Barefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

STRIPED SWEATER DRESS: English Factory (love this one in the same style)/ CHECKERED SHIRT: J. Crew / POLKA DOT SWEATER: Shop Stevie

Notice a trend in these? 😉 I love wrapping hair around the pony tail when I don’t have much time! It takes just a few seconds and gives the simplest hairstyle an added touch. I also love to add a couple hair extension wefts to my hair to make a bun or braid look thicker. Then quickly pull apart my braids to make them look big and messy and that instantly transforms braids.

Hope you all are having a good day! If anyone knows of a good colorist in Honolulu or North Shore let me know in the comments! My hair needs HELP my roots are getting bad!

Love you all.

Photos by Stephanie Sunderland

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  2. Hi I’m trying to order a set of hair extensions, and when I try to add them to my cart, I get a message that says, “Required parameter missing or invalid: id”. I’m not sure what it’s asking of me. Can you please help. I’d love to place an order.

  3. Can you share some tips on having extensions while living in a tropical climate, now that you are in Hawaii. For example, how you wear them to the beach, and care for them there, sand, etc. Do you wear them in the water? Would love your tips! I am in Hawaii too 🙂

  4. So pretty! I love the extra polish wrapping around the hairtie adds! I can just never get mine to stay, haha.

  5. Definitely loving the half-up braid! Especially that it’s a little undone! I love those types because I don’t have to fuss with it throughout the day!

    xo, Sofia

  6. I do that too, it always neatens up a rushed hairstyle! I love these definitely will be trying a few this holidays while I’m just lazing around a bit! Always love your hair, it always looks amazing!
    xxxxxx Isobel

  7. Go to either Marsha Nadalin Salon in Kahala Mall and see the owner Marsha, or Paul Brown Salon (few locations, ask for Paul the owner). Tell them I sent you…Sara, the only Jewish girl on the island who covers her hair with a wig;)

  8. Hi Amber! I adore all of these and all of your other hair styles too!
    Could you show us how to do them with the wefts? Some of us are clueless but love our BFB hair!

  9. Always love your hairstyle ideas!

    Check out Khiet Luu in Honolulu for color – he’s phenomenal. @khietluu on IG

  10. Just so impressed you can do those cool hairstyles to yourself! I am still struggling at doing plaits to my daughter’s fine hair…agghhh! Need some private tutoring with you my darling!!! And how I would love for you to try to do something with MY hair. Need to fly you over to London sometimes;) Love your beautiful braids! Julie x

  11. Love these simple styles! But yes, I agree with some others here, my hair never stays wrapped around the ponytail, it always comes loose. Please share the secret tricks you use to get it to stay! 🙂


  12. I love these simple hairstyles. They are perfect for when you’re in a rush. I need to invest in some hair extensions, though, since my hair is not yet long enough to pull these off. Thanks for sharing!


  13. I love that you took the simplest hairstyles and added the cutest touch by wrapping the hair around the hairtie to show a more put-together look 🙂 SO CUTE! PS- your staycation in Hawaii looks absolutely amazing!!!

  14. I’ve been dying to try your hair extensions, but my natural hair only touches my shoulders. Would the wefts still naturally blend in, or are they more for those looking to add body?! As always your hair and photos are gorgeous! xoxo

  15. So cute! I love the looks but my hair is nowhere near long / thick enough for any of them. It’s days like this that make me miss my long hair.

  16. Girl I love these looks! I bought your hair extensions and I LOVE THEM!!! the only problem I have is I have extremely thin hair. Do you have any tips on hiding the extensions? I’d love to try these looks with the extensions in <3

  17. I love them all! Super cute, natural, & they’re all sort of “old school” braids …love it!!

  18. Love all of these hair styles! You have such a way with hair!!


  19. Go to J salon! Also can you elaborate how you pin the hair you put around the pony?

  20. That new year new hair ad is oh so sooo cute!!! Looking good, you are beautiful girl!!

  21. Love these! They definitely give the braids a more modern, clean look. I don’t have advise for hair colorists in Hawaii, but I think you should consider trying a more natural looking balayage look for your island time. It’s super low maintenance and could be a great update to your look!

  22. Amber can you show how to secure the wrapped around hair? Mine always seems to get lose or fall out when I wrap a strand around my pony 🙁