046A1310t046A1131t046A1257t046A1246t046A1254t046A1113t046A1146t TOP: Nordstrom

PANTS: Anine Bing (everyone should own these!)

BOOTIES: ShoeMint c/o

HAT: Nordstrom (old); similar: here

BAG: Celine via Fashionphile

**Photos by Chris Karl

I am not joking when I say every girl should have these pants! They are the perfect jeans. I actually just ordered them in the lighter shade as well because I felt I was wearing them too often so now I can at least switch up the shade 🙂 A lot of my friends have gotten them since and say the same thing, they really are just a dream.

It is so so good to be home! My pup is snuggling me right now and I cannot get enough of him. Now I am ready for it to snow because he is going to go freaking wild.. he loves swimming and he will splash and then attack and try to eat the splashed water so I know he will go insane in the snow and I will just get such a kick out of it!

I am also excited to be home to finally get my dreadful roots done tomorrow! My hair is so grown out and in need of some love and I am going darker to a more sandy blonde for winter, I am so excited. I hope you all are having a good week and eating lots of pumpkin desserts xx thanks for reading!

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  1. Love this look : all black with a statement bag !
    & these pants are awesome indeed, already saw them on a few bloggers and damn, so beautiful ! But off course, every pants/jeans looks beautiful on you because your legs are just perfect !
    PS : I tweeted you a while ago because I need some help with choosing a size only but you didn’t respond?
    Have a lovely week, enjoy being home again 🙂 xx

    1. Hey Lyn!! Thanks so much!! Sorry I must have not seen your tweet, I generally always respond to them! Are you wanting to know size for these pants? I have one pair in a size 26 and one in a 25, they both fit me but the 25 is a little tighter! xo

  2. OMG!! I loooove those pants! I don’t have that kind of money to spend on them but you are definitely rocking them!

    1. Thanks girl!! Yeah they are a bit more $$ but you could always save up or wait for their next 25% off sale! xx

  3. Amber your style is seriously the best!! I recently relocated from Oahu back to CA and your blog has given me some fashion sense! From bikinis and slippers to wearing actual clothes haha ~ Love reading your blogs and your sense of humor! Keep doing your thing girl! 🙂

  4. Never a better time to wear a hat then when your roots aren’t done!!

    Also, I went to the Drybar! I know there isn’t the chain ‘drybar’ in SLC, but there’s something similar. I LOVED IT!! Let me know what you think when you go. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about it yet.


    1. Haha definitely the best time to wear a hat 🙂 And you did?! I so wish we had a drybar here! I will have to try our equivalent here in Utah! xx

  5. I’ve never owned jeans over $200 but the Annie Bing pair do sound like a dream… maybe I’ll try myself for Christmas?


  6. i luuuuuvvv hats! and they are so useful for ‘bad hair days’ or like you mentioned when having roots on show 😉