Rewind 4 years before I went to hair school and learned how to take care of my hair… I had not a CLUE what I was doing. I used Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner, dyed my hair brown, then bleached the daylights out of it back blonde, then brown, then blonde- you get it.
I literally had FRIED hair that was well above my boobs. Now it is a few inches passed my boobs (I don’t know another scale to use other than boobs), it is still thin (but unfortunately only extensions can fix that), but it is longer and MUCH healthier! You can ask my friends from high school, my hair has changed entirely. It probably grew about 6 inches which is good for absolutely trashed hair, and I give it all to these secrets I am about to tell you.
1.) BRUSH YOUR HAIR/SCALP: STIMULATES YOUR CELLS AND PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH. We all remember Marcia Brady (above) and her saying “100 brushes a day” right? Well, 100 is maybe too much and you don’t necessarily want to focus on brushing your hair shaft but more-so your SCALP! In hair school they would tell us this helps to stimulate the cells on your scalp which helps promote hair growth. Whether this is a ‘myth’ or not, I did it and STILL do it and it seriously helps, a lot. I take a WIRE BRISTLE BRUSH and brush my scalp in U shaped motions.  A wire bristle brush at Sally’s: here is $1.99 so I would go pick one of these up and do this each night with that exact brush. (It will also help if you have dandruff, it gets all the dead skin off your scalp and helps keep your scalp healthy and clean!)
I also love the Wet Brush 🙂
2.) VITAMIN E OR BIOTIN: I have tried both and I actually like Vitamin E a lot better just because it helps with keeping my hair AND skin healthy and it also helps with your immune system, so its more bang for your buck in my opinion. BUT Biotin works just as well at growing your hair. Depending on which brand you get, the dosage you take will be different.. The kind I use can be found: here and I take it each morning!
3.) NO HEAT: I know this one is so hard, but this one helps the most. It is too hard for me to do no heat during the winter, I prefer doing it in the summer because I am swimming or at the ocean and air dried hair just seems to go with summer and not so much winter. A couple summer’s ago I did absolutely no heat the ENTIRE summer. No blow drying, no straightening, curling, anything. And in those 3 months I saw my hair change ten fold. Everyone asked me what was different about my hair and it was honestly just longer and a million times healthier! I would either braid my hair at night so in the morning it was wavy or put it in two ballerina buns (princess leia style) and sleep with it like that which also made it wavy by morning.
4.) DEEP CONDITION: I deep condition my hair once or twice a week. You CAN over condition your hair and put too much protein into it which will then damage your hair so you don’t want to over do it, but once or twice a week will be okay! I use Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioner: here, and Biolage Strengthening Masque: here. I put it on and if I am in the shower I leave it on for 10 minutes or so while I shave or sometimes I wash my hair with shampoo in the sink, then towel dry it and put the hair mask on and leave it on for about 20 minutes then rinse with warm/cold water. **it is better to rinse with warm/cold water because it helps close your hair cuticles locking in the conditioner. The cuticle opens with hot water so rinsing with hot water will wash some of the nutrients out as well.
5.) HEAT PROTECTANT WHEN CURLING: If it is too hard to do no heat at all, make sure when you do use heat to use a heat protectant. You will spray it over all your hair before curling!
good ones I recommend are: here and here. Heat protectants are also good because they give your hair some shine also!
6.) DON’T TRIM SO OFTEN!!!: I am probably thee only hair dresser that doesn’t believe in hair trims. Or at least FREQUENT hair trims. I used to trim it an inch, and then it would grow and inch, and then voila it was time for ‘another trim’ and my hair would stay at that same length. For me, I would rather have length than mega healthy blunt ends that always leaves my hair at relatively the same length. So I rarely trim mine. Every month I will go through and trim ONLY my breakage but not my length. If you don’t know what that means, I have a tutorial here of how I do that, anyone can it to themselves or tell your hairdresser to do it. And in my experience, few trims have given my hair a chance to grow. (obviously there are exceptions, if your hair is getting TOO wispy  then trim it. Or if it is super fried, give it a SMALL trim, you’ll have to be the judge of that)
So maybe you will jump on the boycott trims bandwagon with me… or maybe a hair dresser is reading this and cringing because they are religious trimmers.. whatever works for you! No trimming works for me 🙂
7.) USE GOOD PRODUCT: I use Biolage Shampoo (here) and Moroccan Oil Shampoo (here).. I have to switch off because my hair gets used to products really easily. For my conditioner I also use Biolage and Moroccan Oil. I use It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner (here) and Moroccan Oil Treatment (here). I have tried a ton of products, but these are the ones I notice the most differences with and work best with my hair. Not everyone’s hair works with every product.. for instance, Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner is really good for blondes, but I bought it and it dries my hair out like crazy!! But for some it helps and they absolutely swear by it! You have to find what works best for you! Ask your hair dresser for recommendations, they will know your hair type and your problem areas and can help recommend something better than I can not having seen your hair! But those above are the ones that I find work best for me!! 🙂
Happy hair growing!

