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Today is a travel post becaaaause…. EEEK!!! I leave at 4am (in four hours) for NYC! And this time it is a one way ticket 🙂 I am literally so excited I probably won’t be able to sleep for those four hours so I think I am going to pull an all nighter. When I was 12 years old I begged my mom to let me go to boarding school in New York City and I can’t believe that I will finalllllly be living there as of tomorrow. It is crazy because it all happened WAY fast. We knew we were moving a couple months ago but everyone said real estate goes so fast so our broker told us not to come until late November/Early December. We flew up there on Thanksgiving day and looked throughout the weekend and ended up finding an apartment we LOVED! We of course had to go through all of the madness of filling out 10 million forms, giving tax returns, our first born child, etc. (jokes, but really its a nightmare) and I was crossing my fingers we would get it and then I found out DURING the finale of the Victoria’s Secret show that we had been approved and got the apartment – I was FUHREAKING OUT. I am in love with the apartment and cannot wait to get there and start decorating 🙂 For those who asked if we are bringing Chauncey – yes we are!! We are actually going to be living right by the park just for that little stinker.

A lot of you have asked WHY we are moving… so let me sort of explain. First and foremost, David and I have been working on something that I am sooo beyond excited to be able to share BUT I can’t yet (I know, anticlimactic and a total buzzkill) I am kind of superstitious so I feel like if I talk about it now I am going to jinx something so I am going to wait until it is totally finished to tell you guys. Another reason we are moving is because of my blog I have been able to have some amazing opportunities presented to me and everything kind of goes on in NYC so we are going out there to kind of follow some of my dreams. We are going to put David’s work on hold for the time being and go after these ventures we are currently working on. And honestly I feel so blessed to have David – he is so amazing for supporting me and helping me achieve all these wild dreams I have and helping me bring all my ideas to life. My blog sort of started because of my hair pictures and tutorials so in going to New York I will be focusing A LOT more on my YouTube and publishing regular tutorials. The blog will remain a mix of fashion/lifestyle/hair/etc. but I am going to focus a lot on my YouTube as well. Another reason is because we love to travel and I often travel for work and traveling out of Alabama is beyond a nightmare! It is so annoying and really rough tacking on at least two extra flights/layovers to any trip we take, especially since I take Atticus everywhere with me. I hate to act like I am keeping secrets and whatnot because I have always been super open on my blog but hopefully in a few months when I can tell you guys a little more of what we have been working on it will make more sense!

Also just want to say THANK YOU for all your comments and support through the years.. A lot of you have followed since I was dirt poor in college donating plasma and working part time to get by  (lol). It really means everything to me!!! Xoxoxo

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  1. Hey Amber, could you tell me how you make these collages. Is it an app that you use?
    Thanks in advance!


  2. So excited and happy for you! I’m a long time reader (not even sure how I stumbled onto your blog so many years ago, but I’m glad I did!), and I know this will be a great move for your fam!

  3. First off, congrats! This is all so exciting! Was wondering if you could give me the name of your real estate agent because I’m looking to move into the NYC area pretty soon and could use help coming from the south like you did. Thanks!

  4. I’m so proud of you Amber!! You have worked hard and continue to, to make your dreams come true!! I love you so much and can’t wait to see you!!!

  5. Wishing you all the best wih your move 🙂 So excited for you and your little fambam! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!! X

  6. Amber – I am so happy for you! It has been fun to follow your blog since the beginning and to see all of your success unfold. I love that you are following your dreams and that Dave is so supportive of you. I hope that New York is the greatest! – Cambri

  7. ah! so excited to follow along your cute ny adventures! being a poor college student who’s selling plasma to make it… i hope i can follow your path and get to where i can live in ny one day hahaha

  8. amber congrats congrats congrats! congratulations a million times over! there is no one that deserves this FREAKING AMAZINGGGG opportunity and blessing more than you beautiful! I’ve loved keeping up with your blog and all other social media and it’s seriously so fulfilling to see all of your hard work paid off! you are hands down my biggest inspiration to continue blogging and snapping pics and honestly just doing what I love. You are beautiful inside and out and I’m siked to see where this NYC adventure takes you and your sweet fam! love you and everything you do!

    xoxo hails.

    p.s. thanks for the snap last night!

  9. Best of luck in this new adventure and enjoy creating your new home. I absolutely love your blog and look forward to see how it grows in this new season of your life.

  10. I am a newish follower and really enjoy your blog, I love how simple and honest it is and open:) I’m also going to be a mom soon and have loved watching your process!! So excited for you guys and this step, my husband and I are hoping to make a move next year, change his careers etc all with a new baby and we’re hoping that will lead to an even bigger move hopefully out of the country- my point, thank you for sharing, I have felt so nervous about these huge leaps and its so great to see other people leap and follow their dreams!! Best wishes to you guys in this time, hope everything runs smoothly and your venture is a huge success:) xx

  11. So so so excited for you guys!!! Hope you have an amazing flight and can’t wait to see all of your NYC adventures! ps Atticus on snapchat = soooooo adorable!

  12. I have been following along since your “dirt poor” days and I love seeing how successful you have become! You’re such an inspiration and I absolutely adore your blog and your beautiful family. Your positivity and beautiful heart always shine through in your posts, thank you!! Xx

  13. Congratulations!! For one, having a supporting husband who values your dreams and has made them his own as well. And, secondly for the great continued success on your blog and business endeavors. You’re truly an inspiration! Showing us how we don’t need to conform but rather be ourselves in a stylish kind of way. All my best!!

