Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

Today I have a hair how to modeled by my gorgeous Maddie!!!! You will be seeing lots Maddie since she is working with us in more ways than one. My cousin who was friends with M told us about her a while ago and then she came to one of my meet ups and we loved her! So did our kiddos so she has been babysitting for us for a over a few months now and the kids get SO excited when she comes and SO sad when she leaves – so she is stuck with us! She also has gorgeous hair and has been wearing Barefoot Blonde Hair for a while now and helping me with lots of hair stuff! Her hair is stunning right!? She is wearing BFB Hair in this hair how to and I think it looks amazing! She is wearing the color Barefoot Blonde.

We are sending out preorders TODAY! And our official launch will come next week and we will have 8 new colors! We took the top 8 requested by readers so I hope you guys love them. And yes we will have THREE shades of red and they are beautiful! Please continue to request colors because we plan to add as many as possible and want to accommodate to as many as we can. We will have updates to the website and will have worked out any bugs we had during preorder! I am so excited for you guys to try your hair!!!!


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  2. Hi Amber,
    I received my BFB hair extensions and LOVE them! Was curious when you are going to post more styles to do with the extensions in. Also curious if you have any storage tips to keep the hair in good condition.



  3. Your hair is the ultimate hair goals! You always have the absolute cutest hair styles so I love knowing how to achieve your adorable looks!! xoxox

  4. Love this tutorial! I will try this hairstyle too! 🙂 And I am really loving your series from the heart, what you shared about what you do to feel happier was really great! And this is life, living and learning, I´ve been there too, rejection can make us feel really insecure this happened to me as well. But today I focus on the good things in life too and how we can live each day out loud! Thanks for sharing! And my comment is getting really long haha. 🙂

  5. Such a cute hairstyle, and the graphics you added. Her hair is beautiful for a second I thought it was you Amber.
    I hope I can get my extensions with the official launch. I’ve been telling indirectly to my husband that I want your extensions for Christmas so hopefully it works hehe.
    Carolina MJ |

  6. I always love your hair and I love how simple you make it for people like me that have such a hard time! I would also love to try your extensions. I like to use them for fullness and thickness! Thanks for sharing this hair tutorial!
    xo, Heather |

  7. This hairstyle looks so easy yet makes such a great statement! But what I really love is the graphic you made!!! I used to blog and graphics were literally the hardest thing for me because they never looked as good as I imagined in my head so I just have to give some credit where credit is due – this one is so cool!!

  8. Love this hairstyle, its so pretty, I love getting hair inspiration from you because your hair always looks amazing!
    xxx Isobel

  9. So beautiful! And creative:) Just wondering… Do we know where Maddie’s top is from? I am in love.

  10. Love this updo! And you could have fooled me… I wouldn’t have guessed that it’s not you in the photos! She does have gorgeous hair <3

  11. This is gorgeous!! Amber, I really don’t know what color extensions I should use for my hair. My hair is a dark brown but I really like to lighten it up in the winter. Looking to get balayage as well soon. Do I go two shades lighter than my natural hair?

    Thank you so much! xoxo

  12. Hi irrelevant question! Where did you get your white dresser that you have on your hallway from? I absolutely love it! Thank you in advance!

  13. I totally would have thought this was you is you hadn’t said otherwise! The hair extensions look so natural! So excited for you!!

    Sweet Horizon