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  1. Good morning Amber!

    I started reading your blog about a year and a half ago, it is crazy how often I come across your pictures on Pinterest while doing research and I can’t believe how quickly your little one has grown!

    Anyways, I just wanted to say that this posting originally brought me to your blog, and I really really hated my hair for years! I have been dying my hair since I was 15 and have not even seen healthy hair since. I was a frizzy, super dried out, blonde and I had not idea how to fix it. After reading your blog, I started taking vitamins, I used better shampoo/conditioner, I stopped using towels to dry my hair and t-shirts instead. I stopped using hot tools, I bought a better blow dryer and proper brushes, stopped dying my hair and let me tell you the difference. It is now a year later and I have long silky smooth hair, I barely need to use any tools or products to make it look great.

    Thank you, for giving great advice and inspiring me to make the changes, I need to change.

    I feel beautiful!!

    Crystal Janes

  2. BrowEffect is great work for hair growth my brother i also using that same product and he got amazing result.

  3. Hi! I have brunette, naturally curly hair, My curl is more relaxed but it does have a lot of volume with no additional help from any products. I’d say “medium” for length. How can you tell when you’re hair is getting used to a product? I’ve been using Suave Moroccan Infusion products, which seems to work well with my hair, but try to switch it out every once in awhile. Any tips on what products I should try for my hair? Thanks!

  4. Hi Amber,

    I have recently found your blog and absolutely love it! After reading #3 (the no heat portion!), I am curious to what type of hairstyles you do with out heat while still making your hair look cute and put together. Is there anyway you can point me to other posts that you have done with out heat or even in the right direction for no-heat hairstyles?


    1. Hey Jessica! If you want to look at my youtube channel (here: – all the braids and half ups I post you don’t need heat for! They would all be cute with just natural curls or messy waves or straight hair! Just however it naturally dries! 🙂

  5. Amber, what do you put in your hair after shampooing and deep conditioning for a product?

  6. I am a woman of 67. I had fine, thin, falling hair. In about October I started using extra strength Regain foam for men, a tiny amount, morning & night. I massage it in for 2 mins. It fell more for 2/3 weeks then stopped fallng completely. In October I started to take many vitamins which made no difference. I added biotin, starting with 2 by 300 morning & again at night. New hair has sprouted all over my head. The male pattern baldness at the side had gone & my scalp is no longer visable. This is about 3 months. I cut off the broken rubbish hair. I use only conditioner, wash less frequently & now blow dry briefly. I stopped coloring my hair. This was tough but I decided I’d rather have hair than go bald. I have recently started taking Silica as it has good reviews for growing hair. I am thrilled to bits with my new hair growth. It is very fine about 2″ and tends to stick up. I spray ends with Moroccan oil. I am hoping new hair will thicken up in time. I also noticed my eyebrows have thickened & my lashes are so much thicker. This makes me think Regain is not responsible. I think the massage is good for circulation. I am also massaging my face cream into my skin as I think this is beneficial. I will continue with everything I am doing in the hope hair growth continues. I am afraid to change anything for fear it will come out again. There is hope for older women. Don’t give up. I think my problems started when I began to colour it myself with Nice ‘n Easy. I but Regain at Costco.

    Good luck everyone. Hair loss is so horrible. Hair re growth is such a thrill.

  7. And I will be the second hair dresser to say although trimming to make hair look healthy sure but telling people monthly trims support growing out is just assinine take a month to grow your hair a half inch then come see me so I can chop it off nonono either cut a large amount and grow it out or skim breakage once in a while

  8. Hi Amber,

    The Moroccan oil conditioner instructions state you should follow up with their regular conditioner. Is that step necessary, in your opinion?

