my daily struggle:
“okay so lets eat healthy and get skinny” “like seriously no more sugar. or carbs.” “dude yeah lets go in victorias secret so we feel motivated”-me and jamie
(after victorias secret)
“oh my gosh im so inspired seriously ill be surprised if i ever eat agian. ah yay we will be so skinny and cute i cant wait! i cant even look at sugar.. i cant believe we used to eat that (used to = like 10 min ago) yuck. (while passing candy store) can you even believe we used to eat that? honestly. white girl problems. skinny 4 lyfe. lets go eat lettuce.” (exaggerated slightly.. a lot) -me and jamie
(later that day)
“k what are you getting?” (from vending machine) -ash
“wellll…. i started eating healthy a couple hours ago… sooooo… maybe we should split a twix?.. maybe a burrito too?” – me
“oh yeah perfect” – ash
dieting is insanely hard.
one day people.
one day.
just not now.

my sissy leaves me tomorrow 🙁
it feels like she lives here and is my roomie.
im going to miss her buggles at night.

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