This past week I got to go to a vip luncheon for the Tour de France and eat yummy food and mix and mingle with all the racers before they took off! It was by far the most amazing/ fun thing ever. Inside the luncheon there were circus people, mini bikes for all the kids to ride, lots of music, and best of all, the racers and free unlimited crepes, doughnuts, waffles, smoothies, pretty much anything and everything you can think of!! I wish I would have taken better pictures, especially with the riders but I was too busy stuffing my face and being amazed that I was actually in France AT the Tour de France. The guy making the waffled finally said to me, “I hope you exercise, you are going to get fat!” haha…………. I was not all that concerned at the moment.
Then we watched them take off and that was so excited! I just loved every second of that experience. So here are some of the pictures although they are not the best, my apologies.
the littlest man i have ever seen!!!!!!! good gosh. bite size.

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  1. What an amazing experience!!! Something you will never forget!! You crack me up…he is such a little man haha!! I hope you are having fun love!!


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  3. I am truly jealous of your adventure in France!! It looks absolutely stunning there. All of your pictures are so amazing. I have been to Paris, but it is not NEARLY as beautiful of an area as where you are staying. You are SO lucky!! Have fun!!