    1. In my opinion, no.. but it could be better that way! It is just not the way I personally do it!

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  10. Although vitamins are very important for growing hair, it is also
    important to avoid consuming beverages or stimulants that might impair
    the use of these vitamins. Coffee for example, will dehydrate your
    body, and flush out the vitamins you are taking via supplements or
    regular food. Smoking also restricts bloodflow in your body, making
    it harder for your system to make the most of the available nutrient
    in the supplements.

    A good advice would be to avoid smoking/nicotine, cut back on the
    coffee and drink water instead.

    Intake of high quality protein is also suggested, in addition to
    drinking lots of water, and exercising regularly. This keeps your body supplied
    with the “building blocks” it needs to function properly, the water keeps your
    body hydreated (and liver flushed of toxins) and the exercise keeps your metabolism
    high. Exercise also makes you sleep better at night!

    No need to go to the gym, you can just take a 20-30 minute walk after dinner instead of turning on the tv and laying on the coach. After a meal, your metabolism is 40% higher than usual, so why not make the most of it by taking a walk? Exercise also makes you sweat, which is also good for getting rid of toxins in your body.

    An added bonus will be a nice skintone, as well 🙂

    1. Hi Amber! I love your blog! There are absolutely no (good) tips online for the hair growing problem for blondes!! My hair is to my collar bones and the hair around my face is well above that.. I live in Colorado and its extremely dry here.. I usually wear extensions but I realized its also breaking my hair… So with the bleaching, dryness, and extensions I have no idea how to get my hair not to break off! It grows normal (1/2 in a month) I see in my roots.. I was wondering what you would suggest for my breaking off ends! Is there a die that wont completely destroy my hair and leave it lighter? Im to the point to almost die my hair back to natural? Im that desperate!! And would really rather not.. LOL

      1. Hi Sierra!! Thanks so much I am glad you like it!! There are ways to get blonde without using bleach, they don’t work on everyone but definitely talk to your hairdresser about that option and you guys can try it and see how your hair reacts to it! If it doesn’t work it just won’t pull all the way and will look a little yellow in which case its an easy, easy fix so its definitely worth a try!! Also as far as products I would use Moroccan Oil products or Oribe! They are both amazing and work really well with blondes! Hope that helps! xx

  11. Hey,

    I have medium to dark brown hair and I was wondering if it’s possible to go blonde without sacrificing more than an inch? My hair goes so slow and I finally got it to mid boob, which is a huge milestone for me. I heard Aveda uses dye that isn’t as bad for your hair, is that true?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey girl! It definitely is not possible to go from dark brown to blonde without getting damage! Aveda may have a lightener that is better for your hair (I don’t know because I don’t use Aveda) but you will still get some level of damage! It totally can be done though, just take really good care of your hair afterwards! xo

  12. So in total it took like two years of doing these things? And with the u-shaped motions.. What exactly do you mean? Sorry but just making sure!

  13. Hey Amber!

    My hair seems to be really tricky so I was wondering if you had any advice. It’s super greasy around the scalp, so I have to wash it every day or put huge amounts of dry shampoo in it. But while my scalp is so greasy, the rest of my hair is so dry and damaged from heat!

    I’ve tried doing completely heat-less, but I love my hair curly and it doesn’t get wavy whether I braid it wet or dry and leave it over night. Plus if I don’t use some form of heat, the bottom of my hair gets all puffy and my scalp is flat. Is there any other tricks you know of that I can try so I can stop damaging my hair?!

    If you have any suggestions on how to fix anything, it would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Hey girl! Unfortunately the biggest thing is not using any heat what so ever but make sure you are using quality products (aka nothing you could buy at Target) and it is hard to say without seeing your hair but I would go into a hair dresser and have them recommend specific products. As for the greasiness, I would say just stick it out for a day longer than you normally would each time so next time go two days then three etc. and eventually it will not be like that but you have to build up to it! xo

    2. Alyssa,

      Heatless curls are a good option, if you wash in the evening. There are a lot of options for doing this, sponge, rag, sock, my favorite is the pin curl. It can be very tedious, but it’s worth it. YouTube has some good tutorials for pin curling. It saves your hair from heat, and if you use a good product a mousse or gel or styling cream working it into your hair before you begin can help with your hair holding the hair.

