merry christmas to everyone!
today was a great day.
except.. my grandpa had to go to the hospital early this morning. we went to go visit him and it was sad to see everyone in the hospital on christmas! broke my heart. even the people working. and then i was thinking about how sad it is for families with fathers currently serving our country.
a lot of them haven’t even seen their new born babies. (like in the picture below)
and the feeling of missing someone is the worst ever. i can’t imagine having a husband be gone for weeks at a time and especially over the holidays!
have you seen the movie New Years Eve yet?
if you haven’t don’t read this.
if you have… how stinking cute was Halle Berry’s part?!?! ahhh it broke my heart! cutest thing ever!!! i loved their little skype date and how she got all dressed up for it! so precious.
also a random thought..
i was just reading some girls blog and she mentioned how a guy came up to her and asked her on a date and told her she was gorgeous. she then proceeded to joke about it and say how creepy and weird it was.

i have a problem with girls who act disgusted or “creeped out” when a guy comes up to you, gives you a compliment  and has the freaking balls to ask you out! can’t you at least just be flattered by, a. the compliment and b. the fact that he had the courage to come up and talk to you? i mean who are you to think you are too good for him to talk to or ask out? if you don’t want to go out with him then that is 100% fine. but i have so much respect for a guy who sees a girl, ACTUALLY walks up to her and says, “i think you are absolutely gorgeous and was wondering if you would want to go out sometime”
like are you kidding me? that would be soo hard to do.
and if you’re a pretty girl you should be even more flattered and even more sweet to him because the fact that you’re hot probably makes it a million times harder!
granted, there are plenty of creeps out there. we all know creeps when we see them. so that is different. but i am talking about normal guys, good looking or not.
EVEN if the guy is HIDEOUS..
i don’t care how hot you are..
take the compliment.
be flattered that he asked you out.
give him the respect he deserves.
politely decline or accept.
and move on.
end of story.

(not referring to facebook ask outs either. anyone can do that.)
also.. i know i have probably done this.. but i do make a conscious effort not to.


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  1. I totally agree with the asking out thing…the girl just seems full of herself. It’s hard to do whatever the guy did, and they should appreciate it. Doesn’t mean they have to say yes, but they shouldn’t be a bitch about it.