  14. I moved to NYC in 2005 – just after I graduated college – and we just moved last month. So I had just shy of a decade in NYC. So gutted that I left just as you were coming in. ENJOY it! It just became too much for me. I didn’t have it in me to be a lifer New Yorker 😉

    So bummed we couldn’t be living there at the same time!

  15. Amber,

    I couldn’t be more thrilled for you! NYC is amazing and you and your gorgeous little family will love it there. I lived in London for a year and loved every minute of it. Plus, it’ll be so much easier to travel. Best wishes!


  16. Congrats Amber! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to see what you have in store! NYC will be amazing – and LOVE your YouTube channel… so can’t wait for even more videos 🙂 Have a good move!

  17. Amber! I am so excited
    For you and your family! As a fellow utah native and broke college student obsessed with fashion, your blog has been such an inspiration! I’ve followed your adventures for about three years, and you’ve really inspired me to dream bigger and work harder, especially when it comes to fashion. I can’t wait to hear about your projects and adventures in NYC. Best of luck to you, xoxo

  18. I admire you for pursuing your dreams even after getting married and having a child. It’s makes me sad that many girls sacrifice everything they ever wanted to be wives and mothers. I think being a wife and mother is fantastic and such a worthy life pursuit, but I appreciate the example you’re setting, which is you can have it all! You can be a wife, mother, fahionista, successful blogger, and business woman if you have the desire and support.

    Love the blog, thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas!

  19. How exciting!! I’d probably be pulling an all nighter if I were moving, too. Moving to a place that you love is so exciting! and tiring at the same time, as I’m sure you know. lol. Good luck with the move, and I can’t wait to see pictures of the place when it’s all decorated! 🙂

  20. Here’s to chasing dreams and NYC! I got to live there this summer for an internship, and it also a lifelong dream of mine to get to live in the city… you will love it, for sure! Looking forward to seeing that gorgeous city on this blog!

  21. Congrats, Amber! Sometimes it’s the scariest thing to take the big leap and pursue your dreams, but I am so excited for you and the family to explore these opportunities. New York seems like it will be a great fit for you, and I’m looking forward to reading about your next adventures. Best wishes!

  22. So excited for you! I don’t comment often, but your blog is the only one I literally check everyday. I remember your old blog and your first posts I read and look at how far you’ve come and it’s so exciting! CONGRATS!! xoxo

  23. Congrats on the move! I can’t wait to see what you guys have in the works. Thank you so much for this guide. I have been struggling for weeks with what to get my roommate and that scratch off map is the PERFECT gift!!

  24. Congratulations on the big move. Way to follow your dreams. Thanks for sharing with us. I’ll look forward to hearing about your new project your working on.

  25. I am so glad that you are moving to NY. I have never been there and it is one of my biggest dreams. Good luck!
    And those sleeping masks are so cute

  26. So beyond excited for you! Your blog is my fav and you have so much talent that shows up in your blog, youll be amazing in your new NEW York life! looking forward to all your exciting news!

  27. Congratulations Amber! I can’t wait to see what’s in store! I read your blog every morning to ease into the day while sipping my tea 🙂 Thank you for all of the positivity and inspiration you bring! XO!

  28. I look forward to hearing about your new project! Love your blog and family! Congratulation on your move!

  29. I have to agree with one of the comments below, I feel like a proud friend (even though we don’t know each other) I always tell my friends (anyone who will listen really) omg my favorite blogger just posted something about this or that or she is going here and there. hehe……But I’m sooooo excited for you and it’s amazing to see someone pursue their dreams and have them start coming to life. You bring so much happiness to my day and thank you for sharing everything!!! I lived in NYC for 3 1/2 years and you soooo belong there!!!! You will love it, I have no doubts! All the best with what the move and decorating, I look forward to watching the journey of you and your family! xoxo Tiffany

  30. Welcome to New York! I live on Long Island on work in NYC and I think it will be perfect for you and your family! Thanks for your blog posts they brighten my day! Enjoy and Good Luck!

  31. Amber! This is so cool! NY is the best city in the world! I travel there every year and it never fails to impress me. I´m sure Atticus and Chauncey will love the place. I can´t wait for your posts from there and the more frequent videos. You have one of the best blogs out there because you don´t only share fashion or hairstyle, but also your experiences. Anyway, good luck with all the moving and that. bye xxx

  32. Amber babe, congratulations and good luck for the big move to NYC. What a dream for you and your whole family! Your plans sound so amazing, even though we don’t know quite 100% what they are. Excited for more YouTube tutorials! XX -All the way from Sydney 🙂

  33. Been reading since the beginning! Happy to live vicariously through you as your life has Changed. All those milestones, the fashion, the tutorials, the travel, the beautiful pictures. Your blog has blossomed beautifully and it’s lovely to hear it’s payng off. I felt like a proud friend when I saw you went to the VS fashion show. When I first found your blog, I thought “she looks like Marissa Miller!” Exciting to see where life has taken you. Best of luck and I will keep reading. Cheers!

  34. As one of those readers who have followed you since “your broke college days” let me say congratulations! I have enjoyed following your journey and it got even more enjoyable when we were both pregnant at the same time (our little girl was born June 6th). Thanks for sharing your adorable family with us!

  35. You and your little family are adorable! Congratulations on your move to NYC and I can’t wait to see what you have planned 🙂