  14. Thank you for this post, it’s really helpful! I had waist-length hair this time last year, but chopped it into a shoulder-length long bob a few months ago, and am now really missing my long hair (why, oh why did I ever cut it?!). I’m trying to grow it out super healthy this time round, so no more heat styling and I’ve been boycotting trimming too, but it’s good to hear from a hairdresser that it’s okay to do so. Also, I’ve noticed that coconut oil has really helped to keep my ends in good condition, it’s been almost four months since the cut now and I still haven’t needed a trim 🙂

    1. Kasia!! Thanks for your comment!! Yeah it is soo hard to grow hair back out but I really think no trims help!! That is good you have been doing coconut oil, that will help tons!! 🙂

  15. Okay, my hair is just now getting back to a fairly healthy state from heat damage. I am trying to grow it out. How often do you recommend trimming it? I am trying to gradually trim all the dead off, that way I don’t have to cut all my hair off! I know it would be best to go a head and chop it off, but I just can’t do it! It’s a little bit above bra strap length! I use to have such long beautiful dark brown hair!

    1. Honestly, I only trim mine maybe once every four months! But only because for my hair I find that is the only way it grows is to not trim it! But everyone’s hair can be different. Anytime you notice it is too stringy on the ends I would trim it but I don’t think there is any set time that is needs to be done ya know? Anyways sorry that was probably no help, I am kind of anti regular trims haha 🙂

  16. Very efficiently written information. It will be helpful to everyone who will use it. It is so pleasing to find a person with genuine ideas on this topic.

  17. Hey Amber!!

    Thanks so much for posting this 🙂 I am 100% with you on the “boycott trims bandwagon” and love love love that there are other ladies out there who agree!! I have been doing this for a little less than a year now, and my hair has grown like 4 inches! For me, who has come from my hair sitting above my collar bone, being bleached platinum blonde, and totally damaged this is HUGE. My hairdresser is male, so of course he doesn’t understand, but I am firm with him that he does my highlights ONLY, although he makes fun of me it is so worth the hair growth!

    Like you my hair is also fine, but I have SOO much of it, which may seem lucky but trust me it is extremely difficult to handle!
    I also like to use Moroccan oil shampoo and their deep conditioner for hair treatments. The Moroccan Oil shampoo is like the only shampoo ever that does not dry my hair out, it’s like a miracle in a bottle! I generally pick up whichever conditioner is on sale as I use copious amounts of it (fine, thick, wavy hair likes to get extremely tangled).
    I seem to have an issue where entire strands of my hair just fall out when I brush it. I use a wide tooth comb ! Any ideas what could be causing it?

    For summer this year I have decided I am going to try really hard to do the “no heat” thing. When my hair air dries it is super wavy and because it is thick it just looks like a massive bush on my head haha! I have been putting coconut oil through it to tame it a little and that helps, plus I also like the beachy-look it gives, but do you have any other suggestions for taming thick wavy hair?
    I would like literally die if I could get my hair to look sleek-wavy if that makes sense, without using any heat!!

    Thanks again Amber for always posting such helpful articles!

  18. Older stylist here (46). Love your tips. I agree with the no trim policy for growing, unless absolutely bad ends. My hair has recently been drier than ever…probably age related so I started using Biotin and I use the Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger line. Great products but a little pricey so I’ve been doing some research (how I found this) and am going to give some natural hair fixes a try. Amla and coconut oil and going to stop coloring for a bit! That will be the hardest part but stylists (even older ones) can get caught up in color trends! Love your post…happy hair growing!

  19. Biotin is an important component of enzymes in the body that break down certain substances like fats, carbohydrates, and others.There isn’t a good laboratory test for detecting biotin deficiency, so this condition is usually identified by its symptoms, which include thinning of the hair (frequently with loss of hair color) and red scaly rash around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Nervous system symptoms include depression, exhaustion, hallucinations, and tingling of the arms and legs. There is some evidence that diabetes could result in biotin deficiency.”:;

    Have a look at the newest post on our own blog

  20. Hi amber ! i love this post and your blog. Now that its summertime I’ve been thinking about trying to do no heat, it would be awesome if you could do a post on summer hair care / no heat for summer. I have pretty long hair and extensions and would love some ideas on summer hair with no heat.
    thanks !

