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Today I wanted to hop on here and talk about finding balance in your life. It’s so, so important to make this a priority in your life. Even small steps toward balance can bring you happiness and content. The other day I heard a quote that really hit home with me:

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”

Here are a few tips on how to create more balance in your daily life.

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1. Health: Not just physical health, but mind and spirit too! Give yourself a break when you feel like life has been getting crazy, even if you have to just give yourself some alone time from the world. This helps me refresh more than anything!

I don’t always eat super healthy, but I don’t always eat take out. If I felt bad about what I ate earlier in the day, I try to make sure I find time to hit the gym. If I eat super healthy the next day, I sometimes give myself a break. My favorite way to balance healthy eating is by eating a healthy breakfast and lunch and then enjoying myself at dinner after a long day (but not going too crazy haha). 

2. Work: Having a good work life balance is super challenging when you don’t draw a line. I’m that girl that would rather be early or on time to work than roll in late and have to stay at the office late finishing things up. I take time management seriously so that when I’m out of the office I can do whatever the heck I want and not have to worry about what I needed to finish!

3. Setting Goals: At the beginning of each week, I sit down and write down my goals for the week in my agenda planner. Gym goals, blog goals, even me time goals. Being able to check off a list helps me to accomplish things and keeps me reminded of why I wanted to do a certain thing in the first place. Setting realistic goals is also incredibly important; sometimes you just need to start with your priorities.  

Creating balance is hard, but with baby steps, your growth as an individual leads to security in your mental peace and well-being. Try and start tomorrow with one part of your balance, and see how it slowly brings peace into every aspect of your life! You’ve got this girl!

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