Here’s a little secret, this wasn’t our first time going to Bermuda, despite the fact that you may not have seen any photos of us there. Almost exactly a year ago, we went to Bermuda on our first trip together without the kids. I remember, because we binged watched season one of Stranger Things in the hotel. Who loved season 2 by the way? We were living in NYC and because I was a little apprehensive at the time about leaving the kids, we wanted to make it a quick trip and go somewhere relatively close to the NYC. And who knew Bermuda is just two hours out of the city?

On my first trip to Bermuda, for pretty much the entire time, we shut off our phones, computers and stayed off social media. We barely took any photos, I may have taken one or two photos on my phone, but we wanted to have some time to ourselves. Though I loved the break from technology, I did one day hope to come back and document all the beautiful scenery Bermuda has to offer. Thankfully, we would have the opportunity to visit Bermuda again, and this time with the kids.

During this trip to Bermuda, we stayed at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. I feel like this hotel was made for me. The Hamilton Princess is often referred to as the “Pink Palace” with its beautiful pastel pinks walls. It was a dream and the perfect backdrop to spend a family vacation and finally take some beautiful photos, which I didn’t do on my previous trip to the island.

Our stay was magical. There was so much to do and see, and there was something special for each age group. We got the opportunity to admire lots of beautiful artwork that the hotel curates, including pieces by Andy Warhol and Banksy. If the ocean view isn’t good enough, getting to admire such a beautiful art collection around the hotel is a real treat. If you want to learn everything there is to know about their art collection, you can even take a guided art tour around the property.

We spent a good amount of time at the exclusive private Princess Beach Club. At the beach club, you can lay out and enjoy the sun or be a little more adventurous and go snorkeling or take a jet ski tour. We splashed around in the water with the kids and relaxed in the hammocks. It was the perfect place to unwind and make some special family memories.

When we needed a break from the water, we explored historic sites around the town. We stopped at St. David’s Lighthouse and then went for a scoop of ice cream at Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour. They offer so many fun ice cream flavors to try that you won’t find anywhere else. I loved walking around the town and admiring the pastel colored shops while eating ice cream, it was such a wonderful memory. We also went to the local marine life aquarium, which the kids loved!

Other than exploring the town and relaxing on the beach, we ate, ate and ate some more! The Hamilton Princess has such amazing restaurants. David and I especially loved Marcus’ – David says it is one of his favorite restaurants!

It was a special trip and we will never forget it. You can see more of our stay at the Hamilton Princess in the video below and you can learn more about the Fairmont Hotel Princess property here.

*Thanks to Fairmont Hotels & Resorts for sponsoring this post

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  1. Love watching your kids! Teiy’re adorable! Would you consider sharing how are they so comfortable in the water and how you train this. Thanks! 😊

  2. Amber LOVED your video!!!!
    Can you send the link for your Kimono, it was gorgeous 🙂

  3. The ketchup made me laugh! My little girl is about the same age and loves ketchup too! She eats it as her meal sometime when we are out to eat. Lol

  4. Had no idea Bermuda was just two hours away from NYC! That’s amazing! And I lovvvve when I go on a trip with my husband and we decide to just enjoy each other’s company and watch either a movie or binge watch a show 🙂 <3 

  5. Omg, Such a beatiful pics.I really enjoy to read your blog in my office with hot coffee. You are perfect to live good life.You know the way. And I obsessived rosie. I love her so so much.

  6. AMBER! Please please respond. Awhile ago I think when you were in italy you wore a green and white striped dress with yellow sunnies and a orange/teal scarf in your hair. PLEASE PLEASE where is the dress from? I have been searching everywhere and cannot find it. I am obsessed. Love your posts! Thank you <3

  7. Oh Amber!
    I really love this series of pictures from the Bermudas!! The colors are just so lovely and pastel, you are wearing the cutest dress and Rosie is just so so adorable with her headband and twinning with you 😀 I love it!
    The Islands look like a dream place for not using technology but I am really happy you did, so we can see these beautiful photos *-*

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  8. Beautiful post and recap of what looks like an amazing trip to Bermuda! We soooooo want to go and are just waiting for the right time. Close family friends of our moved there recently so it makes this want more of a reality! Now to book.
    Will have to try a scoop and head to the aquarium too! Great tips 🙂

  9. Rosie is such a little angel baby. Love all the beautiful pics! Xoxo-JS

  10. How beautiful! Looks like such a fun trip, and I love how amazing you guys are at documenting everything 🙂 Good memories for sure!

  11. This looks like so much fun! Bermuda is on our list of places to visit and I can’t believe we haven’t gone yet since we are so close, too. This hotel sounds amazing and I can’t wait to look into it! Sierra ~ Beautifully Candid

  12. Hi Amber,
    The travel video has me packing my bags. LOL You are blessed with such sweet children. Enjoy them and continue making great memories. They do grow fast.

  13. You’r family is so goals! The photographs are awsome! The blog is interesting and makes you just want to read more! #GOALS

  14. What a fun trip! And I’m so happy to see a new video! I’ve been missing your vlogs & travel videos.

  15. Thank you for sharing. I love your family photos so much! God bless you and your family.

  16. Sooo dreamy!! That looks so nice as I’m buried in snow right now haha (PS Amber let’s go to the Taylor Swift concert- I’m w ya girl, love her!!)