    1. Catie!! That is a good idea for a post!! I will try to do that but in the mean time try using bumble and bumble surf spray and kinda scrunching your hair! Thats what I do and it makes perfect beach waves!

  21. Thanks for the article! I will have to try this! I am a brunette and am proud to say I have never dyed my hair. However, I almost always blow-dry it, because whenever I don’t, it dries wavy(even though I have straight hair) and THICK. Whenever I brush it afterwards, it brushes out straight but that doesn’t stop it from looking thick. Sometimes it looking thick makes me want to straighten it. Whenever I blow dry it all the way, it looks so good and doesn’t look thick-it looks healthy. Maybe I should try not blowdrying it and brushing it a whole lot afterwards? I wash my hair every other day or less. Any suggestions?

  22. i read your post, it seems like it will help.
    ive dyed my hair lots&& bleached it ,,, god only knows how many times.,
    my hair doesnt grow… and i dont know what to do.
    Help Anyone. !!

  23. Growing my hair out has always been a challenge. By the time it is the length I want, I’ll have to cut off several inches due to split ends. I use a coconut oil to get around this. It does wonders and helps my hair to retain its health even as it grows.

  24. You and me both girl!:)
    These are literally the SAME exact things I have been doing for years. I remember for years, only curling my hair for church on sunday (with a heat protectant of course :)), and wearing my hair in a bun or braid during the week (my hair doesn’t air dry very pretty), shower cap/blow dryer on deep conditioners, etc.

    Every time me and my friends have a get together, they are always going on about how long my hair is and asking if I have extensions in. For a girl that chopped off her waist long hair into a chin-length stacked A-line…and went back and forth between white blonde and dark brown over and over again …was hair trim happy at the beginning..AND had damaging extensions… I am proud to say that my hair is waist length again! 🙂 Thanks to changing my habits and having complete dedication with these same tips! It works ladies!

    I think it is great that you posted this. I have been telling my girlfriends these tips for years, but I think it will be easier for them to remember if they can read it and go back to it. I will just send them to your blog now. 🙂

  25. You and me both girl!:)
    These are literally the SAME exact things I have been doing for years. I remember for years, only curling my hair for church on sunday (with a heat protectant of course :)), and wearing my hair in a bun or braid during the week (my hair doesn’t air dry very pretty), shower cap/blow dryer on deep conditioners, etc.

    Every time me and my friends have a get together, they are always going on about how long my hair is and asking if I have extensions in. For a girl that chopped off her waist long hair into a chin-length stacked A-line…and went back and forth between white blonde and dark brown over and over again …was hair trim happy at the beginning..AND had damaging extensions… I am proud to say that my hair is waist length again! 🙂 Thanks to changing my habits and having complete dedication with these same tips! It works ladies!

    I think it is great that you posted this. I have been telling my girlfriends these tips for years, but I think it will be easier for them to remember if they can read it and go back to it. I will just send them to your blog now. 🙂

  26. Your hair color is beautiful!! I am wondering what you do to get the color? Is it just highlighted? And how often do you highlight it?

  27. Amber,
    I just discovered your blog yesterday and I love it. Thank you for all the tips. Could you post a video of how you trim your ends? I would love to be able to trim my own hair!

    Lindsay =)

  28. Hi! I am a hair stylist and first of all I want to tell you what hair growth tips I’m using for me and for my clients.

    As I learned before the hair consist of eighty percent protein. B vitamin allows it to grow faster with blending in protein.

    The new cells are born more quickly and these B complex vitamins help them to grow and produce new cells in higher amount than its normal rate.

    The most important tip: just massage you scalp… shampoo every other day and don’t blow dry or straighten(or apply any heat) for a while trust me you will see a difference … i noticed 4 inches IN JUST 2 AND A HALF MONTHS. My clients are also very happy with their hair growth rate.

    I followed a lot of other advices from a website and I can vouch that are working 100%.

    This is the site:

  29. I am a hair dresser and I agree with you on the no trimming thing as well. I love your blog and all your tutorials!

  30. I have recently discovered a tip that is saving my fine, frizzy blonde hair: I use conditioner as shampoo. It’s the same concept as Wen but you don’t need to pay $30 for it, in fact the cheaper conditioner the better because you use a LOT of it. I rub a huge amount of conditioner into my scalp and massage it in for awhile then add some more and massage all the way to the ends. I leave it in until I’m done showering then rinse with cool water. It’s been a life saver. I only shampoo on Sundays now and my hair is so much healthier even in this dry Utah winter. Hope this helps someone! Love your blog so much!

