is so much cheap fun jewelry to buy as well. Then there is also all the big tourist attractions. Be careful tho in China, you are blonde and foreign, i guarantee people will be lining up to take photos with you. Its harmless but gets annoying after a while. *Make sure u take a puffa to Beijing.
    You have to go to XiAN for the terracotta warriors. They are incredible , and the mountains surrounding are so beautiful. U would want to go to shanghai, i found this the most westernized on the mainland. You have to go to suzhou outside shanghai and of course hong kong as well. EXCITING

  23. I’m not sure where this deal is, but my husband & I are looking ata trip to Belize &he randomly came across a china trip that was around $1000 per person including flights & hotels & everything. I’m sure if you hundred around online a bit you could find it…

    1. Oh really?! We will have to search for that!! Right now round trip tickets are about $960 per person so that would be an amazing deal! Thanks girl!