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Almost every day we have had one or more acai bowls. David makes a mean one in the mornings for us and the kids and they are so yummy. We have been loving all the fruit stands and we get SO much fruit and somehow it is gone SO fast. We saw this cute fruit stand and had to stop! They had the biggest avocados – a half of one made an entire bowl of guacamole.

When I tried on this outfit it was a day after we went to the Pearl Harbor Memorial and David said “you look like one of the girls that was on the beach during World War II” and I said, “perfect.” I love anything retro looking right now.

Did you all have a good weekend? I loved Blake Lively’s quote that she instagrammed recently “There is no reason that today can’t be the best day of your life.” ..I made that the quote for the weekend. We had such a fun day with friends at the beach. One of my favorite days spent with the family yet. We boogie boarded with pool floats and the kiddos loved it.


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  1. Hey! I love your sunglasses!!! What brand are they? I did not see them on Urban. Love your style!

  2. I will be visiting Honolulu in March and I would love to know some of your favorite places to eat on the Island! 🙂

      1. Me too, staying at Surfjack! Please make a guide, would love to learn from you!<3

  3. Just curious, is your tan a real tan or a spray tan? And if it is a real tan, do you worry at all about skin cancer or skin damage when you’re older?

    1. It is 100% spray tan!! I am an avid sunscreen wearer!! I worry about sun damage constantly because my skin isn’t very resilient. I use the Kate Somerville tanning towelettes. Whenever I look really tan its because I did the towelettes the night before 😉

  4. Oh my, you really make me want to live on a sunny island NOW 🙂 Love fruit but eat too little when not on holidays.. Your outfit is lovely btw!

  5. Ugh, I love this outfit and post! My husband and I just recently moved to Hawaii, and it is so fun to see how much you and your family are loving it here! Definitely inspires me to keep exploring (and to try to look as cute as you while doing it)! I love following you, especially because I remember reading when you were a newlywed like I am now! 🙂 Hope I run into you sometime while you’re on the island!!
    Xx Kayla

  6. Awwe it looks so lovely ! Such a nice trip, you definitely do look like a retro WW11 girl haha – love it ! I’m also super jealous of all that fruit, now I need to go buy some haha.


  7. Gorgeous! I agree with the other comments, I think you should definitely share the recipe for the acai bowl! Maybe some other favorite recipes of yours:) Thanks for your constant positive posts! Also, any advice for soon-to-be newlyweds?

  8. Love this! You are my inspiration!

    XX Emily Grace

  9. Yummy fruit! I’d also love David’s recipe for the acai fruit bowl. And I’m dying over those sunglasses! Looks like you guys are having fun.


  10. I love your blogs! I’m a new mum and would love to know your workout routine because it is SO hard to get back into shape after baby 🙁
    Love from Shenoa in Melbourne Australia!

  11. Hello amber. I am in love with your blog. Just wondering if you could share your acai bowl recipe with us? I’m wanting to start eating them but don’t have a recipe.

  12. Ok I commented but I don’t think it worked so sorry if this is a second, but love the outfit it’s to die for, and its just impossible to get sick of fresh fruit, there’s nothing better!
    xxxxx Isobel

  13. To say I am obsessed with this look would be a bit of an understatement!! love love! I am really feeling the retro vibe..
    also, you posted a pic on IG outside of a fruit or smoothie stand last week- any chance there will be a post on that outfit/ swimsuit?? Looks like it is the one you wore to the pipeline- obsessed with that one as well and would love to know where it is from! thx 🙂

  14. I love this little two piece, it look so good on you! And I love how happy you look in every single photo, that as well as Blake Lively’s quote you adopted for the weekend makes me want to do that!

    ~Jessica Linn

  15. Beautiful Amber! Hawaii suits you 🙂 I’m so sad we don’t get this MAC colour in the UK (yet?!) it’s such a pretty shade. We spent our weekend in freeeeeezing cold Berlin BUT had an amazing time and this quote resonates because it’s totally about making the most of life, right?! – I’ve got some snaps on my blog and it would be so amazing if you had time to take a look 🙂
    Katy xx

  16. That is the cutest outfit! I’m really into a two piece set right now….also digging the name of that lipstick haha!


  17. Sounds like you guys are getting a fabulous start to your days! Love the quote you shared, I’m going to make it my mantra for this week as well while my mom is visiting (from Poland after 4 years of not seeing each other!)

    Blessings from Napa Valley!


  18. This is the cutest outfit!! I love a matching two piece! And of course you have the perfect setting ☀️?? looks like you are having such an amazing time in Hawaii!!

  19. You are the cutest ever! I love this two piece outfit, so perfect for pics at the fruit stand! That quote Blake Lively posted is so perfect, such a good way to live everyday 🙂 Loving all your Hawaii pics!

    Lauren Lindmark

  20. I am loving anything retro too! Great post and I wish I was in Hawaii eating some of the yummy fruit! Have a great day!

  21. I love this post!!! The tropical look, beach, and fruit stand make me so happy in this Michigan winter!! I literally would visit a fruit stand everyday if I lived near one. And this bit avocados sound heavenly! I’m loving your Hawaii posts. ?

  22. Also bookmarking the towel (or maybe even just ordering it) to have on hand ready to go for whenever that day comes, so cute! Also, you’ve shared your tan secrets before, but I’m curious if you have found any new self tanners you love/prefer now that you are in swimmies and the water so often. Do you still use the same as before or have you found any that hold out better for the consistent beach life?

  23. Your hair, your bod, your tan (fake or real), and your personality were made for island life! You look so beautiful like you were just meant to be there! Not to mention your cute kiddos and their love for playing and sand and diaper living! I’m just day-dreaming about the day we visit Hawaii someday and try to fit in just as well!

  24. Hi amber, could you post the recipe for davids acai bowl, I’ve been dying to try some

  25. I love your outfit! You look so good and happy it seems like you guys have a great time there I am so so happy for you!!!

  26. You’re so gorgeous! Love the outfit and the vibe from this post. It’s raining here in Holland and it’s freezing cold, so I’m a bit jealous..