  31. Thanks amber! I have really long, thick hair, and it seems to fall out like crazy! I’ve always thought its because its long and gets tangled, but I don’t know. Do you have any tips for that? :/

  32. Loved your tips! And looking forward to Trimming toutorial here in Estonia is basicly half of a year winter so ends of my hair is always a problem for me.

    Thanks for the post!!!

  33. I totally agree by not having many trims!!!! I was so frustrated every time that I went. My hair would grow, they would cut off ALL of the growth, and so on. My hair would never get past that length. I always pleaded please don’t cut off that much, but the majority of time, I was unhappy. I would so much rather have length… just as long as it doesn’t look scraggly.

  34. Love your tips!

    I was going to try Biotin but my best friend recently graduated from cosmetology school and told me that your hair only has a certain number of ‘lives’ and that Biotin makes it grow so fast and thick that you’ll eventually be bald because it’ll run out of lives. What are your thought on this??


  35. sorry apologize for the random html fluff idk where that came from

    also the bumble and bumble thickening serum (blue bottle) does wonders to help grow/thicken your hair

  36. Thanks for all the tips and recommendations! I to have over processed my hair and am getting it healthy once again! Love this post.

  37. Okay I’m going to try to answer all your questions! I haven’t figured out how to apply a reply button for comments yet!

    Hillary- For the princes Leia buns I just use a rubberband!!

    Jorourke- I think Brazilian blowouts are fab! Definitely all for them! And I haven’t heard anything about it darkening blondes.. I use it religiously and haven’t noticed anything!!

    Jackie- Garnier isn’t bad but it’s just not good ya know? Like it doesn’t harm but it doesn’t benefit!! You will love your hair so much more if you use a nicer kind! Yay tell me what kind you get!

    Hav- hahaha honestly what else is there?!

    Thanks for everyone’s comments!!! Love ya girls 🙂

  38. This is bizarre because I was just about to text you and ask what shampoo/conditioner you recommend because I’m running out! Oh and I guess I’m bad because I’ve totally been using Garnier Fructis, I didn’t know it was bad! Dangit haha, I’m going shampoo/conditioner shopping though so this’ll definitely help :))

  39. LOVE this post! I too over-dyed my hair and am now slowly but surely getting it back to normal…couple questions for you – i’ve heard that moroccan oil can darken blonde hair – do you find any truth to that? also, what do you think of the brazillian blowout? thanks!!!!

  40. I am a hairdresser as well! I do agree with getting trims too often can keep your hair from growing! I give my clients a “dusting” to literally just clean their ends when trying to grow it out, if the insist on a haircut! Freshly cut hair does feel great!!! Have you tried Oribe signature shampoo and conditioner? It’s great for blondes without weighing it down! That is what I use! And it smells amazing!!!! Think Tom ford! Yum!!! Great post, Amber!

  41. Thanks so much for the post! Love it! When you do your princess Leia buns do you use pins or a hairtie to keep them up? Also, what kind of braid do you do when you sleep? Love your blog xoxo

  42. Glad you guys like the tips!!! Thanks for all your comments pretty girls!! Love reading them!

    Apaul- I just added a #7 with products I use!! See if that helps at all 🙂 xx

    Love ya!

  43. I am definitely on the “boycott trim bandwagon” with you! I rarely trim my hair! My hair has grown SO much over the last 9 months of minimal heat. I love your tips…I need to get a deep conditioner!

  44. What shampoos and conditioners do you recommend? I have long (past my boobs) thick hair. I almost never blow dry because it’s too much work (I just straighten or curl in the morning).. my hair however, always looks frizzy after it air drys neccessitating that I at least straighten it. Thank you!

  45. These are very good tips. I’ve just started taking Biotin, my hair dresser deep conditions my hair once a week, and I TRY, TRY, TRY to alleviate the heat factor as often as possible. I have naturally kinky/curly hair, and my hair lady, er, hair stylist, flat irons it for me. I brush my hair every night, wrap it/braid it, and sleep on a silk pillow case. I’m going to check out the products you’ve mentioned here.

    Thanks, Amber!

    More Modern Modesty