Amber and Rosie hugging in their new home. Amber Fillerup Clark | Barefoot Blonde | Moving Tips

5 Tips for Moving Into a New Home

We moved into our home 4 days before Christmas! It was really hectic those first few days but we decided to do as much as we could and then just shut down and enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas without worrying about un-packing! We are about 80% moved in but still just need to wait for a few remaining items, style shelves, and put the finishing touches on each room. We have just been picking a couple projects each day to work on but not worrying too much about it and just trying to take it slow and soak up this exciting feeling of being in our first home! I am no pro at moving but wanted to share some of my tips for moving!

1. Storage Unit: 3 months before our move in day we got a storage unit and started ordering all of the big pieces that generally have longer lead times. I wanted to have couches and tables and all of the big pieces that we would be using most, so we ordered our bed, the family room sectional, living room couches, tv’s and our kitchen table! There were a few other things we got, but those were the main ones I really wanted to have for move in day! In the past we have moved in and then ordered things, and some pieces take 2-3 months to arrive so just be aware of lead times and plan accordingly.

*also doing this allows you to order things if there is a sale you don’t want to miss! I emailed all the companies I was wanting to order from and asked when the next sale would be, and most things we purchased we ended up getting 25% off because we snagged them during a sale.

2. Organizers: We ended up hiring a group of organizers to come help organize the kitchen, pantry, my closet and bathroom, because I knew those would be the biggest and most time consuming projects. It was AMAZING. Honestly even if you just hired friends or family to help organize specific rooms so you can focus on everything else going on, it will make such a difference. We loved it so much, we had them come back and organize the play room and laundry room! We used the Neat Method and would recommend them to anyone.

3. Declutter: Before you pack anything up, make sure anything you are packing you are excited to pack and also excited to unpack. If there is anything you wouldn’t want to unpack, then it is probably a sign you shouldn’t pack it in the first place and instead donate it or do a little yard sale with everything you want to get rid of. But it is so much better to get rid of anything you don’t want in your new house. A few weeks before we moved, we would tackle one room each day and make sure that we got rid of anything in that room we didn’t want to take to the new house. Watch Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix first to inspire you.

Amber and Rosie in their new home. Barefoot Blonde | Amber Fillerup Clark | Moving Tips
Amber and Rosie in their new home. Barefoot Blonde | Amber Fillerup Clark | Moving Tips

4. Wifi/Cable/Mail/Etc: Have a day where you take care of logistical things like wifi, mailing addresses, forwarding mail, etc! Especially with a new build, make sure you work on setting up cable months in advance. We started about a month before and we still don’t have cable. Sometimes they have to bring out new lines to your specific lot, which mean they need special permission from the city and permits and whatnot and that all takes so much time. So be on top of your cable and wifi way in advance! And you can also schedule a day to have your mail forwarded to your new address.

5. Accept Help: I have the hardest time accepting help! I feel so guilty and worried when people are helping me like “are you surrrre?!” and I generally say no to help even if I need it, just because I feel like I am inconveniencing them (even though they asked, trust me I am working on this). But lately, I have tried to see it from their point of view where when I ask someone if they need help I LOVE when people say yes and it feels good to help people.

I think it is important to give other people the opportunity to serve someone especially when they are reaching out and looking for opportunities. We had a lot of people offering to do play dates with the kids while we unpacked and helping us with meals and the kids. It was soooo so so so nice and hopefully we can return the favor one day. If you don’t have people offering help, ask for help with your kids so you can bust out a solid few days getting the majority of it done.

Amber Fillerup Clark in her new home. Barefoot Blonde | Amber Fillerup Clark | Moving Tips

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  1. 17 smart packing tips to make moving home a breeze
    1. Bag hanging clothes
    2. Pack a “1st Day Box”
    3. Put things in things
    4. Use coloured tape
    5. Write a list
    6. Label plugs
    7. Protect breakables
    8. Ziplock
    9. Roll clothes
    10. Magic Eraser
    11. De-clutter
    12. Make up your new bed first
    13. Involve the kids…
    14. …or don’t involve the kids!
    15. Order food
    16. Wrap cutlery
    17. Wear comfy clothes
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  2. These are great tips. I especially like the tip about getting a storage unit for things that you want to buy in advance. When my husband and I moved into our first apartment, we spent 4 months without a couch and 2 months without wardrobes. It wasn’t easy and it would have been nice to have these things in advance.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  3. Aaaahhh congratulations, Amber! This is such an exciting time for you – for more reasons than one 😉 Love these tips! Can’t wait to be ready for a house of our own…I’ll be revisiting your home posts, babe xx

  4. Loving these moving tips. My boyfriend and I are moving across the country in the next couple months so I’ll definitely use some of these. Especially the tip about setting up your WIFI in advance, its SO important haha.
    Wishing you a chic move babe.
    – xo Britt

  5. Beautiful pictures! Where is your dress from? I love it, and I’m pregnant too, I have the hardest time finding nice dresses! Xx Alexandra