DRESS: Topshop via Nordstrom



BAG: Vince Camuto

**All photos taken by Jessica Janae Photography

Hope everyone is having a good day! Chauncey is currently begging for my attention which is convenient since I don’t have much to say today! Life is pretty crazy here lately as David and I are planning and getting ready for several upcoming things (no, we are not getting ready for a baby haha) but some other exciting/scary things! Thanks for stopping by today, love all of you xx


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  1. First of all, judgy much, Yvonne? Wow. Live your own life.

    Second, this is gorgeous! Love Vince Camuto. Seriously, the best. Girl, you are killing it!

    1. Aw thanks Maren you are so so sweet! And I agree I love Vince Camuto he can do no wrong! xx

  2. Oh. That’s nice of you to finally wear a MODEST dress. 1/100. Thumbs up BB.

      1. No I love this blog!!! And I think you’re gorgeous as heck! I just wish you were more modest :((((

        1. Thank you, I just hope you know that your comment was condescending and rude. Maybe it was intended to be, but it was. I am sorry you do not approve of what I wear but thank you for your other sweet words that is very nice.