TEE: Nordstrom / SHORTS: Gap (30% off!) / SUNNIES: c/o Ray Ban / SHOES: Zara / BRACELET: c/o Adabelle’s


Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!! This tee I am wearing in this post is quite possibly the softest shirt ever! And I also liked it much better in person! I was with my friend when the package came and she instantly bought it because the material is just too good! We both definitely recommend this tee for summer! And the price tag is easy on the eyes 🙂

I don’t know if you guys have noticed my tan but guess what?! It is fake! I am pasty white underneath it all 🙂 I had Courtney come spray me before my trip and after a week and a half it has not faded or rubbed off one bit.. truly its the best spray tan I have ever had! She also gives the option of coming to your house to spray you which is so nice especially if you have a kid or something then, no babysitter! (I don’t have kids but I am guessing that would be nice? haha) Anyways, Courtney charges $25 and if you want her to come spray you too before your trip call or text her at: 702-468-8709

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  1. Amber!! your tan is perfect. Do you know of someone in gilbert/mesa area that uses same products as Courtney?

  2. What colors do you put in your hair? My hair is very similar to yours and I love how blonde you went this time! You are always rockin it girl!

  3. Love love love those Zara shoes! What a great find! 🙂 I might need to make a trip to Palm Springs after all of these fun pics you’ve posted..havent been in years.


  4. Hey!
    Absolutely love your blog – such inspo 🙂 Any chance of a post on how you pull off being stylish and conservative so effortlessly? – thats always the hardest to get right!
    Thanks for the blog pretty gurrl xxx

    1. Aw thanks Dawn!! I will definitely try to incorporate that somehow! I find that if I wear heels with long shorts it makes me feel less boyish and same thing when wearing super long midi dresses! A sexy strappy heel will help you to feel good while not showing so much skin!! 🙂 xx

  5. Love your style, however, what’s with all the sponsored/paid for posts? Really used to love your blog but it seems like all your entries the past few months have been about companies so obviously compensating you to talk about their products (clothes/accessories). I’m sure you only post what you would yourself buy but it’s just so very obvious and often the reason people, myself included, stop reading. Tell us more about yourself! Especially that new awesome shade of blonde you’re sporting 😉

    1. Truly I was not paid to talk about these items in this post! I will always state at the bottom if it is a sponsored post! But I will try to include more about myself thank you for the helpful feedback! I like knowing what you guys want me to do better 🙂

  6. So cute! Love how you paired it! So happy to hear your tan is fake! Mine too.. so pasty underneath. How often do you get sprayed??

    1. Thanks girl!! I get sprayed before all my vacations but use tanning lotion myself in between!!

  7. A spray tan that doesn’t fade?? Sounds too good to be true 😛 I wish I lived near you guys so I could use Courtney too! Love the mint skirt…and those shoes are killer!! May have to get me a pair of those 🙂

    Veloria in Velvet

    1. I know right?! Rare that a spray tan takes this long to fade!! Thanks for your sweet words!

  8. Such a cute shirt! And the whole outfit. I started using fake bake because of you and am so glad! Thanks amber! 🙂

  9. Love the outfit and your tan looks amazing! Do you know what kind of solution she uses?

    1. Thank you!! I actually do not!! Maybe text her and ask?! I have never asked! xx

  10. I tried on those shorts at Gap! They did NOT look as cute on me as they do on you. This whole outfit is adorable but I absolutely LOVE those Zara shoes!

    1. Aw thanks Sarah!!! And I am sure they looked so cute on you! I had to unroll mine to make mine longer and I still feel a bit boyish but I like them more than most long shorts!

  11. LOVE this tee. I may or may not be the friend who instantly bought it after you opened your package. Also love those shorts, it is hard to find good long shorts and you did it.
    This outfit is so perfect for summer and you look amazing in it. You inspire me to keep my skin out of the sun and spray instead.
    Love you long time.

    1. Hahah yes you are the friend I am speaking of obviously!!! Can’t wait to see you so soon when you come in town!!! Love you babygirl.

  12. Your style is amazing. You manage to always look really hot without wearing really revealing clothes. Very inspiring!

  13. Hey! I have a Nordies gift card that has been gathering dust since Christmas. I think I might just plonk it down for your tee. I was just wondering what size your shirt is! I want to make sure I get the right size. I’m guessing I would be 1 size up from you. Thanks!

  14. Super cute outfit and you look so comfortable!! Your tan looks amazing. It’s so hard to find a good spray tan or self tanner for that matter. I have been using Fake Bake which is really great stuff and it doesn’t make you orange which is a plus lol!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Thanks so much! And I agree it is definitely hard to find a good one! 🙂