The Trifecta Braid How ToSWEATER: Reiss; sold out but almost identical sweater here (and on sale!)

Today I am showing you how to do this braid that I instagrammed in France and had a lot of requests for!! It is honestly super simple and one of my favorite looks. So here is the full how to…

1. Prep your strands by running through TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Smoothing Serum 
2. Grab three strands midway down your part and begin doing a Dutch braid
3. Pull apart the braid until it is as thick as you would like
4.. Grab three strands at the front of your part, this time small sections and do a classic micro braid
5.. Pull all of your hair back and divide into three sections and do a regular three strand braid
6. To finish pull that braid apart that large braid and you are done!
7. Bonus: To tame flyaways and hold the braided style, mist on TRESemmé Climate Protection Finishing Spray.

Photos from The Trifecta Braid


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  1. this braid is so so SO pretty! I love how the ends of the final braid are kinda wavy which would be great for a more beachy look! but you could totally twist the braid into a low, thick messy bun for a more polished look!

    xoxo hails.

  2. I know what I’m trying for church hair tomorrow! Now if only my hair was as long as yours! You are the cutest.

    xoxo, kiely