I am always a last minute packer.. always always. I prefer to pack most of my stuff the night before and then before I actually have to leave I get all my last minute things. I like it best that way. Tonight I am getting my travel bag ready to have with me on the plane and most of my clothes and then tomorrow, before my 5:30am wake up call, I will scramble. I like scrambling.
On mine and David’s honeymoon the airline upgraded us to first class as a little surprise treat for us which was so sweet but now that I have experienced how amazing it is….. coach is… ugh. I always wondered as I was walking passed the people in first class on my way to my coach seat if they are thinking, “ha…”
And they are. I did.
Only because I know I won’t be in first class again for a while 🙂
It is great but I can’t justify paying for it
Left to right:
1. A book about Grace Kelly because I love her
2. My sunglasses and actual glasses because heaven knows my contacts will get dry and I will rip them out and throw those suckers on.
3. My bassbuds headphones.. They are the cutest and best headphones ever. I have big headphones that block out all the sound but they are so bulky and since I like to wear mine around town, at the gym, in the subway, and everywhere really, and they aren’t subtle enough. These come in TONS of different colors- neons, metallics, everything! I got gold and black with red jewels but you can customize yours however you want! And the sound is amazing. You can buy yours: here
4. Gum .. or else I eat everything out of boredom
5. Baby Lips Chapstick – obviously
6. My planner because when I am bored I plan and make lists, endless lists
7. Fish Eye Lens for my iPhone for taking fun pictures on the go
8. Business cards so I can act like a businesswoman
9. Hair Tie – my mane gets so tangled on flights so braiding is a must.
10. Contact case because nothing, I repeat, nothing is worse than dry contacts
11. Neck pillow – because I am now a flying diva (not really) but I won’t have my husband’s shoulder to lay on 🙁
12. Eye mask – so I don’t go buck wild on my neighbor for turning his light on mid nap
13. Candy for boredom and to counteract the reason I bring my gum

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  2. Love it! I travel all of the time for work and refuse to get on a plane without fuzzy socks. I might look strange to anyone next to me, but it makes sleeping so much cozier. Happy travels 🙂


  3. I totally understand riding first class. I was upgraded (to premium economy) on a flight from London. I sat down and they offered me champagne or orange juice. *sigh* I never want to go back…

    I also like to pack the night before and then scramble for my last minute items…like my glasses and contact stuff 🙂

    Happy flying!